If we plug the line and wager into an odds calculator, we see that they stand to make a profit north of $5,700. However, a $100 bet on the Seahawks would win you $435. True Money Line: How to use our College Basketball Spread to Moneyline Converter The chart below plots what the true money line on a game should be based on the posted spread. "name": "Moneyline vs Point Spread Betting, Moneyline Vs Spread Betting: Which is Better? These bets don't have you predicting a winner necessarily. "@context":"http://schema.org", In the example, it is pretty clear that the Packers are favored because you would need to bet $355 to win $100 if you bet on them. Given the unpredictability of sports, this isn’t always possible. Given the unpredictability of sports, this isn’t always possible. "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Question", However, for the NBA and NFL, people primarily bet on games using the point spread. }. "text": "Again, this depends on the bet. Both spread bet options allow you to bet a small amount to win a fairly good return. This means that you not only need them to beat Clemson but that they have to do so by seven ore more points, lest your wager is deemed a miss. You won't find point spreads in futures. Whether one is more useful than the other depends on the type of bet, you're confidence in your decision, and how much you're trying to ensure that you can win. Rockets Prediction: NBA Odds, Point Spread January 20, 2021 Victor Oladipo, a key piece of the James Harden trade, finished with 32 points and … "@type":"SiteNavigationElement", Now, if you're interested in underdog wagers, the point spread is especially useful if you aren't sure whether they'll actually win. "name": "Is it better to bet spread or moneyline? But a quick glimpse on both: the moneyline is a basic way to wager on who will win a specific game. Jets-Seahawks Spread Pick: Take the Jets to Cover While I … Risking $175 just to make a profit of $100 on the Chiefs might seem like a lot for some. Spread betting sometimes allows you some room to breathe, especially if you bet on the underdog. Point spread: Pelicans -6.5 Moneyline: Pelicans -250 / Thunder +195 Over-under: 217.5 Place your legal, online sports bets in CO, IN, MI, NV, NJ, PA, TN and WV at BetMGM. "position":2, Let's begin with the moneyline, the most basic wager of all. "@type":"SiteNavigationElement", The Lakers' hypothetical line means you need to gamble $250 to secure a potential payout of $350. Whether the spread is available as spread aren’t available on every sport. Again, this depends on the bet. Both moneylines and points spreads have their uses for everyone. Underdogs always payout more than 1-to-1 (New England is 1.5-to-1 here) while all point-spread bets typically return -110. Unlike multiple betting, point spread betting involves using a median number calculated by a bookmaker, when two teams are competing against each other. "@type": "Answer", Meanwhile, point spreads with a plus sign symbolize the underdog in a given matchup. "acceptedAnswer": { Either the favorite wins by more points than predicted, or the underdog loses by fewer than predicted. } They tell you how much you need to wager in order to make a $100 profit. Then, they post the number of points they expect the favorite to win the match by. Spread bets allow you to bet on your favorite team, even if they are terrible. But it’s not that hard to figure out. The game tips off at 7 p.m. We advise you to take the Seahawks moneyline. "name": "Home", Often, paying attention to statistics needed to make better spread bets allow you to understand team momentum better. The -6 and +6 are the point spread which are used in a spread bet. }. Overall, though, it pretends on the level of confidence in the bet they're placing. I’ll give up that cushion for the payoff as we’ll discuss next. "position": 2, "@type": "Question", Either the team covers the spread or they don’t. "@type": "Answer", We have created the ultimate guide to answer all your questions related to the moneyline vs point spread debate. This was found looking at data on over 20,000 college basketball games and finding out how often the favorite or underdog wins outright at that number (see the table on expected win percentage below for even more … And this will help you make better future bets on which team will cover the spread. However, moneyline bets typically offer the chance to win more than is bet, so these are often the Let's stick with the NFL. But your pick should be based on certain situational factors, which we aim to discuss. "acceptedAnswer": { But like the moneyline, these numbers should clue you into the favorite and underdog. "@type": "Answer", Jets-Rams Total: Hammer the Under While I … Unfortunatley, this is a question without a concrete answer. Moneyline investments only get slightly difficult to parse when looking at potential returns. What type of bettor you are (i.e. BetQL's Sloan Piva breaks down the NFL Week 14 odds and highlights his favorite spread, moneyline, and over/under picks, which include the Bengals, Steelers, Chargers, and … That's the whole point. Of course, you also win if they beat the odds and win the game. Just note that 3-way moneylines don’t include overtime. In our hypothetical game, if you think the Chiefs are going to handily beat the Patriots, it makes sense to take Kansas City at -3.5 rather than taking their moneyline. Moneyline: Bucs +145, Saints -171 Total: Over 52 points (-115), Under 52 points (-105) Despite having the most playoff wins in NFL history with 31, you might be surprised to learn Brady is just 19-20 against-the-spread (ATS) in his postseason career. You're only subjective yourself to a -110 line, but you're also ensuring you aren't tethered to inflexible betting terms. Permutation betting is an interesting strategy to consider for advanced bettors.

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