Giant Crush (KI:20): Causes Mega-Colossal damage to enemy with rare chance to stun. Please visit the english's town square las vegas to read interesting posts. Florida State defensive back commit Akeem Dent lead his team to a 44-14 victory over Wellington Friday night. : Pros: Cons: Versatile Combos: Long, versatile combos with great corner carry and high average damage. Hefzi, H. et al. These units would be, as many would have guessed by now, Kale, VB, Broly, Omega, Cooler, and Whirus. After the team destroys Planet Meat's inhabitants, Shugesh is the first of his teammates to be killed by Dodoria and his elites under Frieza's orders. PHY. Obviously he's still not the best option on either team, but if you want to, he's certainly usable Dragon Ball Super: Broly is earning some record box office receipts and overwhelmingly positive critical buzz, for what fans deem as a straight-up action movie extravaganza. This Broly is an incredible Card and more than deserves a spot in this Top Tier Team. Florenceyounger62. Said AGL version boasts the new second highest Attack, trumping “LR” TEQ Perfect Cell by over 200 points. Note: 'X' equals the level of the Pokémon in your party with the highest level, down to a minimum of 40. One of the biggest things I've heard about Broly… Dragon Ball; Dragon Ball Super; Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! Shattering Strike Super Saiyan 2 Goku: Max LvL 120, Rarity UR, Type Super PHY, Cost 36, Leader Skill: STR & PHY Type HP, ATK and DEF +30%, Super Attack: Super Kamehameha causes supreme damage to enemy, Passive Skill: Superior Strength . A Consensus Genome-scale Reconstruction of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Metabolism. DRAGON BALL … His Leader Skill is the same as Broly and TEQ Perfect Cell: Ki +3 and Attack +3000 for characters of the same type. On a villains team, he links well with the teq SSJ3 Broly and either Rose. PHY : UR Wide Range of Projectiles: Great ranged game with solid projectiles, 5S, 2S, Raging Quake, and Eraser Blow … DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE : Ajouter/Add 10 Broly LR dans votre équipe. 1:51. DO IT BROLY Show of power: Raises atk and causes immense damage onto 2 enemies or less: Protect with out question: Ki +3 and atk +50% to extreme saiyans category; atk and def +90%, always launch an additional Super ATK; transform when conditions are met: Hardened Grudge It has gained a lot of new, powerful units, and I believe that these units make PHY the best possible team for people without AOE cards. He gives the Dragon Ball Trophy to Trainers who defeat him in battle. 1/120 "Movie Bosses" Category Ki +3, ATK +170% and HP & DEF +150%; or "Full Power" Category Ki +3, ATK +170% and HP & DEF +130%: Blaster Meteor - Greatly raises ATK for 1 turn and causes supreme damage to all enemies Details His HP is also excellent and, unlike Broly or PHY Pure Buu he has the defense to take some hits if necessary. Element Type Ranged Statistics Name Min. DBS Broly is an aggressive, versatile grappler who tears down his foes with his gigantic tool-kit, relentless frame traps, and a manifold of command grabs. Iihiko will possess Broly, making Broly even more of a tank than he already is. Broly. References. Broly hits hard and while his transformation mechanic is impressive, the fight will hopefully end before players ever see it. In ext phy, he links well with both Goku Black and the f2p SSJ3 Broly. The less common Leaders include LR Thousandfold Plea - Goku (S. STR) and LR Courage to the Max! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Awakened UR Explosive Evolution - Turles Extreme AGL Health 24,130 603,820 Physical Attack 2,100 52,480 Blast Attack 2,360 59,140 Physical Defense 1,380 34,430 Blast Defense 1,350 33,750 Critical 1,478 1,478 Ki Restore Speed 2,556 2,556 Equipment Slots 1 3 Resistances Slash Stab Shock Explosion 99 100 100 101 Main Ability: "Uncontrollable Anger" Transform into "Full … DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE. Turles mainly acts as the Team support and LR Broly’s best friend because he gives all Allies with +3 Ki and a 40% ATK Buff in his base form. LSS Broly’s Leader Skill is nothing special, he can be used as a Sub-Leader for Dokkan Battlefield, but [Second Super Saiyan] Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen) and [Fusion of Two Powers] SS Goku (Angel) & SS Vegeta (Angel) are better than him for a mono-PHY team and we have a Baba Shop unit, [Diabolical Strike] Nappa, with the same Leader Skill; in addition to this [Emperor%27s Devotion] Frieza (Full Power) will get the same Leader Skill as LSS Broly … Originally created by writer Takao Koyama and designed by Akira Toriyama for the Non-Serial Movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, with the intention of being just another Villain of the Week.. Fans are … "The Legendary Super Saiyan", Broly is a villain well known in the Dragon Ball franchise. We did enough to secure the win by a good deficit so I feel like we did good as a team,” Dent told Zach Blostein of Noles247 about his team’s performance. PHY Super Broly (last dupe to rainbow) INT Vegito (second dupe) PHY Super Vegito (1st dupe) STR Meta Rildo (3rd dupe) AGL SSJ2 Angel Goku (already rainbowed) PHY Transforming Vegeta (1st dupe) AGL Bardock (lead - 1st) PHY SSGSS Vegeta (3rd dupe) STR Kefla (1st - yay!) Max. With good Ki and ATK Link Skills and a destructive Passive Skill, Broly ends Enemies in all game modes. Broly’s Super ATK also raises his ATK and DEF indefinitely, giving him extra utility for longer … The type we used to mock for being the weakest team when Broly came out. Broly team vs PHY Mecha Frieza. Broly is the Gym Leader of Telekino City. 1. Unbridled Rage: High chance to do an extra attack and at the start of the turn gets ATK + 100%. “I would say all of us as a team had a good performance. PHY Type Ki +2, HP, ATK and DEF +50% Omega Blaster - Causes supreme damage to enemy Details Demonic Proof - ATK +5000 & attack with an additional Super ATK when Ki is 10 or more Funding from the UK Engineering & Physical Research Council (EPSRC) from the centre for Doctoral Training in Emergent Macromolecular Therapies hosted at University College London (Grant reference: EP/L015218/1.) 4:14 (JP) Broly Summoning Event! STR Pinnacle of Fury Goku (2nd dupe) LR PHY Bardock (1st) LR Beerus and … Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Broly Shugesh makes a cameo appearance in Broly when Frieza was using his scouter to detect the snipers that were in King Vegeta's palace.

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