But, that’s his legal name. Can you still classify as a junior if you have the same name but different spelling? My understanding is that the suffix modifies the first, rather than the last, name and therefore does not belong on the jersey. As increasing industrialization made it possible for poor people to “strike it rich”, people in lower and lower stations began to try to emulate the elite and one of the ways they emulated the elite was by giving themselves generational suffixes like “II” and “III”. I am named JWS. They can use both suffixes if they so choose, example Sr/II & Jr/IV. Im confused about the proper way to write it on, on my legal documents. I’m having a boy that I will call Lesly Rosenberg . The father name is Tom Liam Smith Jr. Can I name my son I have quick question.. He is the 1st if he has no ancestors named like him. If she keeps her name she keeps her suffix. ?” orrr, “I?” He is the first to have his name. Yes. After his father’s death, he ceases to be a “junior” and becomes II (the second). ), professional doctorates (JD, MD, DO, PharmD, DMin., etc. Ph.D., Esq., M.D. I am working at the airport.My name written on my passport and ss card luis Castro Chanco III but my drivers lic.was Chanco Luis,C III but they won’t change because the the ID was different other 2 req.they said the correct format where the suffix to be placed was correct by the dmv office.Pls.help.or is it true that they cannot change the format to Chanco III Luis,C.by the DMV dept. Unfortunately, she has passed so cannot verify. One was “Charles, Prince of Asturias,” another was “Charles, Prince of Spain,” and another was “Charles II, Prince of Spain”. i.e. Could you please direct me to an official source breaking it down the way you have, please? I have seen these rules applied in many countries and cultures around the world, although each culture differs somewhat. And maybe his brother, who is also the son of Michael Smith III but named differently (“Matthew Smith”) had a son that he decided to name “Michael Smith” after his previous 3 generations and his brother, would that son of his be “Michael Smith V?”. It can be, although it doesn’t have to be on a legal document in order for someone to use it. George VI. My father name is jothi basu. My great grandfather’s older brother was named Frank Edward Schilling (deceased). Rule #3: For More than Two Same-Named Individuals, Use Roman Numeral Suffixes. You can do that… just like people will call a non-relativve “Uncle” or “Aunt”. Yes, indeed. Dude if ur not a comic writer, u think about changing That’s correct. I hope you do your research after this. My name is Manuel DeLa Garza IV if i have a son and name him Manuel Anselmo DeLa Garza will he still be “V” even thou i dont have a middle name? Eric Raymond Jr Miller Gallegos, what if you add a name to the original? Now we know we can know name our baby Jr too. He will still have his dad first name and his middle name and last name i just went to add one more name. I really admire my brother and he has went through alot, he is older then me, we have different fathers, but he was raised in my family, and known by everyone(on fathers side) and well, on the mother’s side, he is actually related to them, we are all close. My uncle( dads brother), was killed as an adult about 10 years before my brother was born abnd to honor him, my dad name him after his brother (identical names uncle/nephew). What if we wanted to name our son after my husbands grandfather? Think about it logically, if you change suffixes you would be confused with other people. Thank you for a great page with so many examples. He had the exact same name as I do and we called him Junior. If one used a suffix at one time, could one drop it? Can he be jr? What about Australia and New Zealand? Schmidt asserts that once the a grandfather died, the a son becomes “Sr.” and his son (III) a becomes “Jr.” That could never be perpetuated beyond the true “III” (third) just as conversely, you wouldn’t see “the elder” on a driver’s license! Never use all uppercase or lowercase letters. What if a father and son share the same name, but one name has an accent over it? Or Our President Full legal name is Barack Hussein Obama, II. To write it as LAST, FIRST, SUFFIX it would be…. Spaces are used for double first names. If my Great-grandfather’s name was David Jackson, Sr. (Deceased), and my Paternal Grandfather’s name is David Jackson, Jr. (Living), and if I have a son (Since I have a middle name and both of them don’t) would he be named David Jackson III? Except I have roman numeral II and he has no suffix. He is named after his grandfather. ( John Smith I, John Smith II, John Smith II) note, my first name is different with them. !.as Carol I being the first carol as king….Carol II also had a son named Carol who is not a III? She didn’t even know it had 1 N. No one knew this for sure until I sent for his birth record from 1908 that was a hand written record. Great that you liked looking at the cartoons. It would not be until the late 1600s, when a great great great grand nephew of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, was born, who was Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor. Learn how to use generational suffixes, with a little help from cartoons. What matters is birth date. If my child is a boy I plan on naming identically with a III, (all family members noted are living). **Commas, slashes and the pound sign (#) are never used in this field. Grandfather (I). The scenario is: ORIGINAL–STOP–RESTART–STOP–RESTART–STOP…forever, and ever, amen. Example: Shouldn’t it be called Carl’s II? […] are a tremendous amount of specific rules regarding the giving of a father’s name to a son. Same the the Jr because when the Jr looses his father he shoukd change his name to a II to not imply his father is still alive and all documents leading up to his father’s death will say Jr. THERE ARE NO NAMING LAWS IN THE US. I was not named after my father (the 4th), but I would like to name my son after him. I want to add something like jr or sr to my name. My wife and I would like to name our son after his paternal grandfather (my father). Fits his name. My guess would be no. publicsafety@middlebury.edu, https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/LIS/index.php?title=Name_Standards&oldid=35247, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. !, I am naming my son after his father, same first, middle and last names. My question is, can I still add the IV at the end of my name if I choose to follow the Portuguese naming convention? First, middle and last name? what if my dad and my grandpa their both still alive what should put under myself? You can still name your son after his father and he will become III–see illustrations of Georgr Forman. QUESTION: We had a grandparent, son and grandson that was thought to have the exact same name. so, is that means my son’s first name is only his name? Punctuation is used in some suffixes. Why anyone would want to be Anton “LaMike”?? It’s not really about the documents at all sometimes. Apostrophes are used in such names as O'Bryan and Holmes a'Court. I know! My Maternal Grandfather was a Jr., but claimed the title of Sr. when given his first son his name. If your husband’s Dad is the first to be named Angel Daniel Diaz then your son will be Angel Daniel Diaz III. Can my son be named Adam James Sellers III, since his great-grandfather is no longer alive? What should i add to my name? Thank you again for the great article. I am trying to figure out if he should be a II or III. Why is Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III of Rhode Island not designated IV, since his great-grandfather, his great uncle and his father had the same name? If the husband was named after his MATERNAL grandfather and the names matched EXACTLY, the husband would have been a II and your grandson III. my name is John A. Smith and my wife is Sarah B. Smith. My grandfather’s name was Adam James Sellers, Jr. Very helpful and informative, especially with each and every possible combination and suggestions that people would wonder about. If you start changing them you defeat that purpose. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sortof going with what “Jolene” said… my husband and his father have different middle names but are documented as sr. And jr. If it were later in life I would assume it’d have to go through my son of course to ensure he wanted that, though explaining the importance of the correcting his name’s heritage. If there is any difference in your son’s name (i.e. Well, I figured it would be a great honor to my family, and my late uncle, if I named my son John Clay. My mother is Portuguese, and according to Portuguese naming conventions, I can choose to add her maiden name just before my English surname. but since they aren’t all the same with first, middle and last names, I’d assume that they would not have suffixes. Did you not notice as you scrolled down the page? (see Schmidt commentary 1/12/15). Question- my husbands first son died at birth, he was a jr. – if we have a son can he be a jr? If, in the Johnson family tree, crazy uncle Barnabas Ludwig Johnson II, has an even crazier son in 1972 and gives him the same name (so that all the relatives know whom to avoid at the family reunions), then the pair become II and III. We’re wanting to carry the whole name along. Would my husband than be referred to as sr. And my son as jr? So is there a definitive answer or is it more that the last set is hard to say (but maybe technically correct) and so by convention we go with: Yes, technically there should always be a comma between the individual’s name and their suffix. **Slashes and the pound sign (#) are never used in this field. It’s obviously not illegal, look at George Foreman. My Grandfatger’s name was George (no middle name). Example: Father-José Joseph P. Kennedy I’s grandson (son of Bobby Kennedy) is known as Joseph P. Kennedy Ii. James Miller, USN Fr. I have seen this very thing happen on multiple occasions. A name suffix, in the Western naming tradition, follows a person’s full name and provides additional information about the person. In real life, I think I’ve met a few The II’s and a few The III’s, but that’s it. Examples: Imidazole antifungals. Thank you for any clarity. […]. Understanding Suffix Meanings . The reason you have a suffix is to distinguish one person from another. Go ahead and change your names to the 2 N’s if you’d like. It goes in chronological order. we are expecting a girl and we are entertaining the thought of continuing the tradition and going with Jesse IV.

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