Claim: A video shows actor Will Smith's teeth knocked out by singer Jason Derulo's errant golf swing. ", After Smith posted the video he followed it up with a photo of himself with his new grin alongside Derulo with the caption, "I gotta stop inviting @jasonderulo over. Jason Derulo is back at it again with the TikTok pranks after appearing to knock out Will Smith's teeth with a golf club. JASON Derulo appeared to knock out Will Smith's two front teeth in a golf lesson gone wrong as the pair filmed a hilarious TikTok video. In a video posted to the actor's TikTok on Sunday, which he … The following footage, for instance, shows Derulo appearing out of thin air after Smith tosses a sweatshirt onto a table. The actor has shared footage of himself providing some golf tips for the singer where Derulo appears to accidentally chip the Hancock star's teeth. Celebrity Injuries Smith approaches the camera with his mouth covered before revealing that his front teeth seemingly fell out. Smith crawls to the camera and shows his chipped and missing front teeth. In the video, Will offered his celebrity pal to help with his golfing technique. In another video, Derulo is shown chipping his teeth while doing a handstand next to a pool. Mehul Reuben Das Updated: Aug 11, 2020, 07:04 IST . Derulo has also shared a few videos with the same “broken” teeth effect. The demonstration ends with a predictable (and digitally manipulated) result: Derulo’s teeth get chipped. On Monday, the Aladdin actor, 51, palled around with the 30-year-old singer and jokingly pretends to have a … Reportedly, an elaborate “phishing attack” duped a famous reporter into quitting her job to accept... How To Interpret That ‘1 in 8 Recovered COVID Patients Die’ Study. It's my turn. Did National Guard Turn Their Backs on Biden’s Motorcade? Smith posted a video on his Instagram handle, wherein fans can see that Derulo, swung the golf club and seemingly knocked Will’s front teeth … This video racked up more more than 11 million views within a day of its initial posting. Derulo's swing hits Smith square in the mouth, with the latter man crawling over the camera and smiling, thus revealing his chipped and missing front teeth. High-Key Details. To add more speculation to the potential stunt, Derulo commented on Smith's post writing, "I know a good dentist ... text me back. The "After Earth" actor is helping set him up when Derulo swings too early and knocks out Smith's teeth. Jason Derulo took a shot at “Men in Black” actor Will Smith this weekend, and it didn’t end well. Will Smith took to Instagram today to share a picture of himself with singer Jason Derulo, following an accident which saw him lose his two front teeth. Jason Derulo's latest social media video is inevitably jaw-dropping and something for which you were definitely not prepared. It looks like singer Jason Derulo recently knocked Will Smith's teeth out - but not over a serious spat or significant scuffle, but over a genial game of golf, CNN reports. In a video posted to the actor's TikTok on Sunday, which he also posted to Instagram, Smith tries to help Derulo with his golf swing when he gets whacked in the mouth. "You ought to … Jason Derulo took golfing lessons from Will Smith over the weekend. Social media users had some interesting ideas of what U.S. President Donald Trump might have... Did Military Band Play ‘Hit the Road Jack’ Outside the White House? The singer 'knocked the film star's teeth' out while taking a swing in the mind-blowing TikTok prank. All articles are thoroughly researched and reference high-quality studies and information to support the subject matter. Did Trump Have a ‘Diet Coke’ Button in the Oval Office? A post shared by Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo). Will Smith and Jason Derulo are either successfully pranking the whole internet, or just had a horrific TikTok accident that resulted in the actor losing his front teeth. Jason Derulo knocked out Will Smith's front teeth with a golf club Sunday, as he took to TikTok with a hilarious video from a lesson gone very wrong The 30-year-old stood against a … There were some memorable moments, memes, and misinformation during the Trump era. The video has Jason accidentally 'knocking' actor Will Smith's teeth off during his golf sessions. Snopes and the logo are registered service marks of CNN has reached out to Smith… (CNN)Will Smith appears to have had his front teeth knocked out by none other than Jason Derulo.

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