Photo credit: Dan Diffendale/Flickr. Unfortunately, the canal was built too narrow making it unusable for anything but small cruise ships. Although not built until the late 19th century, the idea of the Corinth Canal appealed to the region’s rulers for more than 2,000 years. It was known as “Wealthy Corinth”. Today, the canal is a mere tourist attraction. Besides inadequate technology, fear of opposing the wishes of the Greek sea god Poseidon was said to play a role in preventing the canal’s construction. Photo credit: Dan Diffendale/Flickr. The Corinth Canal, though only completed in the late 19th century, was an idea and dream that dates back over 2000 thousand years. The Corinth Canal. The Corinth Canal, carrying ship traffic between the western Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, is about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) east of the city, cutting through the Isthmus of Corinth that connects the Peloponnesian peninsula to the Greek mainland, thus effectively making the former an island. The Canal of Corinth has been the bridge that connects the greek mainland with Peloponnese, a peninsula that is bigger in the south part of the mainland (until Thessaly), since ancestry. The parachutists rushing onto bridge. Mar 25, 2018 - Explore Tracey Oliv's board "Corinth Canal" on Pinterest. See more ideas about corinth canal, corinth, old photos. Since 1893 the Corinth Canal has run through the 6.3 km wide isthmus, effectively making the Peloponnese an island. However the bridge blew up into the sky. Operation Hannibal 1941 At the Corinth Canal on April 25 German paratroopers were tasked with seizing the bridge that spanned the deep ship canal dividing the North and South Peloponnese.… Today, two … A view of the Corinth Canal taken by a Fallschirmjager in 1941. Before it was built, ships sailing between the Aegean and Adriatic had to circumnavigate the Peloponnese adding about 185 nautical miles to their journey. The Corinth Canal was opened in 1893, and was predicted to attract a great volume of marine traffic. Ancient Corinth was a very busy trading city, which led to its cosmopolitan character. This is a natural bridge that attracted the creation of atown centre that would … The reason for its wealth was its location. While the Corinth Canal was not completed until 1893, rulers during classical Greek times dreamed of digging a cutting through the Isthmus. In 1988, a sea-level submersible bridge was installed at each end of the canal, by the eastern harbor of Isthmia and the western harbor of Poseidonia. An outline of the construction of this canal that enables ships to sail north along the Peloponnese without having to sail around this landmass. A railway line, a road and a motorway all cross the Corinth Canal. Ships coming from Marseilles, Genoa or Naples save ninety-five nautical miles. Among the steamship and motorship lines using the Corinth Canal to-day are those linking the Adriatic with the port of Athens. Built on trade. The Corinth Canal has shortened the distance between the Adriatic and the Piraeus by 185 nautical miles.

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