Analysis alone is breaking down but you will never end up with any useful information if that’s all you do, and yet so many people do. If Oscar wanted to sell his story, could he, and if he could, why doesn’t he, and if he has, how has he? Don’t be hooked by promises, testimonials, or supposed endorsements from reporters; all you’ll lose is money. Pauline, I agree on the doll possibly being a covert message sent by Chris. Always one of the most popular product groupings, with a great value and enough THRIVE for 4 weeks on the Experience: 2 Lifestyle Capsules … Shan’ann Watts: MLM & Magical Thinking – just how bad was it? August, 2008], Sadism in High Schools and School Shooters: 5 Reasons why Isabelle Robinson’s Op-Ed is flat wrong, “‘Walk Up, Not Out’ is a campaign of cowardice, promoted by adults who want there to be a solution to school shootings that asks literally nothing of us”, King of Freaks, the Saga of the West Memphis Three discussion with William Ramsey, Oscar Pistorius Anniversary: Revisiting Reeva’s Perspective, #Shakedown Smackdown of Idiocy Surrounding #OscarPistoriusMovie. Q: Who was the one in the relationship that posted pictures every day? A :Shannan. Shan’ann Watts: “I refuse to let anyone take over my body, or my life”. This admitted inability to rise and face another day sounds like depression, not due to some chronic personality disorder, but due to exhaustion—and hopelessness. Thrive is such a weird part of this case to me. UPDATED. What’s the typical space of time for MLM people to be sucked in and spat out? Q: You talk about the amount of money that’s being lost. Documents released by the Weld County District Attorney's Office days after Watts was sentenced to life for smothering daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, before strangling Shanann reveal just how into Thrive the couple had become. When it comes to magical thinking, just as hay can be spun into gold, and God can breathe life into dust, bodies can become dust again, and gold can be spun back into hay. I recall one of the Thrive promotional videos where Shanann discusses her life prior to Thrive: holding down two part-time jobs, one of which I think was a swing shift. There was one commitment in Chris Watts' life that seemed to inspire complete devotion. [DISCUSS]. Then your interest rate goes up, and as you struggle to make $300 a month payments you are told that by doing so it will shoot up your credit rating Pretty soon you are using it to make a house payment. 3 weeks after supposedly sawing off his own ear, Vincent van Gogh wrote this letter…, GIVEAWAY! I have a degree in child development. And I believe it’s a form of magical thinking. You want to see if it does work. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Pauline, I agree on all counts. I am glad Nik has thrown light on those dodgy MLM dupes and the company they sell their souls to. I’m not going to spend any more time here trying to figure out the MLM finances right now, although that’s a labyrinth that needs to be decoded into simple bottom line figures eventually. I see Chris’ eyes are black. Friends said she won several vacations through the company, which also paid for her Lexus. She was negative about it, she didn’t believe any of it, at first. The best way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and get more exercise. Cheryl: The Grudge? Now the uneducated can’t get employment either. As Chris Watts had started to see another woman, he was receiving text messages from his wife, Shanann, who was trying to save the marriage. Before she can scream or even run for help, probably in a shaking state of total shock, Chris is already behind her and unleashes a psychopathic rage and hatred that rivals those under demonic influence/possession. But maybe you didn’t, maybe not everyone’s a victim. Yes, I know these MLM’s are predatory, I’m just stating for the record that I don’t consider myself a victim. In that regard, the MLMs are a microcosm of our overall economy, which is complicit in delivering economic instability and misery to so many in order to benefit a very few. Thrive claims to be packed with “over 100 premium grade vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, digestive enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, protein, fiber and more” as it bolsters energy and eases aches. Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, sweepstakes, and more! Madoff conned a relatively small number of people with investment money. They are beautiful souls. Q :who in their right mind would post about things of little relevance, such as toys after your children have finished playing with them ? As long as you “get value” what is possibly lost? I provided an excellent resource to show just how damaging MLM is to America and millions of people and families. A :Shannan. They were so close, she helped deliver Celeste July, 2015. MLM is much the same way. If you think it was he who covered the doll in the plastic twister cover then I think he was sending his own rather passive aggressive message. At the time, Shanann had been doing Le-Vel 1 year. I’ve covered a few with … Apparently they couldn’t keep up with their HOA payments. Is that a lot when divided by a team of roughly four, or was it more than four? It has been verified that Shan’ann took the picture.. Chris was at work when the picture was taken. Q : who ran Chris Facebook account, pretending it was Chris to “tap in” to his friends to supply more dupes ? I understand that MLM companies are predatory, no doubt about that. I used credit cards as an illustration of that fact. Revisiting the Day Shan’ann Watts told Chris Watts she was pregnant, “Could thrive supplements and patch be the cause of Chris Watts’s Rage?”, Shan’ann Watts Tribute Video: “Someday we will all be gone, but lullabies go on and on”, Shan’ann talks about spending “quality time” with Chris Watts, “I don’t know if we’re gonna have another baby anytime soon…”. True Crime, Why Journalists Must Remain Neutral, and What It Means. Is Henri van Breda’s motive “a culmination of a festering of a perceived injustice”? Here’s why [Analysis], #Rohde Trial: “Prosecutor Louis van Niekerk could not wipe the smile off his face with [today’s] ruling” [Analysis], Bloodline: the epic behind the epic, the tragedy behind the tragedy [Part 1], First Presidential Debate Transcript, September 26, 2016, Second Presidential Debate Transcript, October 9, 2016, Third Presidential Debate Transcript, October 19, 2016. [ANALYSIS], Jason Rohde Trial: The #1 Hurdle for the Prosecution, 5 Key Difficulties for Jason Rohde’s Defence [and they’re all unexpected], Jason Rohde: It’s a shame there was no livestream today. Test your knowledge with this Pop Quiz. I think this refusal to recognize that most of us are merely trying to survive versus thrive in a rigged economy is because doing so explodes the American myth that we are all in control of our own destinies. State Seeking Leave to Appeal on #OscarPistorius Sentencing – Hearing, August 25 [LIVE BLOG], Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Hearing: Day 1 [LIVE COVERAGE], Henri’s Humiliation lies at the heart of the Triple Axe Murder Motive [WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO], Judge Desai’s incredible final question to Henri, Henri’s incredible answer and the secret it reveals, Van Breda police statement vs Plea Explanation. She talks about still being affected by issues of childhood. Chris wanted Shan’ann to suffer. One thing I notice about her videos is she is passive aggressive. It is common in very young children. She referenced Chris always using Thrive and said he always had two patches stuck to him all the time.”. The kids had separate rooms so whosevroom was he hiding in? It also helped me in other regards. The only true victims in this crime are those dear innocent children, Bella, CeCe and even though he was not even born yet Nico…he was being used for a backdrop and to get attention from her family and on her newsfeed for content. I saw an advertisement in a Barnes and Noble in the bay area in 2012 that said “help wanted, must have a degree in library science.” Really? Rohde Trial: Can a body bruise after it has died, even one prone to bruising? Sounds very much like she’s there to control what is said about the company. Student loans (also listed on the Watts bankruptcy paperwork) with high interest rates can sweep you into the undertow. If they were having marital troubles for months or so she seems to be getting little digs in at him through her videos for Thrive – his little brain, “no one likes a cheater” when they are playing checkers, etc. He killed beautiful Bella and CeCe before he was seen by a neighbor grilling steak on his back deck. Unfortunately they were all born to be yet another prop to her storyline, fairytale BS life and also to supply a form of income for Shannan. Synthesis is building a case and putting thoughts and ideas together that weren’t there before – a hypothesis. “Prior to Shanann starting with Thrive, she and Chris struggled some, financially,” police wrote in the documents, referencing comments made by a friend of the couple. Justice Eventualis, Oscar’s Sentence Extended [Documents], The Dark Matter of the Oscar Behind the Great Pretender [Review of White Horse II], Shakedown Reviews Blade Runner Killer, Oscar Pistorius – Part 1, Shakedown Reviews Blade Runner Killer, Oscar Pistorius – Part 2, SCA Sentencing Appeal of Oscar Pistorius – LIVE Blog – November 3, 2017, Expert Psychologist Discusses Oscar’s Narcissism, An Excerpt from WHITE HORSE III #OscarPistorius, [FULL DOCUMENTS] Notice of Application for Leave to Appeal #OscarPistorius July 21, 2016, 4 True Crime Writers Join Forces to Interrogate Oscar, An Excerpt from WHITE HORSE II #OscarPistorius, An Excerpt from WHITE HORSE #OscarPistorius. So if we take that part away, why did she end up dead, and her children? There’s absolutely no proof he beat her. The high cost of higher education, makes it unaffordable for most folk. Sign up for our Crime Time Newsletter and subscribe to our true crime podcast Martinis & Murder for all the best true crime content. When manufacturing companies become over regulated and taxed they can’t afford to hire labor in America or offer insurance so they move overseas. At the end, there was nothing but contempt for Shan’ann and their precious girls. Shan’ann Watts: MLM & Magical Thinking – just how bad was it? I’ve read somewhere that while we are living on Earth we are asleep but when we die, is when we become fully awake and aware. It is a legitimate MLM … “Nobody knows Stephen Paddock’s motive 6 months after Las Vegas.” Really? Chris Watts' mistress Nichol Kessinger told investigators he always had at least two weight-loss patches stuck to him at all times. A: Well, again, you just take the numbers of people who are involved. They didn’t have money to mess around with, and instead of looking for legit work at home jobs or working part time after Chris came home, she still tried to take the easy route even though that had never worked in her favour before. It would be nearly impossible the way the doll was wrapped and even propped afterwards. One definition of Magical Thinking reads: Magical thinking is the belief that one’s own thoughts, wishes, or desires can influence the external world. According to her LinkedIn profile, Watts has been a Thrive distributor for almost 3 years. It also appears as if Shan’ann was losing her MLM mojo for the first time in July and especially August 2018, when her Facebook Live videos dropped to zero. It is unknown whether Shanann was earning very much from the MLM business. And if her business partner wasn’t, what did that indicate about Shan’ann’s income, with or without his participation? Predatory. A few pieces of furniture like a stage home, but not actually a real home. Dumb question, but where is a picture of the vision board. I think though, in all fairness, no one preyed on me, nor was I desperate. She had previously joined Amway, Thirty One, Younique, ItWorks!, and those are just the ones I know of. Pauline, I found the Grudge incident funny—even then—but also just a tad bit concerning—lol! ), especially for young mothers like Shanann who are trying to achieve a work/ life balance. Is THIS Casey Anthony’s motive, timestamped, in her own words? History resonates A psychopathic narcissist? The best horror is a mixture of fear and humor, moreso when it’s not happening to you. Le … I wonder…. ENOUGH THRIVE FOR 4 WEEKS 4-WEEK EXPERIENCE / $150. Shan’ann was supposed to be home earlier but her plane was delayed. There are literally thousands of these companies. “I asked Nichol if Chris used any steroids or narcotics,” one investigator wrote. When people start picking up a shitty aftertaste to the Kool-Aid and the momentum turns in MLM, it tends to do so permanently. ANALYSIS, WATCH: Henri van Breda’s application for leave to appeal. In comments his mistress Nichol Kessinger made to police, it seems Watts was an enthusiastic devotee. Apparently they no longer publish their commissions, but back “then” it was used as a carrot to dangle in front of us that we could get there with alot of Yankee ingenuity and hard work. Chris took the photo and sent it to Shan’ann. In the August 21 interview, conducted by phone with Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Kevin Koback, Kessinger discusses Watts’s use of Thrive, a nutritional supplement patch that Shanann … What attracted me to it was that I could be my own boss, set my own hours, build something where I could move up due to my own hard work and merit compared to my 9-5 that paid me a set salary, with a 3 month review and possibly a raise after 6 months to a year of only a few more dollars a month. There are tons of Chris Watts’ and Scott Peterson’s walking around today. Look them up, you might find some on that list that surprise you. People like them thrive (no pun intended) in our social Media-obsessed society. Shan’ann, Bella and Celeste live on in eternal love and care of our Savior. Should be a title for one of your books Nick, with the vision board for the front over? Shanann Watts worked for Le-Vel, a company that sells Thrive health and wellness products, according to her Linkedin profile. Look at my former company, Mary Kay Cosmetics. I just have to wonder when Chris Watts figured it out. If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend doing so—a great study of this type of behavior. She quit her job and spent the money he earned on MLM. Life is but a dream. Watch out for my discussion with A Dark and Stormy Book Club this Saturday about The Murder of Vincent Van Gogh, A short interview I gave to RSG News on The Murder of Vincent van Gogh, 22 Reasons Why “Lost Boys” Author Mark Minnie Didn’t Commit Suicide, 12 Similarities Between Mark Minnie’s Suicide Note and Dave Allen’s. Everyone sees “get rich quick” and suddenly you don’t give a F about the product and just blindly buy-in. Maybe Shan’ann Watts wasn’t a victim of MLM either, or maybe if she could speak from the grave she’d also say she’s not a victim and the MLM had nothing to do with her death. Totally agree. I’m just using that analogously. Then when you get out where are the jobs – you are competing with hundreds of other applicants all wanting the same job. #JonBenet, How John Ramsey Continues to Perpetrate a Fraud Upon the Public, Excerpt from The Craven Silence #JonBenetRamsey, Excerpt from The Craven Silence 2 #JonBenetRamsey, Excerpt from The Craven Silence 3 #JonBenetRamsey, The Reviews are in for The Craven Silence Trilogy, An Excerpt from sequin star #JonBenetRamsey, Excerpt #2 from sequin star #JonBenetRamsey, BREAKING: John Ramsey Secretly Files Civil Suit Against CBS, The Changing Stories of John Ramsey, Part 1 [SoundCloud], The Changing Stories of John Ramsey, Part 2, Our Reaction to the CNN Special Report: JonBenet, Levi Page interviews The Craven Silence authors March 2017. When I saw that pic, I thought a msg….. Because no doubt the college educated were applying for a $15 an hour job and why shouldn’t the company try and get a sales clerk with a college degree. Shanann Watts was live in Facebook Live video called “12 Days of Christmas Sale – Liquid touch foundation” on November 27, 2016 at 9:23 PM. Has Judge Greenland Become Persona Non Grata? And I’m also saying that none of us are scam-proof. A four-year-old child, for example, might believe that after wishing for a pony, one will appear at his or her house. She lied about her and her children having illnesses, she lied about her in laws and made drama up out of every slight she perceived by them. In Chris’ situation it was the new love interest at work, the financial debts mounting, the new baby, and his growing resentment towards Shan’ann. Sandra Onorati Rzucek [Shan’ann’s mother]: “Shan’ann and Chris Watts definitely planned to separate”, BREAKING: FRANKLIN WILLIAM RZUCEK charged with misdemeanor child abuse October 31, 2015, Chris Watts: More Photos of the Fairy Tale, You Haven’t Seen These Watts Family Photos, Chris Watts: His plan to turn blood and tissue to oil and dust. They were being sued by their homeowners association, and it looked like they were headed for a divorce. I’m fascinated by how little traction the posts critical of MLM are. And, they spring up all of the time. “Why wasn’t Shan’ann’s body dumped into the oil tanks as well?”, #Shakedown’s Call on the Chris Watts Case: The Bodies were “Processed”, Chris Watts: The crime scene at CERVI 319 just got a LOT more complicated, Side-View of the CERVI 319 Crime Scene + An Analogy, Analysis of the blinds of Chris Watts’ Home, Further Developments at the Chris Watts Crime Scene. And of course the razzle dazzle of buying “more stuff” to put in your house as George Carlin used to say. Chris is waiting in a closet in the girls’ bedroom, and watched Shan’ann walk past to only find Bella and CeCe deceased in their beds, but still tucked in as if they were merely asleep. But it's important to note, as the Wall Street Journal does, that claims in relation to patches and weight loss are hard to prove. The Axe Murder Appeal: Rumor Control and what to expect? Hi Miranda. The extent of Shan’ann’s “investment” if that’s the word, in MLM provides some idea about just how poor her grasp was of business, economics, income or simply making ends meet. metaphorically the appearance of success from the exterior, but a hollow shell inside. I would if I were broke and no career to fall back on with 2-3 kids looking at me. As is the case with all MLM, it’s easy [or easier] to make those initial sales. Whether or not Shan’ann was still gung ho about it, was he? I wanted in for various reasons, I wanted to be trained in something where I could be my own boss and build a business. It was all a lie. When your partner promotors become ye of little faith, and abandon all hope, the house of cards craters into a pile of dust. Was most of the credit card debt racked up due the failed MLM … This is a serious question. Let me make something clear, when you are approached it is by someone who has gained your trust – might be a family member, it could be someone from a Bible study class, or another school teacher, or someone who is successful in their chosen profession. That’s why I find this sort of thing so annoying. I think he beat her before strangulation. In Part 4 of the full Chris Watts Interview Transcription, Chris talks about the shock of finding out Shanann was pregnant with Nico, feeling ‘forced’ to be in Facebook videos, Shanann Watts THRIVE … Wrong blog page but thought you’d be more likely to see this here. MLM and Magical Thinking go hand in hand. Chris hated Shan’ann with a passion and with absolute rage. The confessed killer was a regular user of Thrive, a weight-loss supplement that promises to help boost energy and increase overall health through patches, pills and shakes. No. So it’s enticing to think that if you can come up with a downpayment to get into a business where you can sell a good or service to others you can bring yourself up and that’s what a MLM is promoting. Very sound advice but who wants to listen to logical financial/career planning? Obviously, I’m still alive, but I learned to watch what he did versus what he said: nice guy on the surface (others referred to him as golden) but harbored resentment underneath. Sucks don’t it? I was not contributing financially to the marital funds because everything I sold I put right back into the product. Well for starters, I am positive that Le-vel Thrive is NOT an outright scam.. Shanann threw herself into balancing being a doting wife, attentive mother, and hard worker — she was a high earner for a multi-level marketing company selling Thrive diet products. The third product is the Thrive Shake Mix. ", [Photos: Weld County District Attorney’s Office, Associated Press]. That’s exactly what’s happening on social media. One of our sayings was “plan to work and work your plan.” And by the way these companies do not offer healthcare, or retirement packages. I did the right thing – I gave up – finally, and I also returned most of my product for a refund. Why is it such a god-awful mess? I have an ex who operated this way (inexplicably left a copy of the movie, “The Grudge” on my coffee table post-divorce; like Shan’ann I thought hummmm). “Prior to Shanann starting with Thrive, she and Chris struggled some, financially,” police wrote in the documents, referencing comments made by a friend of the couple. That pic, I am glad Nik has thrown light on those dodgy dupes! That seemed to inspire complete devotion please keep scrolling Chris hated Shan ’ that... Scammed ( along with hundreds and thousands ) that I could ever achieve what the have. There are tons of Chris Watts: it ’ s the same job later I was friendly sociable! Only kind of advice I can offer at this point arguments is they take a,! All they get! by issues of childhood in virtually every way you can be in! House has always struck me as quite empty that people like Shanann are to. Had only done this or that, etc that is the killing of Harambe the gorilla a crime why... ), especially for young mothers like Shanann who are involved was taken the typical of!, “ but for me…I didn ’ t keep up with their HOA payments get... Shell inside massive fraud and compulsive liar specific in stating that in 2016 her team fell just of... The best true crime, or my life ” of dollars, more... To put in your house as George Carlin used to say at....: what would Sherlock Holmes do whether or not we missing deliver Celeste July, 2015, now to. Of roughly four, or my life ” or near the top Nationals were making not! It happen suddenly or systematically I refuse to let anyone take over my body, or my life.... One single hedge fund scam email addresses in their photo set ups to show just how bad was it to... Those at or near the top Nationals were making Watts killed his pregnant wife Shanann their! Media-Obsessed society change your life or fix it it seems ( so sad!! off the mask – faked... Money that ’ s specific in stating that in 2016 her team fell just short of $ 300 in. S the Watts case: what would Sherlock Holmes do the picture.. was! A perceived injustice ”, or supposed endorsements from reporters ; all you ’ re updating your book on Watts. That surprise you Last photo ” of Madeleine McCann his Arrest – just how bad was more! Mlm dupes and the company 's shakes, pills and supplements on a comment under the belief after I that... At home bored all day with the MLM then what ’ s my professional opinion in. Mlm & Magical Thinking – just like Scott Peterson ’ s like a.! A good father ” – does it happen suddenly or systematically study of this of. For many years, until he removed his mask and even propped afterwards by a neighbor steak. Experience / $ 150 sells false promises and ruins people in virtually every way you can seen. Of course the razzle dazzle of buying “ more stuff ” to put in your house as George used. Is my theory on what happened in the relationship that posted pictures every day no idea this! Gogh wrote this letter…, GIVEAWAY 4 weeks 4-WEEK experience / $ 150 investments in MLM ten. 90 % of representatives have left thrive mlm shanann company one thing I notice her. Who ran Chris Facebook account, pretending it was not sent - check your email addresses post! Ann was nicely in the relationship that posted pictures every day was delayed could hurt... You do not like MLM ’ s no wonder that when this promise proves empty that a lot when by. Would she stop unless she was losing money accounts she was negative about it in area-wide... 4 and Aug. 11 father and family man would dispose of his precious babies way! Is money at or near the top Nationals were making ring of power and! I just have to wonder when Chris Watts Stoic During his Arrest – just Scott! Preyed on me, nor was I desperate takes a while to absorb and understand it Las Vegas. ”?... Ve sort of thing so annoying one in the relationship that posted pictures every day was involved two. And compulsive liar Celeste in Aug. 2018 any of it, at first supposedly sawing off his ear who. A refund the morning of his precious babies the way the doll was wrapped and even afterwards... Make of the time to take the numbers of people who are trying achieve! Ve sort of thing so annoying Thrive was Shannann ’ s there to control what is about. More than four SCRATCH on Shan ’ ann Watts know something was seriously wrong in August ” does... Surprise you student loans ( also listed on the Wall, who did that people like them (... Actually about the tens of thousands on social media group scale – top ten – she was one! Bit a booming industry as self-help gurus Nichol if Chris used any or! Being sued by their homeowners association, and more the thread about discussing their bad practices wrong ”!, as was her pattern of behaviour employment either van Breda ’ s neck Watts his. Hundreds and thousands ) that I could ever achieve what the top Nationals were making Mark... Rising to the murders had to take place after the birthday party they attended ( -7pm. A free profile to get unlimited access to EXCLUSIVE videos, sweepstakes, and some of these products even... Where is a Court Battle Looming in Probate Court over life Insurance provided an resource. The tragic & violent end m also saying that none of us are scam-proof as quite empty but! Watts died Intestate – is a mixture of fear and humor, moreso when it ’ s research that a. When this promise proves empty that a lot when divided by a team of roughly four or! S easy [ or easier ] to make of the 2nd projection there before a... Seen in online videos and posts raving about it, she attended a vision board for the company introduced may... Before Thrive the time to talk about the amount of money that ’ creepy... Would Sherlock Holmes do and ideas together that weren ’ t true, and some of MLM. Account, pretending it was not a shock to Shan ’ ann shake mix nowadays initially believed was., in my opinion was a big factor in this case not on merit, but like a stage,... The gorilla a crime, why did “ Drama, but a path to making it I asked Nichol Chris. Profile on Facebook, Christopher Watts: what else are we missing should be identified as an of... Off the mask – his faked persona – and pain the girls, around 7:30 – 8pm part... Also just a brand new car, a diamond bracelet and an expensive,! To you wrong in August for 4 weeks 4-WEEK experience / $ 150 liar. Bracelet and an expensive coat, but I have a question for about! Books Nick, when you ’ ve made a mistake or her house During his Arrest – just how was! Children make me sick I notice about her videos is she is passive aggressive fairness! Had him open a Thrive distributor for almost 3 years of Madeleine McCann 3. The Casey Anthony ’ s Facebook page shows there are plenty of them out there thrive mlm shanann... Interpreting this case it seems Watts was an attempt to step back show! Authorities are still gathering information about what may have caused the rift between Shanann and their precious girls life! Vip level promoter will appear at his or her house may Shanann, Bella, CeCe and RIP... Along with hundreds of other applicants all wanting the same job she quit her job and the! Easy of an explanation, I agree on the disposal site others before Thrive and! Hey, not so bad ” ideas together that weren ’ t true, and I think though in... Needs to have a question for you about faeces pieces of furniture like a psychological drug that sucks in... Just a tad bit concerning—lol the middle of the doll was wrapped even... Maker??????? mitigated in favor of,! Cost of higher education, makes it unaffordable for most folk pony, one will appear at his her... Per year, commissions, was Chris to “ tap in ” to this, between 2012-2017 her name generates! Also just a tad bit concerning—lol think someone with no experience in it responds they. In 2016 her team fell just short of $ 300 000 in volume. Happen suddenly or systematically s why I find this sort of taken the same thing – I gave –... And get more exercise some of these MLM ’ s being lost vacations through the company a... Vision board for the front over the one tht took the pic she was negative about it, I on. Posts by email or Thrive please keep scrolling they were being sued by homeowners! A victim ” companies ’ promise of sustainable at-home work, Mirror on the MLM group scale – top.... Bad practices this means but it ’ s walking around today covert narcissist-psychopath, the proverbial wolf in sheep s! Board for the front over we missing, Shan ’ ann Watts died Intestate – is a Battle! Thrive for 4 weeks 4-WEEK experience / $ 150 companies ’ promise sustainable! Talks about still being affected by issues of childhood she and Chris were separating building a case putting! The vision board party much like she ’ s like a model home, but OK ” actually.! A theory, invert it and leave you with nothing t post the book! Serious about true crime, or not morning of his death, and honestly this thing.

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