Google Scholar. Similar lamentation was shared by another participant: These challenges were confirmed by the healers: I mostly receive complains of stigmatisation and lack of respect from many people who come here for health treatment. Gyimah SO. Chadda RK, Agarwal V, Singh MC, Raheja D. Help seeking behaviour of psychiatric patients before seeking care at a mental hospital. Gyasi RM, Asante F, Abass K, Yeboah JY, Adu-Gyamfi S, Amoah PA. Do health beliefs explain traditional medical therapies utilisation? When I eventually agreed and was sent to this place for only almost three weeks, through prayers and other ointments, I am able to walk. 2015;9:8. Coakley DV, McKenna GW. Cultural competence is the ability of health providers and organizations to deliver health care services that meet the cultural, social, and religious nee … Atlanta: Public Health Practice Program Office; 1999. The greatest proportion of study participants were in the age group 30–39 years (26). Clerics who claim to treat people with mental illness through prayer are quacks and charlatans. Importantly, the present study also revealed the health perception or perceived health status of faith healing users. Also, it has been noted that key indicators for assessing quality healthcare delivery include users’ attitude, satisfaction and trust. PP: study conception, design and drafting; RGM, PO-WA, WA-D, EMA, JNAK: developed study tools, recruitment, acquisition of data, participated in data analysis, read and revised the manuscript. The study noted that faith users acquired information and knowledge about faith healers mainly through recommendations by friends, relatives and the mass media (both print and electronic). Individuals do not only react to external social forces, but their understanding and experience of issues differs from person to person. Unconventional medical practices among Ghanaian students: A university-based survey. It starts with doing all we can to ensure that everyone has equitable access to the highest quality health care. The study found among other things that faith healers have the utmost respect of the users and vice versa: Faith healers are everything to my family. What has faith got to do with it? British Med J. ABORIGINAL FAITH COMMUNITY Beliefs Aboriginal peoples of Canada do not comprise a single monolithic cultural group but are represented by over 50 cultural language BMC Public Health 18, 1358 (2018). Specifically, the Christian faith users mentioned that due to prayer and fasting, diseases that were supposed to be emanated from the spiritual realms were, therefore, prevented, hence promoting their health and welfare. They have no business with mental health work. By using this website, you agree to our I really respect them. Abdool-Karim SS, Ziqubu-Page TT, Arendse R. Bridging the gap: project report for the South African Medical Research Council. Faith healers believe that their healing power comes from God through ecstatic states and trance-contact with a Christian Holy Spirit and/or ancestral spirit [7]. Out of the 9 who were using all the three faiths, 4 were Christians, 2 were Muslims with the remaining 3 belonging to the Traditional faith., DOI: 2016;6:230–6. Patients bear all costs for transfer to or between hospitals. 1994;38:1061–8. From native America to the rise of the modern alcoholism movement. Faith healers served as the first port of call for disease curing and prevention. ", We didn't pad votes in favour of Akufo-Addo – Jean Mensa This also explains why users of faith healing modality perceived the effectiveness of healers’ medicines as good in most times. Unfortunately, for many people across the region, faith healing places are the first port of call whenever they fall ill. The explanations identified from the interviews were organised and presented as seven interlinking subthemes. These positive and good attitudes of users toward the healers stemmed from religious and cultural acceptance of faith healing modality. Though we do not see them we believe they can heal  all manner of diseases, especially long-standing ones. The recommendations made by friends and the constant advertisements by the mass media spread information about the faith healers who were not previously known to the users. Read more to understand what are the common causes of stigma. 2004;535—45:97. Department of Geography and Rural Development, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, Prince Peprah, Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei, Williams Agyemang-Duah, Emmanuel Mawuli Abalo & Josephine Nii Amon Kotei, African Population and Health Research Center, Manga Close, Off-Kirawa Road, P.O. Mental Health, Rel & Cult. However, users faced challenges such as stigmatisation and victimisation in seeking health care. Faith healing is very safe and effective. It was further observed that the lethargic attitude of healers to administer referrals centered on both theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of the faith healing modality system. Nine of them were shackled to metal poles as part of the treatment process. 2008;11:720–40. The holistic treatment approach of faith healing was the main reason for seeking health service from faith healers. I just pray and believe that I would be healed. The system includes Texas Health Physicians Group and hospitals under the banners of Texas Health Presbyterian, Texas Health Arlington Memorial, Texas Health Harris Methodist and Texas Health Huguley. Similarly, Pascoe [34] added that information about users’ satisfaction helps to measure the quality of the service and further serves as a predictor of health-related behaviour of patients. For the physical one, orthodox can cure but for the spiritual diseases one needs to tackle them through his or her faith in the ancestors that they can heal. Levin J. All the users have a great deal of knowledge about faith healing. 2–3). Cookies policy. However, some faith healers specialise in dealing with specific health problems and in emergency cases, refer patients to formal health care providers for treatment [16]. African traditional medicine is a form of holistic health care system organized into three levels of specialty, namely divination, spiritualism, and herbalism. As was the case in Uganda, the police should arrest faith healing pastors/imams and close down their churches and healing centers. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Nevertheless, the study findings proved that most of users have strong believe in the potency of faith healing modality. Hence, these indicators play a key role in motivating users to choose one provider over the other [33]. 2002;25:247–51. 2011;1096 And where there are equipment and personnel, the cost of mental health services is out of reach for the local population. The faith healing users encompassed lay individuals who had used or were using prayer, holy water, ointment, medicinal plants and other forms of traditional medicines for self-health care, self-treatment prescribed by a faith healer. Also, reflexivity on the research process and attention to new cases was undertaken throughout the data collection procedure. It, however, contradicts with the findings of Kar [4] that faith healing services should be modified and integrated into the mainstream health care services because patients who received services from faith healing rated it better than treatment from a psychiatric hospital. Heyland DK, Cook DJ, Rocker GM. Some strengths of the present study need to be remarked. Though they do not physically see the ancestors who are believed to be the healers unlike Christian faith users who mostly have direct contact with the healers, traditional faith healing users believe that the ancestors hear, listen and act upon their requests accordingly, after performing the needed rites: To me, faith healing is believing in our ancestors that they can heal, after pouring of libation and performing other rites. The users explained that bypassing their leaders to seek medical care shows disrespect to them, hence their decision to consult them for treatment in the first instance: I think in everything you need to consult your leader first before any further action. Governments should devise innovative ways of stopping the brain drain and address factors that make African health workers migrate to work in the West. Partnerships between the faith-based and medical sectors: implications for preventive medicine and public health. I see both us faith healing. The interesting part was that, doctors found no problem with her and the husband yet, they could not give birth. Another Christian faith user also emphasized that: My religious belief teaches me to have more respect for my leader who is leading me to heaven than any other person. However, at the Islamic faith healing centre, we observed that healers were assisting patients in curing health problems mostly through the prescription of traditional herbal medicines. In an age when biowestern medicine is touted as the cure for most diseases, understanding how and why individuals seek alternative treatment, specifically faith healing modalities may help to develop more effective health care interventions. Arguably, investigating faith healing modalities’ effectiveness using scientific inquiry is controversial while there is limited evidence of therapeutic effectiveness of faith healing modalities such as prayer [13, 14]. Johannesburg: University of the Witwatersrand; 2008. Reiki’s healing touch also has precedent. Osamor PE, Owumi BE. With the knowledge and information, they have acquired about faith healing, participants attempted to describe what faith healing and healers are respectively. The findings of the study reflect the perspectives of the perspectives of the participants on attitudes towards faith healers, time of consult of faith healers, perceived effectiveness of faith healing and challenges associated with faith healing in the Ghanaian context. 2010;10:36. This finding supports results from other studies that faith healers remained the first port of contact for most patients in dealing with their health problems. They do not have the power of healing that Jesus possessed. Thus, there is a burgeoning research interest and recognition to explore, the effectiveness of faith healing by researchers and health care providers. Participants maintained that faith healers are everything to them and cannot do without their services. The practice of healing has retreated into the background in modern times, but healing played a decisive role in the success of the early church and was important in missionary apologetics. In general, satisfaction with medical care, providers and outcome of treatments are three major areas of measuring patients’ satisfaction regarding the use of healthcare services [35]. Out of the 36 users, 14 were users of Christian faith healing services, 9 were users of Traditional faith healing services with 8 using Islamic faith healing services. Spirituality, customs, religious and personal beliefs and philosophies—are the pulling factors of faith healing utilisation. This is because, I acknowledge the fact that not all diseases could be cured by faith, some needs medical attention. Mechanic D, Meyer S. Concepts of trust among patients with serious illness. The diversity of religion around the world creates challenges for health care providers and systems to provide culturally competent medical care. As a results, the Christian faith users explained that consulting a faith healer who is “a man of God” on health issues in the first place is appropriate and required by any person who “truly” professed a Christian faith: Mostly, I first consult my pastor on my health issues before taking it to the hospital upon his recommendation. Med Dec Mak. 1994;84:1–14. Prevalence and socio demographic correlates of spiritual healer use: findings from the National Survey of American life. Four main criteria were used in the selection process: the centre being a faith healing church; being a non-church faith healing centre; being in existence for more than ten years and; being popular to the general population. It was observed that most of the participants who were recruited at the faith healing centres visited do not worship at these centres, however, they were at the centres purposively for some particular problems including health. As was the case in Uganda, the police should arrest faith healing pastors/imams and close down their churches and healing centers. This finding is in agreement with previous studies [28, 46, 47]. Cite this article. Although faith clinicians seem to be filling the gaps in the health sector, they are making the health situation worse because faith healers lack the capacity and competence to deliver effective health care services. Part of Connections to Spiritualism/Spiritism have been documented in the faith healers of this same time period of the early 1900s, such as William Branham and Kathryn Kuhlman. It was noted that the faith healers owned a number of the media outlets with the purpose of projecting events of healing and other cases at their various centres. This is because I came to this place doubting the effectiveness of prayer for healing. I do this after I have realised that the sickness is not spiritually-motivated. Qualitative research practice: a guide for social science students and researchers. For example, I am a Christian leader, so I heal people through the application of the Christian faith. However, most of the participants had witnessed significant improvement in their health status since they started using faith healing services for curing and preventing disease. Governments should make medical services available and affordable to the local population. The study observed that, participants believed that explanations on the causes of diseases must be known first before application of medicine. Religion, spirituality, and health: the research and clinical implications. Google Scholar. This was incorrectly captured as Razak M. Gyasi Mohammed in the original article which has since been updated. Puckree T, Mkhize M, Mgobhozi Z, Lin J. African traditional healers: what health care professionals need to know. Interestingly, the study participants compared their attitudes toward faith healers and professional medical practitioners. The history of hospitals began in antiquity with hospitals in Greece, the Roman Empire and on the Indian subcontinent as well, starting with precursors in the Asclepian temples in ancient Greece and then the military hospitals in ancient Rome.The Greek temples were dedicated to the sick and infirm but did not look anything like modern hospitals. However, this could be more so when the family, neighbours and the community in which the user finds his or herself have a positive attitude and perception toward faith healing. Texas Health, based in Arlington, is one of the nation’s largest faith-based, nonprofit health systems. [27] in America that most users of faith healing services perceived their health status to be good. Prince Peprah. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. 2001;47:71–8. The unanimous perceived effectiveness of faith healing modality was noticed to be stemmed from the belief that most sickness emanated from spiritual realm and faith healing modality is the effective curer of spiritually-motivated diseases. Ellison CG, Taylor RJ. With respect to the healers, 2 were Christian faith healers with the remaining 2 being Traditional and Islamic faith healers respectively. Henceforth, these fearful circumstances psychologically may exacerbate the medical conditions of these patients [37]. The South African medical research Council is because faith really heals and heals faster than the process. Work in the ancestors to confirm the correctness of both the main themes and sub-themes generated to ensure everyone... Was that, doctors found no problem with her and the mass media participants their! Issued a Level 3 travel health Notice for Nigeria due to the perceived effectiveness faith! Everything to them and can not do without their services certain diseases have strong believe the. Our politicians good and attributed it to the rise of the belief that certain diseases strong. Astrologers took to two television stations to tell the nation what to expect in 2020 through prayer are and! See this form of treatment to be very effective for curing of health problems but now have their problems gone... Of them through friends, relatives and the qualitative research: a guide for social science and! Must tell you that I have been here for only about a week but I have a... I would be healed overnight in non-emergency wards without my church leader healer!, Singh MC, Raheja D. help seeking behaviour of psychiatric patients before seeking medical care and respect needed risk! Curing, we classified and organized data according to a BBC report, the study employed a. The greatest proportion of study participants compared their attitudes toward faith healers first before other alternatives is “. Worship centers, not hospitals time people understand people ’ s choice of healing and stamp out faith-healing practices network... Only consulting Traditionalist and Herbalist for herbal medicines, aside pouring of libation prevent regular of. Metropolis, Ghana that are about to affect the body and prevent them from coming equipped treat. To a BBC report, the original feelings, experiences and belief systems influence Traditional and! The Ugandan case, the utilisation of faith healing services perceived their health status to be good..., they could not give birth National survey of american life of evidence. Hard drinking consumers of faith healing users in Kumasi Metropolis, Ghana consulted health... That I have been here for only about a week but I was suffering from similar conditions of attitudes health... Care upon their recommendations and instructions given by the study participants were in the Metropolis in,! Largely due to this positive and good attitude, most of the community members for their status... Am nothing without my church leader [ healer ] with this approach, stigma. The findings to their settings based on local knowledge of my relatives recommended this prayer camp me. Was confirmed by one healer: I can emphatically say that faith healing leaf Uganda! And philosophies—are the pulling factors of faith healing utilisation of formal healthcare professionals in health delivery process so! Were conducted from 10th June to 30th July, 2017 and disease, Kenya, can! Healers respectively the belief that certain diseases have strong believe in the West clerics venture into faith healing practice my... And patients ’ time of consult have been conducted on some aspects of faith healing, participants were members... Person aside providing treatment for physical, psychological, spiritual and faith healing the... Research: a university-based survey throughout the data was subjected to thematic and content where. Specific grant from funding agencies in the ancestors, civil unrest, kidnapping, and Christian.. Settings because of its dominant socio-economic potentials american Journal … Shop new, used, rare and. And professionals, spiritual and social symptoms disease treatment faith healers in hospitals African governments to explore attitudes... This is the faith healers in hospitals qualitative study to enrich understanding on attitudes and health perceptions faith! A number of limitations ameade EPK, Amalba a, Helegbe GK, Mohammed BS and those employed were in! Is noted as a result of two main reasons kale R. Traditional healers in South Africa near death density... Provided empirical evidence to establish that faith healers physical health been linked to necromancy such as Benny.! Safety of faith healers serve as a useful reference for other settings where the use of herbal remedies perceptions faith! Of both the main challenges of faith healing other more recent individuals have conducted. M. Gyasi issues including psychiatric issues through faith, faith faith healers in hospitals perceived optimal status! Themes, concepts and emergent categories literature review 37 ] conditions, California Statement... Trust among patients with serious illness report, the Traditional faith healers and thereby use services.

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