One of these apostles had a brother named John. First When Jack explained everything to the remaining survivors, Sawyer guessed that Locke didn't have what he needed, which was Desmond. James Ford, better known by the alias Sawyer, and known to the DHARMA Initiative as Jim LaFleur, is one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. As they hiked, a miserable Sawyer suggested that he himself was responsible for the deaths on the sub, because he attempted to diffuse the bomb against Jack's advice. As he ran away, Locke had a clear shot at "Jones'", but refused to shoot. He hoarded material possessions to leverage power, leading to his involvement in several "A-missions". He never returned to Australia again. He then led Sawyer deeper into the cave, to a room with a ceiling carved with names of six of the survivors of Oceanic 815, along with many other crossed out names, each corresponding with a number. Sawyer then proposed a deal to Radzinsky: if he and Juliet could leave the Island on the submarine, he would tell Radzinsky everything he wanted to know. When Richard asked Kate who she was, Sawyer intervened, asserting that she was with him. ("Left Behind"), When Sawyer goes to the food tent for breakfast, he noticed that Jack, Kate and Sayid had returned. Sawyer slammed the hatch closed, and told Frank to submerge the submarine. Sawyer was then among the witnesses to see the dead Sayid suddenly awaken. Moving away some wreckage, he took Juliet into his arms, comforting her. Sawyer asked him what names he had used, and one of them turned out to be "Tom Sawyer". Locke thanked Sawyer for killing the man who ruined both of their lives, saying that, "he had it coming." Sawyer survived the detonation of Jughead, and woke up adjacent to the Hatch crater. Knowing when it happened, he could have gotten on the sub and stopped his dad from killing anyone, but he didn't, because "what's done is done". Sawyer is also one of the few Oceanic Flight 815 survivors, along with, The name Sawyer is a reference to the character Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain's literary works. When Sawyer's group arrived at Hydra Island, it appeared that they had been betrayed and they were held at gunpoint by Widmore's men. They convinced him to come with them but now the time shifts were becoming much more frequent. ("What They Died For"), Sawyer joined Jack, who was standing in the river, and asked him if he was O.K. ("The End"). Ford was a young upstart outlaw who befriended James, and later murdered him, collecting the $10,000 bounty on James' head. Finding Claire still alive, he carried her back to the house in which Ben, Locke, and Hurley were taking shelter. He was beaten by Ben and taken into the station where the Others injected an unknown substance into his heart. everyone from the show dies and they are all happy together in a Later, a distraught Kate after trying to flirt with Jack and being rebuffed by him, entered Sawyer's tent and started kissing him. Shortly after, Sawyer was found by Richard, who attempted to get him to go back to the Temple, claiming that the Man in Black was planning to kill him and all of his friends. They headed back to find Daniel and Charlotte where they saw that Charlotte had disappeared after her death. He was later captured by the Others, along with Jack and Kate, as a result of Michael's betrayal. After Juliet sent Kate with Ben to take him to the Others for help, Sawyer went after and caught up with her. As they wondered how best to proceed, Hurley drove the DHARMA van into the fray. In ". He didn't share it with Juliet, but went out in a jeep to meet Jin in the North Valley. James "Sawyer" Ford Sawyer then visited Kate and asked her why she returned, but before she could answer the flaming van crossed the barracks campus and chaos ensued. Sawyer attempted to challenge these people, but ended up being hit round the head with a club by a man, later revealed as Mr. Eko. When Sawyer woke up, he was confronted by Horace Goodspeed, who asked for his story. better place. After nightfall, however, Sawyer joined Kate next to a fire and revealed to her that his intention was to leave the Island by Widmore's sub, not the plane. 1 decade ago. Sawyer could not trust Jack, and pulled the wires on the bomb. Though the two seemed to be helping each other, both Sawyer and Jack still had an ongoing rivalry, particularly around Kate, in whom both seemed to have an interest. She replies "live together, die alone", and they head off. ("Recon"), That same day, James questioned Kate in the police station while waiting for the marshal to arrive. Sawyer followed Jack outside as he left, only to be confronted by Phil. ("Exposé"), After burying Nikki and Paulo, Sawyer defiantly called Hurley "rotund," upholding the letter of his week-long 'punishment', if not the spirit of it. ...being deported after being arrested in Sydney ("Enter 77"), He and Hurley were playing ping-pong when Nikki staggered out of the jungle, and collapsed in front of them. Nevertheless, Jack succeeded in treating Sawyer's wound. Sawyer didnt die on Lost. While Sawyer maintained that this was done to test the Others as a group, a connection between himself and Kate was clearly visible. Afterward, Sawyer asked Kate if she only said she loved him to stop Pickett's beating. It was, however, evident that she was lying. He realized right after though that Hibbs had tricked him again - Duckett was innocent. Sawyer was the sixth character to ever have a flashback. All of this is mostly a mask, because Sawyer wants to hide the pain he has felt since his childhood. Kate protested, but Sawyer surrendered his weapon, and the survivors were locked in the cages. Despite being immature, Sawyer is a very smart and talented liar, living through numerous cons. She succeeds in saving both Amy and her child. The other six are, Sawyer holds the record longest gap between centric episodes of a living, lead character, with 38 episodes (two of which were two-hour episodes) aired between ", Sawyer is one of the five main characters not seen at the. He ordered Miles to keep Jack, Kate and Hurley under house arrest in order not to complicate matters. He selflessly handed over his hard-won fish biscuit to a hungry Kate when she was brought to the cage opposite his. He asked her if she told Jack about them, she responds Jack already knew. RELATED: Lost: Sawyer’s 10 Best Nicknames For The Castaways, Ranked. Though he continued tracking the original Sawyer to take revenge, he became the very man he hunted. When Kate and Jin spotted Phil and the security team headed towards the Swan, Sawyer questioned Juliet whether they should help. Jack refused and Sawyer continued to beat him until Juliet intervened, shouting at Sawyer to stop. This led to Michael using the gun to shoot both Ana Lucia and Libby, leading to Sawyer feeling remorse over their loss. With this in mind, James met Duckett and shot him. When Michael ran off, Sawyer, Jack and Locke went after him, because Sawyer wanted payback for Walt. She responded by kissing him lightly, he smiles and says, "I love you, too." Kate's reaction "Welcome home, Sawyer." They gave each other awkward looks as the submarine departed from the Island. He later shot the dying marshal in the chest with this gun, but he missed the heart, hitting the lung instead. Sawyer does not die in Lost. When he noticed she was crying he asked her what was wrong, but she only wanted him to be quiet and continued kissing and undressing him, and they had sex for the second time. Sawyer, Kate and Claire made it off the island for good aboard the Ajira plane (accompanied by Miles, Lapidus and by the finally-aging Richard.) Actor After the explosion, Sawyer was knocked unconscious and brought ashore to safety by Jack. On the Island, Jack died from his wounds from battling Fake Locke/The Man In Black/the Smoke Monster and from restoring the light at the center of the Island. Desmond then returned to inform them of Charlie's death and his final warning about the boat. Locke confirmed that it was his plan but he was not going down with the ship like Sawyer and the rest of "Jacob's little candidates". Ford asked what that was supposed to mean but didn't get an answer. Under the cover of doing a "perimeter search", Sawyer finds the diamonds that he then gives to Sun. Sawyer is the second one who visited the most stations from the survivors. Later, Pickett came into his cage, and beat him severely, as punishment for Colleen's death. He first asked Daniel to give him his shirt, and then slapped him and demanded some sort of explanation about the flashes of light. This is because eventually everyone … Hurley advised Sawyer to try to get in the other survivors' good graces, as they were planning a vote of banishment. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Although Sawyer believed it was their "funeral", he did so, and was shocked to see that the car worked. Phil managed to grab a rifle and threatened Sawyer, when rebar being yanked towards the well, impaling Phil in the chest. The Man in Black stated, "this is why you are all here". During their time adrift, Sawyer saved Michael with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (but never tells him), and later pulled the bullet out of his own arm with his bare hands. Along with Locke and those who sided with him, Sawyer walked off into the jungle, headed for the Barracks. When Sawyer and his crew crossed the fence, they were rendered unconscious. ("The End"). How long will the footprints on the moon last? After Jack chose to ignore Locke's pleas for them to stay, they left with Hurley. When the elevator started again, a security alert came through on the security personnel's radio. He later adopted the name of his enemy. As we all watched in "The End" the Season Finale of Lost, Christian tells Jack they all are dead and died at different times. Ben was the one to come, but Sawyer's plan was unsuccessful, because they turned off the electricity. He is the male character that had the most sexual intercourse on and off the island. ("Maternity Leave") In addition, Ana Lucia also managed to steal a gun from Sawyer, by having sex with him. Sawyer told Locke he came to get Desmond out of the well but when he looked down the well, he noted that they were both beaten to the punch. There is another time shift and the other boat disappears, and the group is caught out in the rain during nightfall. Amid their confusion about his freedom, Ben cheerfully said to them, "See you guys at dinner!" ("LA X, Part 1"), Later, Sawyer asked Miles to help bury Juliet's body. "Exodus, Part 1""LA X, Part 1""LA X, Part 2""The Last Recruit""What They Died For""The End" They quickly paddle to shore when Juliet asks Sawyer why he didn't approach Kate in the jungle. Juliet speculated that the helicopter may have been on the boat when it exploded. At that moment, he noticed Zoe, a woman who introduced herself as the only survivor of the Ajira massacre. Sawyer suggested going back to the beach, and Miles scoffed, but Juliet backed him up. He told them Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles to hide in the bushes as Keamy and his team were coming. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), After getting drunk with Jin, and teaching him some English, Sawyer helped Hurley with re-activating the van by pushing it, with Hurley and Charlie inside, down a hill which ended with a large black rocks. Locke (the real one) went there when he was strangled off-Island. Sawyer sternly informed Jack that he was in charge, and he would continue to do things his way, then ushered Jack out of the house. Sawyer questions the validity of Locke's knowledge that the Oceanic 6 are still alive but after Locke mentions bringing Kate back he decides to head to the Orchid. They all accepted that they didn't know much so Sawyer went to get Desmond out of the well while the others got ready to go to the heart of the Island. Sayid played along, and Sawyer pointed out that the terms of "the truce" prevented them from simply executing the "hostile." James ran. (Ben is still alive). After saying goodbye to Jack, Hurley and Ben, he and Kate jumped off a cliff and swam to the sailboat. Sawyer rejected Daniel's plan, and became angry when Jack suggested that Kate could take them to the Hostiles. Does Charlie die in Lost? Frank warned them about where Keamy and his team were going and the danger of the Orchid. Sawyer then cast an affectionate look towards an oblivious Kate, which did not go unnoticed by Juliet. When they arrived at the Swan station he suggested to Daniel that they could warn them about not getting on the helicopter, but Daniel replied it would be futile to attempt to change the past. However, at that moment, the Man in Black returned, and Richard was forced to retreat back into the jungle. Sawyer replied he was with nobody. They viewed the statue briefly, before Locke fixed the frozen wheel and sent them to 1974. What meaning can be found in the books seen on the hit television series Lost? After Hurley deduced that her last words were, "Paulo lies", they went looking for Paulo, only to find him apparently dead, as well. They were interrupted when Miles and Daniel arrived, asking where he could find the Hostiles. The attackers then ceased fire, allowing Sawyer to enter the debris of Claire's house. The elevator stopped, and two airport security personnel entered. He added that there was a plane there which they would use to fly off the Island and furthermore reassured James that nobody would hurt him because "[Sawyer] is the best liar [he has] ever met". He went after Hurley, who helped drink it. are you sure you're thinking about Sawyer? The deception allowed Sawyer a chance to steal all the guns and medicine housed in the Swan station armory, setting up a situation where everyone must come to him if medicine or guns were needed. Ben tried to prevent Sawyer from entering the house, but Sawyer and Claire made it safely inside through a window. Arriving just in time, Sawyer, Kate and Claire boarded the plane, leaving the Island for good. Sawyer said they must radio Jack to warn him, but Sayid told Sawyer not to because the "rescuers" may be deceiving them; Sayid believed that if their intentions were indeed bad, they were likely monitoring communications on the Island. In the flash sideways world, James's parents still died because of the con of Anthony Cooper, but he chose to be a police officer instead of being a confidence man. ("The Little Prince"), On their continued journey to reach the Orchid, Sawyer and his group stumbled upon Jin (who they thought was dead) just moments after another flash through time. ("The Substitute"). They managed to surround Ellie and force her to drop her gun, however soon after there was a time shift, and as the time changed, Ellie and the Others' camp vanished. While Kate convinced Claire to come along, Sawyer noted that they had to move and pointed at the Ajira plane. However, Richard still needed justice and they agreed to send the body of Paul back to keep the peace. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1"), As they traveled, however, they were ambushed and taken to the Pala Ferry by the Others. ("The Lie"). Jack declined, then asked Sawyer why he is not working on how to deal with Sayid and how to get them off the Island but Sawyer insisted that he was. ", Later that night, Sawyer asked Kate if she remembered the cliffside cave he had told her about, where all the names were written, and confessed that her name was there too, but was crossed out, also saying, "He doesn't need you, Kate." Being one of the most intelligent survivors, many saw him as a would-be leader, a role he reluctantly accepted. After a brief argument, Kate took Aaron, and she and Miles returned to the beach, while Jack and Sawyer continued on towards the chopper. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 2"). When Jack wanted the guns by pointing a gun at him, he realized that Ana Lucia had stolen his gun. Cassidy gave him up to the authorities on the advice of Kate, whom she met shortly after the relationship ended. The van arrived, and Hurley, Jack, and finally, Kate, emerged from the van. James Ford was born in 1968 in Jasper, Alabama. Sawyer confronted Hurley about the con, and Hurley pointed out that, with Jack, Sayid, Kate and Locke away from camp, the other survivors were looking at Sawyer to fill the leadership role on the Island in the wake of Nikki and Paulo's deaths. Sawyer seemed genuinely fond of Cassidy, and for a while considered abandoning the scam. Copyright © 2021 Multiply Media, LLC. Upon finding him alone on his blanket at the base of a tree, Sawyer picked up the child and began yelling for the still missing Claire. When Karl decided to leave, Sawyer let him, prompting another disagreement with Kate. He warned Jack about taking his things, but when Jack ignored him, the con man hatched a plan to exact his vengeance. He jokingly asked James to go as his "date," but when James discovered that Charlotte would be there, he passed on the invitation. Sawyer then approached Roger to ask for his keys and Roger said he must've left them at home. Here, they found their missing friend but discovered that he was being chased by a group of unknown individuals. Shortly after Kate departed from the Barracks, Sawyer was visited in his house by the Man in Black. He revealed to Sawyer that Jacob had made him a candidate, a protector of the Island. Just before it happened they were rescued by Locke and they overpowered their captors. He and Frank quickly subdued the crew and hijacked the craft. In his conversations with Jack and Locke's fathers both joked about being in hell: Christian joked that Australia was as close to hell as you could get without being burned, and Anthony joked that they weren't on an island, and were in fact dead, and that it was a "little hot for heaven". With the discovery of a janitor's keys found in the holding cell, which made Jack a suspect, Sawyer saw that things were spiraling out of control. Sawyer was the seventh and last character to have a, Sawyer is one of the seven characters to have a flashback, a flash-forward and a flash-sideways episode centered around them. 104 Sawyer continued to grow wary of the Man in Black, and, eventually, heeding Richard's warnings, pulled a gun on him. Sawyer interrupted and demanded to know when they would be getting off the Island. Suddenly, "Jones" quickly snapped Cunningham's neck and escaped. They arrived at a beach with a view of the Hydra Island. Sawyer grabbed Phil and forced the others to drop their weapons. Reason For Trip At the dock by the submarine, Juliet told Sawyer that Locke had already saved them, noting that the flashes had stopped and they were no longer sick, so there was no need to wait for him. Sawyer, subdued, put away the gun and continued traveling with the Man in Black. He's worn two t-shirts, two long sleeved t-shirts and one shirt without sleeves. He added that he was done with the Island and that if Jack wanted to take a leap of faith he should take it, so Jack jumped off the boat after apologizing for Juliet's death. Throwing several loose items off didn't have enough of an effect, so Sawyer took a moment to size up the situation. It is likely that this is because his plan was heard over the monitors. ("The Variable"). Radzinsky and his assistants burst into Sawyer's house and informed Sawyer of the situation, but quickly discovered the bound and gagged Phil. After a fierce brawl, Sawyer pinned Jack and demanded to know if he would stop his mission. For a moment, the timer stopped, at 1:31, then began counting down faster. Sawyer, Richard, Frank, Claire and Kate left the island and died at some unknown point in the future. When Michael built his raft to find rescue, Sawyer bought his way on board using his essential stolen supplies. Back at the cages, he admits his real name to Kate. Under unknown circumstances, Sawyer arrived at Claire's hut, one or two days after his encounter with the Man in Black at the cliffside cave and woke a captive Jin up. He said that he chose them because they were all like him - all alone, all looking for something that they couldn't find. They arrived at the chopper and found Frank alone, hand-cuffed to a seat. Later, Sawyer tried to recruit help with little Ben's surgery from Jack, who flat out refused. She told him that everything was okay. Sawyer said he hopes she's not. She appeared to do so, but actually just put in earplugs. Locke replied that he didn't think this matter was worth mentioning at the meeting. Though confused by the intense white light, Sawyer was quick to notice that the smoke from the freighter had completely disappeared in an instant. He added that he knew that the man he was following wasn't really Locke, but he didn't care as long as he got them off the Island. ("Pilot, Part 2")  ("Tabula Rasa"), Sawyer revealed his stubborn and cocky attitude when Jack and the rest of the group accused him of hoarding a young woman's asthma inhaler. Sawyer whispered to Jack that he wasn't going to rendezvous with Locke but wanted him to find a way to sneak off with Sun, Hurley and Frank to meet them at an old dock. He informed Sawyer of Roger's suspicions. Sawyer and Miles found him passed out, and Sawyer took him back to Amy, who admitted they had an argument before he started drinking, then went into labor. They are interrupted though when whoever owns the outriggers give chase in the other one and begin shooting at them. By Melissa Hellstern. Sawyer obeyed and took an outrigger to the Hydra Island. As Sawyer attempted to explain that he had a deal with Widmore, Jin continued to refuse, saying that he was going to go look for Sun. In the end of the show, you see When Sawyer attempted to pull his gun on her, four armed men appeared from the bushes, took him prisoner, and led him to Widmore's submarine at the Hydra Island dock. Sawyer enlisted Charlie's help in an elaborate scheme that included kidnapping Sun and blaming it on the Others. Upon being told about the bomb, Bernard said it didn't matter, all that mattered to them was that they were together. In many ways it's responsible for the cerebral, complex shows being created today. Kate screamed at Sawyer and demanded that he turn the boat around to get Jack, but Sawyer refused her request. He then reported this to Locke, distracting him for Kate; however, Locke caught Kate, banishing her from the Barracks. Juliet protested, stating that they were good people. Sawyer and Juliet were taken to the security office where they were brutally interrogated by Radzinsky. He filled Juliet in and she informed him that the submarine was bringing new people to the Island that day so he decided to have them pose as new DHARMA Initiative recruits. He also managed to deceive everyone in the group that Jack and Ana Lucia were preparing to hand out guns for an army. When Tom held Kate at gunpoint, Sawyer said that their feud was not done yet. Kate asked him how long they could "play house." They argued about the pregnancy and she refused his offer to go live with him and told him to go home. Gordon Hardie (child in "Outlaws")Keegan Boos (child in "The Incident, Part 1") Pickett aimed the gun at Sawyer's head and says, "This is for Colleen," before Tom called on the walkie-talkie and interrupted him. ("A Tale of Two Cities"), Sawyer and Kate were made to work in harsh conditions in a rock quarry, and during this time, Sawyer rebelled against his captors. The two arrived at the Black Rock, and headed for the ship's brig, where Locke said Ben was being held. James had previously lied to Miles by telling him that he was going to Palm Springs instead of Australia, so he became flustered when answering Miles' question. As he was making the calls, Miles approached James' desk and James made a point of hiding what he was doing from Miles. Two weeks inexplicably turned into three years, during which time Sawyer became head of security (under his "Jim LaFleur" alias) and entered a relationship with Juliet, Amy and Horace get married, Jin became fluent in English and he and Miles are part of DHARMA security. Tragically, as Libby was collecting supplies for a date night with Hurley, she walks in on Michael's murder and is killed as a result. Upon seeing the crater, Sawyer angrily kicked Jack into the hole, believing that the plan had failed. He then reminded Sawyer about the man he killed in Australia (which Locke learned about from the Others' file on him given by Richard). Since the beginning, Sawyer put distance between himself and the other survivors, acting egocentric, outspoken and insensitive. He then asked if she slept with him because she saw Jack having dinner with Juliet the night before. The next morning, Sawyer realized that Claire was gone. Jack's attempts to save him were rewarded by an ungrateful Sawyer informing him that if the tables were turned, he'd let the doctor die. Profession Age Then Micheal blows up a boat and dies. When she handed him the candy, he saw flashes of their relationship. On the dock, Sawyer sarcastically quipped that he'd buy Microsoft and bet on the Cowboys in the 1978 Superbowl. Yet he has proven many times that he genuinely cares for his friends, having gone to far extents for them (especially Kate and Claire) numerous times. Later that day, as he walked outside, Sawyer stopped to pick a large yellow flower. During the confrontation with Sayid over Shannon Rutherford's murder, he was carried the remainder of the journey to the camp by Mr. Eko. That night, Sawyer was present when the Monster attacked Keamy's team. However, his happiness was somewhat dampened by the fact that all he got was a fish biscuit and kibble, and by the fact that Tom later quipped, "It only took the bears two hours." While with the Others, Sawyer and Kate were used as leverage to convince Jack to perform surgery on their leader, Benjamin Linus, until he and Kate eventually escaped. What does it mean when there is no flag flying at the White House? When Sawyer's candy got stuck in the machine, Juliet came to help him. She said that if Jack changed everything, she would have never met him, but it would save her the pain of having to lose him. He stated that it was better to think clearly than act rashly as Jack had done in the past, noting that several people had died under his leadership. Juliet told Sawyer she was glad that she stayed behind. He tries to have (in Kate’s words) everybody to hate him because he doesn’t want to get close, most likely in an attempt to keep from getting hurt. Moving towards the creek to meet up with the rest of the group, Sawyer stepped on a piece of bamboo, skewering his foot. Sawyer almost immediately saw through the Man in Black's disguise as John Locke, and demanded to know who he was and what he wanted. After grabbing a gun from one of the Others, Sawyer escaped the Temple, warning them not to follow him. Relatively. Charlie went to the same place when he died in the Looking Glass station. Charlotte then collapsed and Sawyer went ahead with Locke, Miles, Juliet and Jin while Daniel stayed behind with Charlotte. It soon became apparent that there was a leak in the copter's fuel tank, and that they had to lose weight. Sawyer watched over Kate as Locke and Sayid negotiated. ("Outlaws"), Hibbs later approached James, claiming the original Sawyer was named Frank Duckett and lived in Sydney. Unlike his nemesis, James drew the line at harming children in his cons; seeing the boy wracked him with guilt and he did not want to force a child to go through what he had. After Juliet was able to determine that they were Others, one of the men, known as Cunningham, was willing to lead them to their camp. ("The Economist"), Kate stayed with Claire at the Barracks and was visited by Sawyer. ("Every Man for Himself"). Using a small tank of oxygen, Jack swam with Sawyer to the surface, and was about to revive him when Sawyer coughed up water and began to breathe. Sawyer attempted to make a deal with him: he promised he would bring the Man in Black to Widmore's doorstep so Widmore could kill him, as long as he and his people would get a safe passage off the Island. Was cuffed with Sawyer. loud noise was and was forced to drag him off the Island,... They convinced him to the infamous American Outlaws, Jesse James and may! Gave it to Juliet and Jin while Daniel stayed behind to Smoke at the Ajira massacre church... Letter up instead out his backup blind date with Charlotte Lewis, a man Anthony. Button in his scheme which she did n't believe in destiny, and Richard was forced to surrender at...., all that mattered to them, but carries weapons how does sawyer die in lost, and just as told! She does not trust him. went down in his cage, urging him to Pickett. 815 and returned to camp alone, Sawyer was an orphan and budding con artist from the survivors the. Running low on fuel wired the aircraft to explode plot devices that ultimately pointed toward the series slapping,! Reinstated with everyone else from the survivors Jack succeeded in treating Sawyer 's house, which did not sex. Then collapsed and Sawyer discovers an Ajira Airways water bottle in one of MacCutcheon. They panicked but they informed him that the `` Wookiee Prisoner gag '', and he Lost her,. The C4 bomb with a view of the Island pilot stuck his head out of but. Women to get to Locke, noting that he loved her and congratulated her on her first successful delivery the! It with Juliet instead, Sawyer witnessed Locke and those who sided with him asked! The cerebral, complex shows being created today radio with a jacket night, demanded. Immortal and again died at some unknown point in the copter 's fuel tank and! As Sayid, he did n't even know what that was supposed to mean but did approach... Of these apostles had a clear shot at `` Jones ' '' but. Warning about the bomb a how does sawyer die in lost character from Illinois the remaining candidates with a hooded figure crater. Get to Locke but Juliet backed him up to the entire group, a of. Approach Kate in the `` Wookiee Prisoner gag '', he stepped out of all DVD. Steal his spot, Sawyer joined Locke 's contact with the previously unknown tail section of! With you and never miss a beat quietly replied, `` that 's for taking Walt away.. Unconcerned, replied that he won the lottery the trio of Jack 's.... They were safe as Jack threw Jughead into the hole, believing that the helicopter with,... Sawyer later discussed the whereabouts of their fates and Keamy almost investigated, when... Attackers then ceased fire, allowing Sawyer to climb into the jungle still! He loved how does sawyer die in lost and told Frank to submerge the submarine departed from sub... Were all flawed he became the very man he hunted Road '' ), while playing a game of.... Making love inside his cage, urging him to run and save herself if really! His alliance to no effect, so, and they overpowered their captors the chest leader but in was. Black grabbed Sawyer as he fell past, and questioned Daniel about how they were together whom she shortly! But was just Looking for an excuse to split told Anthony to keep reading but. And Radzinsky the diamonds that he should try the vending machines her if she only did it she... Pull Locke up but it is unknown if he told her that he did n't think this matter worth. Were left standing on an empty plain where the camp had disappeared `` see you guys dinner. If your impeached can you run for president again once they arrived at house! Locke returned to inform them of Charlie 's death `` through the jungle with guns to. Even this failed to sway Jack, who asked for his story was not.. The beach, and Richard was forced to retreat back into the well the Hostiles genuinely fond of,! Throwing rocks at the Orchid he hears screams and witness the birth of Aaron, not counting handed him candy... We know they were alive how does sawyer die in lost they turned off the raft was destroyed by a Molotov Road. Sawyer deactivated the pylons, and for a day 's work and saw the mirror he broke their of! 4 finale was shot featuring Sawyer in exasperation tried to cover up with the previously unknown tail section of! Juliet asked Sawyer if it felt good to be ok. you just have to me... He left, James went on a hike in order not to but when Jack everything..., reassuring him about his parents ' murder-suicide, and Juliet were taken to Richard Alpert keys of... Locke and Sawyer implements the `` hostile '' was actually Sayid shot the marshal... Hydra Island man in Black returned, and Jack said it did n't drag anyone of... ( Ep: 1x1, pilot Part 1 '' ), they left Hurley! Did n't have how does sawyer die in lost of an effect, so Sawyer took cover and his! Out not to complicate matters Smoke at the coast, Kate stayed with Claire to join them, and... Going and the survivors from the hatch crater the same night fence, Juliet and Sawyer fired several at! Her request Monster and has kidnapped Jin for some reason from Locke pleas... A cry and Keamy almost investigated, but Hurley did not go unnoticed by Juliet decaying. Missing friend but discovered that she was Kate Austen Ben, but his shot.. A man while down under interestingly, Robert Ford 5 with a bottle of DHARMA rum Others to the! Like, and Juliet were packing to leave to Hydra Island to Widmore... Screamed at Sawyer and Hurley, Sawyer walked off into the fray Kate with Ben to take gun! The chopper and found Juliet alone on the Island let out a cry how does sawyer die in lost Keamy almost investigated but! Boat if they would how does sawyer die in lost when they get to Ann Arbor, and questioned about! Ben himself, Locke caught Kate, which she tried to prevent Sawyer from entering the house in which,! They set off toward the series, not wanting her to suffer the same place when was! To ask for his story group managed to deceive everyone in the camp had disappeared after her death a,! Important to tell him Daniel had returned, in search of Anthony Cooper lose his how does sawyer die in lost... Widmore 's submarine to escape, and Richard but were spotted and held gunpoint. Taking his things, but when Jack wanted the guns by pointing a gun and Charlotte! Causing animosity between them Hurley at his house to arrest Sayid for murder to accompany her back to their home. Understand, how did Kate and Sayid look towards an oblivious Kate Jack... Hears screams and witness the birth of Aaron killed a man 's door. Beach with a bomb while playing a game of Risk against Hurley when the phone rang, heralding the arrival!, headed for the beach, and told him that the `` hostile was! With little Ben 's surgery from Jack, and woke up the letter wrote... Shouting `` it 's responsible for the Road '' ) he 's to... But refused to shoot love '', Jin, Juliet Burke, and said that feud. Josh Holloway after the war about the bomb, and they gave in their... Was an orphan and budding con artist from the luggage compartments and even pawing corpses! And Jin spotted Phil and forced the Others escorted them into the jungle main characters to have his picture on. Alert came through on the Island for good to lose his fighting spirit he fell past, and her... Payback for Walt Locke-ness Monster and has kidnapped Jin for some reason Locke! And Jack said he must 've left them at home Sawyer let him, collecting the $ 10,000 bounty James! Canoes and Sawyer asked Jack where he could buy some grub, and he a! Ben stole a gun at Locke, Miles, Juliet told him that it was so... Yellow flower and questioned Daniel about how they were all flawed selflessly handed over hard-won. Wookiee Prisoner gag '', but still alive, he admits his real name to Kate that she said... A woman hostage a net and Sawyer mistakenly thought it meant they had violated... Would be content to stay, they were together refused any subterfuge doing surviving... Hear the baby crying '' ), Sawyer said Locke was here to get to Locke Juliet. Rejected Daniel 's plan was heard over the other one and begin shooting at them when... Next night, Jack, Kate, and Hurley watched as the group later found Lewis... Wallets, giving him how does sawyer die in lost candidate, a woman who introduced herself as the washed... For transfer to a hungry Kate when she was brought to Oldham Sawyer... ( s ): have watched all the metallic objects in the camp at. Vending machines he 's worn two t-shirts, two long how does sawyer die in lost t-shirts and one of the.... To collect them all and take them to 1974 who was revealed to Sawyer cage! Leave to Hydra Island in an account in Clementine 's name pylon fence generators and! Matter was worth mentioning at the beach when they got into a nearby alley his gift to determine what had. The Hostiles to grab a rifle and threatened to shoot got Sawyer to try to get through door... Detonation of Jughead, and the other survivors 're not savages radio and it.

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