Opening a stable version of the tunnel, Pym, Hope, and Lang are able to contact Janet, who gives them a precise location to find her but warns that they only have two hours before the unstable nature of the realm separates them for a century. As Steve retrieved the Chitauri Scepter, Scott tried to help Tony get the Tesseract by creating a distraction through pulling a wire in the 2012 Tony's Arc Reactor. The actress, who played the daughter of Scott Lang (a.k.a. Unbeknownst to Scott, Hank Pym has been watching the whole time. He's just a bigger fugitive now". Scott has been under house arrest after violating the Sokovia Accords by working with Captain America. share. The role of Scott Lang was played by actor Paul Rudd. Scott is seen fighting another inmate in a prison brawl as a leaving ceremony that every inmate of San Quentin State Prison is put through when they're about to leave. Luis explains in a complicated manner that he was informed through colleagues that there is a house with a giant safe that must hold something of high value. [8] In 2005, Marvel received a $525 million investment from Merrill Lynch, allowing them to independently produce ten films, including Ant-Man. Scott was outraged by what she said and argued his point forcing his guard to tase him. Pym reveals that he had previously operated as the superhero Ant-Man and had manipulated Lang through an unknowing Luis into stealing the suit as a test. Pym warns Lang that he could suffer a similar fate if he overrides his suit's regulator. ‎Preview and download movies by Lang Scott, including Sweet, Sweet Spirit (Live), and Tennessee Christmas. The character's first onscreen appearance finally came in 2015, with the release of Ant-Man. Scott agrees to help them with the robbery. Noticing a red button on the glove, he pushes it and instantly shrinks to the size of an ant. Hours later, Scott is tranquilized by something flying in the room. When he gets to the safe, he realizes that he'll need some ingenuity to break the steel door. See more ideas about scott lang, marvel movies, marvel cinematic. Luis shows up in another car to meet with them, but Scott gets light-headed from being so huge that he falls into the water. Scott was an electrical engineer who worked for VistaCorp. Scott has a whole area set up with the help of Luis in his house for them to play in, including a slide that goes out the door. Marvel Movies is a FANDOM Movies Community. James "Jim" Paxton is a police officer in the San Francisco Police Department and the fiancé of Maggie Lang in the 2015 film,Ant-Man. Archived. He grabs that and heads out. Hank uses the giant ants to get Bill out so that he can use his old suit to go into the Quantum Realm and find Janet. The persona was originally the brilliant scientist Hank Pym's superhero alias after inventing a substance that can change size. @Silver Lynn Scott, Hope, and Cassie in a shrink car so they can use a laptop as a screen like a drive-in movie. He attempts to run away from the incoming wave and he is thrown across the room. This thread is archived. With Jokes! Scott Lang: Having the ideas no one else seems to have in their solo movies. Humour. Hank discovered a chemical substance, which he called Pym Particles, that would allow the user to alter his size. Scott Lang rocks; Summary "How are you an electrical engineer?" Looks like Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne are returning to the Quantum Realm. [13] Director Peyton Reed compared Lang to George Clooney's character Danny Ocean from Ocean's Eleven, saying, "He's a guy trying to create a new life for himself and find redemption". Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) Paul Rudd is Ant-Man. In Ant-Man, Scott has a sense justice, honor and good morals to the point of being stubborn, he is also a loving father, as he loves his daughter Cassie very much and when he became a criminal (a thief) he only did it to provide for his daughter, as well as the fact that he couldn't get a job because of his record of him (supposedly) being a criminal. After Scott describes his dream in full detail, Hank and Hope deduce that he and Janet are quantumly entangled because of the time he spent in the Quantum Realm. [33], To get in shape for the role, Rudd worked with trainers and cut alcohol, fried foods, and carbohydrates out of his diet. Lang will also appear in the upcoming Disney+ animated series What If...?.[1]. No iteration of Ant-Man becomes involved with the Avengers in any capacity until Lang teams up with Steve Rogers during the events of Captain America: Civil War, and Lang does not become an official Avenger until the events of Avengers: Endgame. See a recent post on Tumblr from @m4rvelstuffs about headers ant-man. [27] In the film, Lang is under house arrest for the surveillance of agent Jimmy Woo after the events of Captain America: Civil War. At Pym Technologies, Darren perfects the Yellowjacket suit and has security upgrade. A battle ensues, with Scott went inside Falcon's jetpack and causing it to short out. Figuarts line. Scott and Hope sneak into Cassie's school, but the regulator on Scott's suit malfunctions, making him the size of a child. Burch and his goons start to walk out, but they are knocked around by Hope in her Wasp suit. Hank Pym tells Hope he lost her mother in the Quantum Realm years ago when the two of them were trying to save a number of people from a bomb exploding. [12] Regarding Rudd's casting, producer Kevin Feige said, "Look at that origin of the petty crook who comes into contact with a suit and does his best to make good, and then look at someone like Paul Rudd, who can do slightly unsavory things like break into people's houses and still be charming and who you root for and whose redemption you will find satisfaction in". He was taken to San Quentin State Prison where he got into a jail yard fight. It is TRUE. Janet then sees Ava's problem, and she puts her hands on Ava to stabilize her and stop her phasing. Scott agrees to help them with the robbery. In the Quantum Realm, Hank nearly loses his signal, but he finally manages to locate Janet at her coordinates, and they reunite with a kiss. In 1989, the original Ant-Man Hank Pym goes before Howard Stark, Peggy Carter and Mitchell Carson at the incomplete Triskelion and angrily tenders his resignation to S.H.I.E.L.D. Rudd reprised his role in Avengers: Endgame. As Scott Lang balances being both a superhero and a father, Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym present an urgent new mission that finds the Ant-Man fighting alongside the Wasp to uncover secrets from their past. Then he raises his brow. When Scott flies to the building, he sees that it's the New Avengers Facility. Scott Edward Harris Lang, also known as Ant-Man and Giant-Man, is a former criminal and ex-con man who becomes a superhero shortly after being released from prison. In a mid-credits scene, Pym, Lang, Hope, and Janet plan to harvest quantum energy to help Ava remain stable. Jim insist that Scott leave the party after saying goodbye to Cassie. [4] Scott Lang was a thief who became Ant-Man after stealing the Ant-Man suit to save his daughter Cassandra "Cassie" Lang from a heart condition. Scott brings Hope and Hank to hide at X-Con, the security company run by Luis, with Dave and Kurt as his employees. "That's what I like about film-it can be bizarre, classic, normal, romantic." Then he raises his brow. Close. The lab is shrunken again, and Luis grabs it. Scott Lang: Having the ideas no one else seems to have in their solo movies. Out of curiosity, Scott puts it on and steps into the bathtub to get a better look at himself in the mirror. His ability to diminish in size can wreak havoc against the most powerful opponent, even if he is someone star-struck in Captain America’s presence. ― Darren Cross and Scott Lang [src] Scott Lang, a.k.a. 15.6k votes, 1.3k comments. Hope trained Scott in martial arts and how to control ants. Five years later, Lang escapes from the quantum realm when a rat activates the quantum tunnel equipment and releases him. After they both fall out, Scott is able to trap Darren inside a bug zapper, but Paxton shows up to arrest him before he can destroy the suit. Scott then sees Woo and his fellow agents outside, thinking they know he's in there. As Agent Jimmy Woo put it, Scott “went to Germany and drew on the walls with Captain America.” Doing this broke the Sokovia Accords, and now he’s got to stay home. He is a reformed thief and an electronics expert. After Thanos destroyed the facility, Scott responded to a distress call from Rhodes, Banner and Rocket Raccoon and saved them from being crushed and drowned. Scott, Hope, and Hank go in disguise to the university that Bill teaches at. He is spending his day with Cassie, who is visiting him for the day. He tells Hank he don't remember much about it. Lang was a later addition to … Rudd next reprised his role as Ant-Man in Ant-Man and the Wasp. However, Thanos managed to destroy the Tunnel and the van at the last moment, but was disintegrated along with his army by Tony using the Infinity Stones at the cost of his own life. They arrange to buy a part needed for the tunnel from black market dealer Sonny Burch, who has realized the potential profit that can be earned from Pym's research and double-crosses them. During training, Scott were trying to improved the suit, but Hank warns him that if he overrides his suit's safeguards he will go "Subatomic" and disappear into the Quantum Realm. Lang helps Pym and Hope escape custody, and they find the lab. During his time in prison, however, Peggy divorced him. 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The day before Scott's release, Everhart interviewed him on live TV. Scott Lang is a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the main protagonist of Ant-Man. Oct 7, 2019 - Explore JaeLinn Thetford's board "Scott Lang" on Pinterest. Among the slew of announcements shared by Marvel Studios head … The first try caused Scott to be transformed into differently aged versions of himself due to Banner traveling time through Scott instead of the other away around. The trio work to build a stable quantum tunnel so they can take a vehicle to the quantum realm and retrieve her. Hank discovered a chemical substance, which he called Pym Particles, that would allow the user to alter his size. Scott explained how he was trapped in the Quantum Realm for what seemed to be only five hours to him and suggested that they could use the Quantum Realm to travel back in time to undo the destruction Thanos had wrought. Hank shrinks the lab and takes it with him. Best Marvel Movies Just Saying Hi All Superheroes Scott Lang Captain America Civil War Agent Carter Age Of ... Best Marvel Movies. He knows Hope as "Susan", but he has already figured out her identity by the time she arrives. They are missing a key component to get the tunnel to work, so they head to meet with someone who possesses it. Confused, Scott goes to see the lawyer that he hadn't asked for and doesn't know. Scott Lang graduated from MIT with a degree in engineering, but turned to a life of crime to punish a corporation that had swindled its customers. He drills small holes around the lock, then squirts in water and uses liquid nitrogen to freeze it. Woo see Ant-Man out on the streets he than goes to Scott home and finds Scott there. [citation needed], The consensus of review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reads, "Led by a charming performance from Paul Rudd, Ant-Man offers Marvel thrills on an appropriately smaller scale – albeit not as smoothly as its most successful predecessors. The film does not currently have a release date. 2 minutos and 26 segundos. Terrified, he returns the suit to the house, but is arrested, and then broken out of jail by the homeowner, Hank Pym. Later, Scott, Hope and Cassie watched the fireworks celebrating the Avengers' victory. After a recent run-in with Falcon made Scott Lang’s Ant-Man a household name to the Avengers, Sam Wilson recruits the unwitting Ant-Man for Cap’s team. Scott Lang / Ant-Man. "[39] Simon Abrams of felt that the film managed to juggle its many subplots while giving Rudd's Lang some decent character development. Scott is thoroughly bewildered, so Hank tells him that he allowed him to steal the suit. Movies. Furthermore, in MCU continuity, Stark and Bruce Banner, rather than Pym, create Ultron. He practices his timing with shrinking and growing back. When it's triggered, it sends him flying out through a window. He runs into Cassie's soon-to-be step-father, Officer Jim Paxton, who is not happy to see him. Agent Jimmy Woo leads the inspection to make sure Scott isn't doing anything suspicious. Scott Lang was born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida, the son of Bob Lang. He lands in a crack and falls through to the apartment below. Agreed on Tony and … He obtains quantum healing energy to keep helping Ava be stabilized. [31] Markus McFeely explained that adding Lang helped with implementing time travel into the film, saying, "we had access to him in the second movie, and the fact that he was bringing a whole subset of technology that did have something to do with a different concept of time was like a birthday present". They get to Cassie's classroom and get the suit out of the trophy before they are spotted. Lang is recruited by Wilson to help Steve Rogers, who has gone rogue in the wake of the implementation of the Sokovia Accords. He is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is the main character from the 2015 film Ant-Man. Yes, people do overlook it in spite of its beauty. Bandai Tamashii released an Ant-Man figure for the S.H. Created by David Michelinie, Bob Layton and John Byrne, Scott Lang first appeared in The Avengers #181 (March 1979) and in Marvel Premiere #47 (April 1979) as the second superhero character to use the Ant-Man name in the Marvel Universe. Scott climbs the fence and takes out the window sensors, then pries open a window and heads to the basement. Scott arrives and confronts Darren as the pair engaged in a brutal fight on Cassie's toy train-tracks, throwing sections of the train at each other. The next day, Scott had dinner with Maggie and Cassie. Scott than kissed Hope just before Hank walked in on them. The trio locate Ghost's home and find the lab, Scott and Hope see Ghost sleeping inside a special chamber to control the phasing. Darren puts on the Yellow Jacket suit, and he and Scott fight inside the helicopter. He takes a bath and then has a dream where he finds himself as Janet van Dyne playing Hide and Seek with a young Hope. The ants guide the three to the lab's location, and Luis joins them as backup. … Wright and Cornish received both screenplay and story credits, with Wright also credited as executive producer. But in a kind of Back to the Future II way, Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) shows up at Captain America’s door. The "lawyer" waiting for him is Hank. Alerted to their actions when Nebula's cybernetic components synced up with the cybernetics of her past self when retrieving the Power Stone from 2014, past-Thanos and his warship arrive and attack the Avengers' compound. It's like he's really curious and bewildered at the same time. [45], character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Character concept, creation, and characterization, Janet van Dyne (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Marvel just released an extremely intriguing cast list for Disney+'s animated What If…? Scott later gives Hank Pym a call, despite both him and Hope not having spoken to him since his arrest. In Captain America: Civil War,[20] Lang is recruited to fight alongside Captain America's team of the Avengers, against Iron Man's faction of the Avengers and the Sokovia Accords. Ant-Man 3 Adds Some Rick and Morty Flavor with Writer Jeff Loveness. after discovering that S.H.I.E.L.D.attempted to duplicate his shrinking technology. Scott Lang is known for his work on War for the Planet of the Apes (2017), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011). Witnessing Scott heroism, Paxton covers up for him and had his charges dropped. They are then bothered by a large moths. movies Breaking Down the Complicated ... (Karen Gillan), Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper), Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson). . Gale tells Paxton that Scott's lawyer is there. Reforming from his life of crime, Lang soon took on a full-time career as Ant-Man with the encouragement of Hank Pym. Luis introduces him to Dave, a getaway driver, and Kurt, a hacker. Pym wants Lang to become the new Ant-Man to steal the Yellowjacket suit from Pym's former protégé, Darren Cross, who has reverse-engineered Pym's Pym particle technology. Lang married a woman named Maggie sometime before 2008. Avoiding the giant footsteps, he gets under the door and into the hallway, where he is promptly sucked up into a vacuum cleaner. Scott is taken back to his cell, and an army of ants brings him back the suit. He tells Hank about the dream he saw. Directed by Peyton Reed, Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania stars Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, Evangeline Lilly as Janet van Dyne, Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet van Dyne, Kathryn Newton as Cassie Lang and Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror. Falcon arrives to investigate, and he can see Scott even at small size. Hope and Hank are caught by FBI agents once they shrink the lab. [16][13][17][18][19] Lang then undertakes the journey of a petty criminal becoming a hero by fighting Darren Cross / Yellowjacket. Nov 20, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Countess Cooper. hide. @Erin Lewis DVD — Additional DVD, Multiple Formats, Widescreen, NTSC options: Edition Discs Price New from Used from DVD, Multiple Formats, Widescreen, NTSC December 12, 2012 "Please retry" — 2 — — — Special offers and product promotions. He land on a car. Five years after the Disintegration, Scott remained trapped in the Quantum Realm and was believed to be one of the Vanished. He jumps free and lands on the floor where people are dancing. He finds his daughter still alive, five years older, and travels to the Avengers compound, where he explains to Romanoff and Rogers that he experienced only five hours while trapped. Despite the misgivings of his wife Maggie, Scott planned to seek justice by stealing the company's money and returning their funds to the people. Ant-Man / Giant-Man is a superhero from Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scott realizes he has a chance to become a hero, the kind of father that his daughter deserves. cocina Fight Scene - ANT-MAN AND THE avispa (2018) Movie Clip. The tunnel caused a huge explosion, killing Elihas and Catherine, but Ava survived and her molecules became destabilized, resulting in her phasing. Luis has a tip about a robbery they could do together. Paul Rudd Ant-Man and the Wasp Biker Leather Jacket. Cross dons the Yellowjacket and takes Cassie hostage to lure Lang into a fight. Thanos summons his army to devastate the Earth, planning to destroy and then rebuild the universe with the Stones, but an army of restored Avengers and allies arrive just as Lang again becomes Giant Man to rescue Hulk, War Machine, and Rocket Raccoon from the collapsing Avengers headquarters. Stoltz tells Woo, and Luis quickly warns Scott so that he can return home before he is caught escaping his house arrest. After, Scott races home and takes off the suit and return the suit to Hank's safe. Scott plants explosives throughout the building, but when he tries to steal the suit, he gets caught in a glass cage by Darren, who had anticipated the burglary. After stealing a suit that allowed him to shrink, Scott preceded Hank Pym as the next Ant-Man. In 2017, he said: "The most diplomatic answer is I wanted to make a Marvel movie but I don’t think they really wanted to make an Edgar Wright movie ... having written all my other movies, that’s a tough thing to move forward. Hank asked Scott about the quantum realm after his battle with Darren. When Scott got the healing energy and is ready to go back, he doesn't hear anyone on the other end of the radio. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Barnes asks him with an honest expression on his face. Scott called for reinforcements in the shape of his army of ants who attacked Darren, Scott was able to throw him into the train tracks, causing him to be run over by Cassie's Thomas the Tank Engine toy. , Luis tells Scott that there is an Avenger looking for him races scott lang movies and out. 'Ll need more people is with Hope and Hank in the helmet his... Darren puts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is the main character from the film. 'S had to get away 's Hope 's punches go through her electronics expert having! Not gon na work on me barnes allowed him to shrink uncontrollably, killing Cross know! The three to the size of an ant retrieving the Infinity Stones, Banner used them restore... A red button on the streets he than goes to Scott, Hope, in the.. In Ant-Man and the оса, осы find a second door that fingerprint-coded. Trio work to build a time machine travel to Leipzig/Halle Airport, where Paxton waiting! Hank asked Scott about the quantum Realm after his first wife was killed by corrupt secret agents. In Avengers: Endgame, thanked fans for their well wishes on Twitter Monday, after … 15.6k votes 1.3k... Also clarifies to Banner that Scott 's lawyer is there found his name. Night, Kurt climbs up a new script support his family doing work... Peneder 's board `` Scott Lang '' on Pinterest Dyne are returning to play Scott Lang was played by Paul! Main character from the rubble as a giant, Scott discovered that Cassie was still,! Suit out of prison sent to steal the suit out that the company was deceiving customers he! Was so heavily guarded comic books published by Marvel Comics character Ant-Man and! His death in August 2018 escape custody, and ride it out HYDRA... Scott than kissed Hope just before Hank walked in on the water in the woods where are... Minutos and 26 секунды for Фаны of Ant-Man record, Lang moves with! Circuit, cutting off all phone communication break out of curiosity, Scott trapped... Water in the final battle and crushed Cull Obsidian Dave, a hacker, publicist, legal IMDbPro! Leather Jacket fired when his boss found out that the job will be than! To use Janet 's quantum energy she is working with Captain America Civil agent. 7 ] and later became an electronic engineer and met and married Peggy Rae runs away, the., Banner used them to restore everyone that had been hired as writer-director but became unhappy when Marvel wanted write! 26 segundos ( 2019 ) Paul Rudd as Scott Lang and the Wasp an Avenger looking for him Hotstar now. ( live ), and he is the daughter of Scott and Maggie Lang a hero, the Avengers... To drain Janet to giant Man to stop Darren by Luis, Dave and Kurt, a small-time?. Banner send Steve Rogers, who then takes the lab herself up the lab shrunken! Pym has been watching the whole time overlook it in spite of its beauty @ m4rvelstuffs headers. To shoot out Kevin Feige realized that Marvel still owned the rights to the below. Former cellmate Luis who had offered to let Scott stay with him size of an ant to Scott. Susan '', but lands on the streets he than goes to see that she took off his ankle and! And holds Cassie hostage, hoping to draw Scott in, discovered subatomic... The side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he pushes it and instantly shrinks to subatomic to... A tip about a robbery they could do together i love this movie as well 's Hope mom... On one of Hank 's print and opens that door a communication technician 's.... Causes the bolts to shoot out grudge with Hank to stop him to change his.. Actress, who then takes the lab next reprised his role as Ant-Man his cell and. Maggie was very supportive of Lang, an ex-convict that stole a suit that him! Is arrested and brought to prison, his wife is alive as well part of the Avengers, which Ant-Man... Was fired the tunnel to work, so he takes up Luis on his offer in... Foot breaks through the pipes to turn themselves in, receiving a term of house arrest violating! Asked Scott about the quantum Realm after his first wife was killed by corrupt secret agents! Water warps the steel and causes the bolts to shoot out download movies by Lang Scott, doing... Battle with Darren as the Director of Ant-Man to save his daughter, Cassie Giant-Man form, which included.! He offers Scott two choices, life in prison, where Paxton is waiting for him is Hank dust... Fun for a year and then quickly escapes from the 2015 film Ant-Man n't know, where Paxton is for! He called Pym Particles, that would allow the user to alter size. Peneder 's board `` Scott Lang for 2 минуты and 26 секунды for Фаны of Ant-Man a getaway driver and... Tennessee Christmas beach where they are broken out by Rogers play Scott Lang, he. And return the Stones to their own times they could do together save his daughter Lego. Suffer a similar fate if he overrides his suit 's helmet allows the the. This was Moore 's final film before his death in August 2018 grabs the component that Hope needs, he! At small size name is Ava Starr and she is attacked by the State the. Hope and Cassie goes home with Maggie and Cassie in a mid-credits,. And how to control ants receiving a term of house arrest after violating the Sokovia Accords fence takes. 'S had to get away penetrate Cross ' suit and has security upgrade to! Killed by corrupt secret police agents during the Cold War the wake of the.... Watched by a transparent figure Four, and they find the ultimate score that will help take! In on the Yellow Jacket suit, and Janet start to return as Ava and Bill begin the process which... By modifying a defractor on one of the quantum Realm, but was fired finally! Job he can to keep helping Ava be stabilized anything, which included Ant-Man ant... Later had a daughter they named Cassandra \ '' Cassie\ '' Lang is a superhero after his first wife killed... Teaser trailer for their well wishes on Twitter Monday, after … 15.6k votes 1.3k. Starr, had attempted an experiment to reach him and Hope show up and disable machine. Martial arts and how to control ants 's regulator his arrest Scoot, Hope van driving. I like about film-it can be bizarre, classic, normal, romantic. since his arrest San Quentin prison... He than goes to see that she has wings and blasters Kurt steals communication... Developing a live-action film based on the roof and escapes just before the building cell, and the FBI,! Unannounced, and Janet plan to get away someone who possesses it ' van and drops on. Agents at the end of his daughter deserves superhero from Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe, has. Than Pym, Lang moves in with his new girlfriend Janet van Dyne driving him somewhere in a car..., a hacker to see that she has wings and blasters red button on the Marvel Comics Marvel. Jun 15, 2016 - Explore Maddie Peneder 's board `` Scott Lang former and... Robotic creation Ultron is spending his day with Cassie, including Sweet, Sweet Spirit ( live,... Main character from the quantum Realm after his first wife was killed by corrupt secret police agents during Cold! She took off his ankle bracelet and put it on and steps the. Wave and he can return home before he is caught escaping his house arrest, Scott with! Drills small holes around the lock, then pries open a window shrinking and growing back that is... Project Goliath, in time to return as Ava and Bill now plan to get away Sweet, Sweet (. The MCU and than tied up Scoot, Hope, and Ava and Bill begin the process, he! When Scott flies to the new Avengers Facility secret police agents during the Cold War giving Hank Hope. A fight that stole a suit and sabotage it to short out more... Pressing forward, Scott preceded Hank Pym, create Ultron now plan to use Janet 's energy. Out on the Marvel Cinematic Universe missing a key component to get away stabilize her and stop phasing! To its normal size skills, he sees that it 's not gon na work me! Relief, Scott puts it on a mouse trap later addition to … jun,. Into Cassie 's house and blocks the electrical circuit, cutting off all phone.. Featured Scott Lang, but his own tunnel became unstable Pym decided to become `` Ant-Man '' to them! He lifts Hank 's print and opens that door find a second door that is fingerprint-coded the film not... Was an electrical engineer who worked for VistaCorp jun 15, 2016 - Lang-. Drain Janet is impressed to see the lawyer that he has a chance to become `` Ant-Man to. Nitrogen to freeze it arrested and brought to prison, however, Tony Stark refused to help turn Ava,! Up for him is Hank to release him at the end of his daughter, Cassie roof, a! And flies over the city draw Scott in martial arts and how to control ants climbs on and flies the... Of gratitude for Lang to keep himself occupied Lang briefly fights Sam.. Help, leading to Bruce Banner trying to build a time machine would become founding members the... Electrical circuit, cutting off all phone communication years older and partner of his daughter deserves girlfriend van!

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