Receiving one poor rating isn’t the end to your Mercari selling career, but make sure you address the problems the review brings up and work hard to please your next buyer. Finally my favorite feature: Offer to likers. They would not cancel my order. Free shipping. Overcharged me for shipping???? No responses to issues with sellers after multiple attempts to resolve issues! Trust me, not worth it. Mercari then approved the return and I contacted them to find out what was going on. Password. Mercari has a serious problem with their return guarantee making the site unusable given the myriad of praying sellers. … Contains no precious metals. Mercari U.S. reported this review for breach of Trustpilot guidelines. Hey guys, in this video I go over pros and cons of using the app Mercari. However, the refund policy is quite different from Mercari. I always take care with the packaging and this one I specifically remember having to use a specific box for it because of all the bubble wrap. Responses from Mercari's customer service are canned and disappointing. About 40% of them have the “authenticity verified” stamp from a company they use called Real Authentication. Here are the main pros and cons of Mercari that we think you can expect to encounter if using this marketplace. Up to 50% off any purchase of a wide variety of items in the Tech Deals Sale. She would maybe mail me the original 3 bras if she could “find them”; 6. My experience with Mercari as a seller, NO GOOD! Their policy is ship within 3 days. As an ecommerce seller, did you know you can list inventory on consignment marketplaces like Tradesy, Poshmark and Mercari? So in the end here is what you will experience and do not believe any other review that … They're the pettiest business I've ever dealt with. I tried to contact this company, no one contacted me back. The Mercari system has a set up were if you don’t rate after 3 days of the purchased item it will rate the seller for you. They dont want money lol. Wait…. Reply. Absolutely zero customer service as you are just spun in circles on the website. We had to replace a portable GPS due to ours being stolen. The issue in GetHuman3717400's own words . USPS stated a label was printed, but never scanned in at post office. After doing a ton of reasearch online and reaching out several times, it seems Mercari has a widespread banning system issue that doesn't seem to be coming to a resolution anytime soon. You should be fine. Save. I have had nothing but good from Mercari, have had a few people not pay me but Mercari will pay for the item if the buyer doesn’t pay. In fact, ironically, they push you back to reinitiating contact with the crooked seller! Caution: Always meet in a public place with plenty of people around. No one would help me and transfer it in another way. I purchased an expensive collector quality ornament from Mercari, it arrived broken in 2 places,I contacted customer service within 24 hours with photos. Whatever you do do not and I repeat not call a number that you see here 312 it's from Chicago. Bough phone supposedly is unblocked and new is still active under someone else’s account still non usable phone. Mens jeans. I’m getting this now so far it’s been good, but some sellers can scam you,as I am finding out, an seller bought tennis shoes from me,it was package right, ECT.first she asked me to cancel trans action because she did her debit card not Mecari card, there isn’t an Mecari card but being nice I cancelled and she reordered it great I mailed it off and it’s surprisingly lost in mail on my end shows at her package is in office not picked up because wrong postage,? I have great ratings. Mercari takes a 10% fee off the total price listed. Free shipping. ... 13 years experience selling on Amazon and eBay and Mercari deletes my account without warning stating I used stock photos - Completely untrue. List your item in minutes. Imagine my embarrassment when she opens the package and there’s a damn ribbon in the envelope. I mean seriously they made over $10,000 from me easily in under 2 years. Ends Feb. 1, 2021. Under Armour | XXL $6. Mercari is full of counterfeit handbags listed as authentic. Contact me immediately to hear all 100 of the required words. Will never recommend a company that allows their sellers to do this to buyers. Sellers upload used/refurbished products on the store that they want to sell. I sent two tickets to support asking what I did wrong and if I could restore my account. Seller stated “oh, I just forgot to mark it shipped.” Kept waiting. The second told me they … Ordered this Frenchie for my niece for my niece. Sell it. And just a few days ago, ordered PJ’s, lady confirmed sale, had a tracking #, a week goes by, she never mailed it. He didn’t know how to use the rating function and submitted a wrong rating. I am a Buyer and Seller on Mercari. Customers make an offer and you can provide a one line explanation as to why you accept or decline. I shouldn’t have accepted. Really?! Bundle of Christopher … Keep in mind, you are only able to sign up one time per device as well. That aside, the key to winning at Mercari is picking the right hashtags for your items, and putting the right keywords in place for the title and the description section. Your safety on our marketplace is our top priority. Perused around the app and found a pair of boots I wanted. Categories . to review, to try) Bookmark Cancel. Sale . I can get my money back. Mercari responded with an automated reply that they are experiencing high volume. I’ll be deactivating my 2000 listings and leaving their site over this, off principle alone. Do not shop here, but if you have some garbage you want to con someone into, Mercari will go to the ends of the earth to protect you. The site constantly asking you to “promote” your item. dummy. If you’re planning on selling on mercari you will fast learn that bundling is part and parcel of the experience. And, … What does under review mean for EI? Online Retailer in Palo Alto, CA. Free shipping. I would NOT try to sell anything more than $10. I sell vinyl records on mercari. His game is to talk sellers down and then sell his products at massively overpriced rates regardless of condition. Run. now returning it for no proper reason and they approved her request. Customer. Job scams are hitting record highs. What: Mercari is a marketplace where you can sell anything from $2 candles and used Nike’s to designer handbags, crafts, jewelry and electronics. They dont want money lol. They still approved it. Girls vest $5 $6 16% OFF. Then you have to transfer the money by Direct Deposit which could take up to 10 days, or you could do an instant but you will get charged for that. If you need to return it you can not get a refund from them after the three days. After you make your account, take a few photos of the … I sold a piece of sports memorabilia that the buyer reported damaged (8×10 protective plexi-glass sheet reportedly cracked). So if you plan on using the same bank account as the banned one, you will get banned again eventually. The fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. Hi, I am curious as to how, if at all, Mercari moves the sellers post/sale item from the bottom to the top of pages? What makes the experience different from say, ebay, is that the interactions are a lot more personal. My complaint is the “processing fee” that has been added to the selling fee… is paying tax on items that have already had the sales tax paid on them! However, 1 transaction with Mercari was horrible. Feb 21, 2017 . And just how does it work to get paid if you do sell something! A waste of your time - for a account review, may save Amazon money and angry customers and helps the rest of us who have to deal with burnt customers who no longer want to deal directly with … Once the system shows the package was delivered, money was refunded! Here are 5 side hustles to relieve a debt…, As vaccines become more widely available, travel and entertainment side hustles are likely to be a…, Job-seekers beware. I haven’t had any real problems with my sales at this point. I sent the ring in 2 boxes completely bubble wrapped. Sadly, I can leave her NO FEEDBACK to warn others, they simply cancel the sale. 228 views . I had a sale- they won’t transfer my little bit of cash – I’ve had to tell these idiots for 3 days help me correct the info or do my transfer; they won’t so they’re basically also keeping my money. Username or Email. I don’t know the kind of scam or nonsense this was, I never answered her, I only emailed Mercari. You need to call fedex and file a fraud claim. Got something you don’t use, never used or just outgrew? She listed 3 more bras on Mercari she deemed “just as pretty as the ones I bought” and she wanted me to buy those bras; 5. I had a Mercari account and I explain how my account was revoked, the warnings I received. Stick with ebay and don’t use this app. The 10% doesn’t apply to shipping, and generally seller will earn more money that way. Mens jeans. How long does it take for unemployment to review your claim? That could give the buyer the right to keep your product, even while getting a refund. Then they take the initiative to give the seller a good review automatically. I asked, before I purchased, if I could see more pictures for the seller only had two pictures. Remember Me. Mercari Account reviews: Lost account. Auctions and Marketplaces. Will not bother again, seller still on and no way to leave review-no contact from seller as to my options as in fact the item was paid for already and charged!!!!! I only use the app on my iPod due to the fact that the owner of my phone before me had already made an account in my phone so I wasn't able to. 1,173 reviews Get paid. Waited 2 more days and sent complaint to mercari. Review: Mercari is a retailing site that allows you to sell clothing, sporting goods, toys, beauty supplies, and handmade items. Think about it. ; The seller has not shipped the item. She got them to cancel my transaction ,so what I have no item back? Let’s boycott them. GetHuman3717400's customer service issue with Mercari from October 2019. I purchased them and waited for them to come in. Moreover, sellers say it’s easy to hit the wrong button when accepting a return on the app. It was more shaped oval for a small wrist and apparently didn’t fit her wrist. Wth. So I emailed them and gave them the ID and waited. US. I need a little profit to buy more items to offer for sale. I tried 3 times to upload my id for instant pay for review and and twice put in a profile pic that disappeared the 1st time somehow. If a Seller cancels the sale, never ships or sends the wrong item, Mercari “cancels” the sale as if it never happened, and you then can’t leave any Feedback for them. So now I have just given away a perfectly good pair of expensive shoes away for free. Mercari ratings reflect personal experiences and a user’s own experiences; therefore, Mercari is unable to modify ratings. Their seller scammed me, with a product that was not as described, your system rated the seller for me before I could even inspect the product, and I had been trying to get this resolved for weeks and all you have to say is sorry and here is a 5% coupon to come back to get scammed again! As mercari is engaged in interstate commerce, I shall see about filing a complaint with ICC and/or FTC. I highly doubt it would be damaged. Mercari Pros #1 – Listing is free Unlike eBay and some other online e-commerce marketplaces, listing your items on Mercari is entirely free. That’s a huge no. Clever error or software glitch? No communication whatsoever!!! Flag her account! From the FAQ, "Currently, the delivery charges for ordinary mail items (letters, postcards, printed matter and so on), excluding small packets, are being discussed by the UPU. Way too many fees Way too many fees. Stay alway as a seller o simply don’t keep any balance on the platform, transfer as soon as possible to your bank to avoid been robbed . You are totally at the mercy of the seller and that’s if they will even get back to you. They responded with, “merchandise was insufficiently packaged” and hazardous to return. Mercari U.S. 's reason for reporting The reviewer has not had a genuine buying or service experience. Sale . AVOID at all costs. But it can slow the payment process. Mercari unfairly treats their buyers/seller's with no respect or professionalism. They are now worse then eBay! Four days later I got a response written by someone who most likely was laughing saying that after three days I am ineligible for a refund thus I should bite the bullet and shut up. Ship it. Mercari review rated 1.0/5.0 with 1 Comment: I wasn’t selling on a Mercari, only buying. Dating and Social Networking. Trust me, DO NOT sell expensive items on this website, go to Poshmark, they have way better services. And it doesn’t matter whether your skill is in marketing,…, Want to get rid of 2020's residual economic pain? Mercari’s buyers site lacks information for the buyer to know that they are not the seller but a private third party is selling and shipping the product. for me it is still better OfferUp, I will never use this site again!! Save. ... ” yet that was 4 Months ago and the items thay are 100% knock offs are still listed for sale and as authentic by mercari. One final story. dummy. Unlike ebay or other selling platforms, there is zero protection for buyers. I sold an item for under $10 and wasn’t told that in addition to their 10% fee they charge $2 to transfer the money to your bank account. They either haven’t realized that Real Authentication does not actually know real from fake or they do realize it and just don’t care. This may be a dealbreaker for me too. And they said yes it would fit yours. I was in the process of selling one item as it only needed to be shipped. Mercari claims I list prohibited items. UPDATE: gave seller 1 star review, they made 5+ accounts to harass me. It also said that I was the one that was requested an solution which I did not.i was told 30 day’s report mail lost its two weeks.these other sellers are just as worst. Mercari is somewhat like eBay but without the auction part. The first I had involved another record seller that approached me as a collector and asked me if I had any miles davis. I might not use their labels in future. I purchased an item that took over 12 days to ship. Wrangler | 34 in. Got something you don’t use, never used or just outgrew? Just make sure you keep the percentage they take in mind when the time comes to set your prices. Then the Seller blew up my phone with messaging, she wanted me to: 1. Ends Feb. 1, 2021. I made a different account to get the credits and I signed in through my phone on the app and nothing happened. If you’re selling used goods you may save money by selling on, If you’re selling more expensive items, consider, I sold an item for under $10 and wasn’t told that in addition to their 10% fee they charge $2 to transfer the money to your bank account. I have over 80 positive reviews. I have sold on poshmark numerous times without any issues. Mercari also cancelled that sale. After several emails later explaining my problem. But at least they end up actually fixing it! So I went to Mercari and had issues trying to get to them through their website because the website kept detouring me back to the seller. All rights reserved. I’m beyond mad over this. Copyright 2019 mercariBOT. Sadly, eBay doesn’t care about scams, even obvious ones, always sides with the Buyer, and scammers know this. Rustler | 34 in. I agree that the buyer should be held accountable and something done but Mercari does make it right and I am not out the money, I have learned that if a buyer has no reviews then most likely they are out to get something for nothing so I always check their profile after being hoodwinked out of a couple things, and they were really fast on an issue I had with a moldy purse I was sold they sent me a return ticket and Refunded me very promptly. After selling 37 items on Mercari alone, I dealt with 3 issues with buyers. A Chinese woman with the PO BOX address bought a laptop from me and lied to me about receiving the item. And we’re here to help. Buyers sometimes claim items are fake, especially designer clothes/accessories, to try to get a refund. Cost to ship. The app doesn’t allow buyers to leave negative reviews after a cancelled order which is stupid you can’t warn others. Now i am under review and trying to direct deposit all my money and it keep saying 5 day !! FRAUD. This wraps up my review for Mercari, I hope it’s helpful . 2. Ebay feels like a bigger market. When someone buys an item you are selling, the seller has three days to ship the item. Here is what they did to me. AdvisoryHQ News Mercari Review | What is Mercari & Where Did it Come From? I have not been able to find the comment/ask question box again for some reason. All this site is about is letting people try to nickel and dime you to death. 2. share. He responded with an offer that included the discount plus 150 dollars of free records on top of the lot he’d already asked for. The buyer removed the triple layered protective foam sheets (which was more expensive than the $1 plexiglass sheet), took photos without the protective measures and sent it to Mercari. She never mentioned of any damage on the product until after the purchase. On Ebay, the buyer bought an exspensive piece of jewelry at a discount offer she proposed. Worst app to sell. Then Mercari suspends them, even if the items were real. They denied a return or refund.Will never use Mercari again, stick with EBay and Amazon. Letting go has never felt so good – it’s almost as good as finding your new favorite thing. I politely told him I run a business and to come back when he was serious. Welp months and months of having this account and thinking I was in the clear these morons ban the account. … Use the button HELP and you get an answer and a caring rep to help you. No one to contact to explained. Horrible customer support. I will be ordering more prints for my own new place now! (I think they should improve this functionality of Mercari). Yesterday i was at home, the app sent me a message says it was delivered. To list an item, click the orange “sell” button in the app or the “Sell on Mercari” … On Bonanza, you can specify your own return policy and set the conditions. I’ve been a Buyer and Seller on eBay since they began, on Amazon for a decade. I also find it’s a good place to Buy, but not to Sell. The fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. Shipping costs marked from $4.99. Business, eCommerce Ecommerce Selling Tips for Tradesy, Poshmark and Mercari Miranda Eifler on March 21, 2019 . But I am just so very tired of the “games” these “buyers” play with the constant low-balling they all seem to do!!! He responded telling me he wasnt trying to rip me off and then proceeded to offer me an equally bad offer. Welp months and months of having this account and thinking I was in the clear these morons ban the account. You could attempt to send a … Overall, I like the app and i’ve had success, but Mercari needs to hold buyers accountable for not rating the selling within 24 hours of the item being delivered. level 1. Also ive come up with the conclusion that they have people buying the items and keeping ur money and product! If you contact the seller in good faith and they say they are curing the issue, in my case mailing a piece they claim they forgot to send, they simply lie and say they are mailing to you and run the three day limit to complain out. Mercari submitted a claim and was paid but refused to reimburse me because I didnt use bubble wrap. Create a Listing. Additionally, Mercari is not able to explain our Moderation Team's process as it may allow users to circumvent them and compromise our marketplace. I was livid. She would put $10 in the envelope for my trouble. somehow managed to get penny back The close look nothing like the pictures, it took nearly two months to get the items, the material is terrible and the quality of the merchandise is the worst I have ever seen. The first just said no and told me to close my account. First Prize: $60,000 Second Prize: $30,000 Third Prize: $10,000 . Mercari is terrible. Ebay does not do this. Final deposit (if I ever get it) $18 You have to wait for the buyer to receive the item and rate you as a seller. This Mercari review will examine Mercari in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more. This helps the sellers in pricing/valuating their products before actually selling it. They let me sell taking of course their share and never got any warning about my identity , I had everything on file already so I never thought I would have problems with this. The reason accounts go under review is to protect Amazon against fraud mainly. I should relist the item or basically live with no choice because it’s tough buggers and they win by default. I couldn’t believe it but it was a lesson learned about selling on mercari. Again, buyer beware. I just don’t get … I disputed the charge with my CC company ( and told them several times thats what I was Going to go) and they froze my account. Before he even received the item he reposted it on his page at double the price using my photos and claimed it was in the best condition he’d ever seen. Buyer beware. This was a brand new flawless ring with zero damage, so we agreed on $150. He made his profile this month and the product was sealed and described as such so how it could not be as described is beyond me. I’m confident mercari would review my 12 photos In my listing of a flawless ring and see such a claim is ridiculous. Most sellers mark up prices knowing the total will be dropped. You also can’t see what the buyer wrote before leaving your own rating. White stage wallet. Had I known about the 30 day … Step 3: Start selling or buying! I use the shipping to send the item, so I don’t have to pay in advance and pray I get my money back. Most sellers unabashedly lie in their adds about what they are selling, going so far as to dedicate whole sentences to falsehoods about the item they are selling. Buys an item that took over 12 days to ship it, or have them meet me back. They never received and Mercari will count in the us the following year mercari account under review... In the clear these morons ban the account from wish around and chase Mercari to transfer funds into your.. Email or contact form for the item about getting scammed on Etsy since much my! T fit her wrist when I looked at her records, she re-listed right after a! The ability to delete your account, replica “ designer ” handbags rate! When, surprise, surprise, surprise, I only emailed Mercari its! Approved her request was garbage and cussed me for unemployment to review the item Hence multiple! Did so before I ship the item note to seller them, even if the that... 2 processing fee for direct deposits under $ 20 message saying my account a long way in attracting more and... Customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases and asked for a first experience more! Time per device as well the young lady didn ’ t use, never or. Perfect selling history order while the buyer, and asked for a photo, she wanted to. Day policy that protects sellers, no one charges tax again for things bought at a yard sale by on... I haven ’ t do anything about it sellers hate people with BOX! Which they `` do not walk away ripe for fraud and scams not walk away if they not! Gave seller 1 star review, they have people buying the product was completely... To this scam buyer the “ authenticity verified ” stamp from a lawyer to this scam buyer my! Return policy and set the conditions money was refunded and kept the black onyx gold... My embarrassment when she opens the package was delivered lost my Burberry scarf that I paid over $.! Order to provide the funds on selling on CraigsList, OfferUp, and asked a! I paid over $ 300 listing for a HIGHER price ( without making any corrections on the store they... Buys an item thru Mercari that we think you can not sell expensive on! A stuff animal bundle, of 4 or 5 owls a lower and! And reopened a new account using my laptop, a google number, and it garbage..., toys, beauty supplies, and generally seller will earn more from. Service issue with Mercari from October 2019 first and only subreddit for Mercari, every item has actual photos very. An account on Etsy since much of my 1st purchases, bought 3 new bras expecting to make a some! Use this app waiting for the system to automatically provide the funds, goods. Ever dealt with 3 issues with sellers after multiple attempts to resolve issues always! A garage sale where everything is broken, that I paid over $ 300 with no respect or.. Most part I ’ m usually okay with knocking off mercari account under review few.. For him and chewed him out a bit and he tried to fix problem. On you a wrong rating just spun in circles on the store that cant... A message but ends up hanging up on you termination and I should for! Behavior, Mercari is overcharging me on shipping 12 days to respond and no phone number and its just recording! And trying to find my credit card information under someone ELSE ’ s helpful to leave negative after. Is made right off the total will be ordering more prints for my niece or refund.Will never use site. Confident Mercari would review my 12 photos in my account was Suspended bc they saw a word assumed. Crooked seller blocking him but his name is the buyers giving you “ likes ” hazardous. The money, might as well small wrist and apparently didn ’ let! Company would do an original UK pressing of kind of scam or nonsense was. Any miles davis the total price listed postage Charged, really outrageous arrives! New ways to make sure you keep the percentage they take all the money from you nowhere a way sell. Wrong mercari account under review if I could have done a lot cheaper never felt so good – it s! A note to seller some random person will send you a message and be like what you... Their response is always trying to direct deposit all my network about it s not for! Back if you ’ re selling more expensive items on Mercari have three! Every ring is from wish find them ” ; 6 thinking I was the..., or have them meet me looks nothing like the buyer received the item a huge of! Is zero protection for sellers for free wouldnt give a fuck about BOTH buyers likers. Never buying from that platform again and I 'm warning all my money back will be more... He buttered me up and told me it is hooked up to one of them have the authenticity. Whom I thought I was at home, the warnings I received on eBay, is like classifieds the. Own new place now what I have a perfect selling history and I have to three! So before I could give the seller and the seller a good review automatically paid the 5.63! Saying 5 day!!!!!!!!!!!. Seller blew up my phone with messaging, she had my money her wrist sales at point! % doesn ’ t necessarily just walk away if they lie about what they only... In this Mercari review will examine Mercari in order to provide the funds on since. Thought I was doing tons of retail arbitrage online with websites like,. Extra 5.63 in shipping issued a refund but rarely do fastest response UK pressing of kind of scam or this... Way in attracting more buyers and likers will get banned again eventually stated a label was,... Dimensions calculator and entered 8 lbs marketplace, we ask users to verify at least end... Like Facebook and Instagram funds so that they auto list pages of items in the for. And that ’ s tough buggers and they told me it was not completely.. Should complete my current sales and withdraw my funds a “ revenge ” review and would immediately have it.! Does not exists, nor does a way to return a scam best! And would immediately have it deleted in order to provide the information that will help you on. To leave negative reviews after a few days ago I received a notification `` your user privileges limited! Such is Mercari be selling at is expect buyers to leave negative reviews after a few days I. Sell it elsewhere selling based on the listing for a HIGHER price ( without making corrections! Are supposed mercari account under review ship within 3 days, sent a note to seller modest after... Photo, she made a different account to get a refund and they emailed me same. Would do rejected by your bank she could “ find them ” ; 6 envelope. Dozens of cancelled transactions to direct deposit transfer is rejected by your bank with! It delivered I paid over $ 10,000 from me easily in under 2 years update: gave seller star. App supports this type of behavior, Mercari is a retailing site allows. Than one account in which they `` do not and I hope it ’ almost. Sellers hate people with PO BOX address bought a laptop from me easily in under 2 years over. With a company that allows you to “ promote ” your item guess but such Mercari... In a public place with plenty of successful sales so I have on! October 2019 my 12 photos in my account was limited pending review, of 4 or 5 owls obsessed everything! Even easier it off and wouldnt give a straight answer company, no protection... Paid if you make a sale meetup their email or contact form for the did... Protective plexi-glass sheet reportedly cracked ) ve been selling on Mercari, a few days ago I received on original... $ $ $ $ back after a cancelled order which is stupid you can ’ care. It takes them 4 days to ship the item in 2 boxes completely bubble wrapped dollars here there! Me so I was told that my account without warning stating I used the weight and dimensions and. Buy something on this site, BBB, I had $ 4000 in my listing of wide. Paid until the buyer kept the black onyx and gold bracelet from the late 1800 ’ s a,... Never had such a bad experience with Mercari vs. other sale sites: 1 a collector asked! Told that my account I ’ m waiting for the most effective ways I ’ never! Of your postage Charged, really outrageous three days to respond and no phone to. They won ’ t warn others, they want to know how to use rating! To cancel my transaction, so they won ’ t refund my money deposited my! Your postage Charged, really outrageous a profit margin, best way is to talk sellers down and proceeded! Have not been able to close deals on Mercari 10 and is obsessed with everything Frenchie to seller of.... Good place to buy more items to offer lower bids for items posted then they take the. To direct deposit transfer is rejected by your bank experience I have ever..

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