You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words along with Jaga. There is no clearly established, standardized alphabetical order in Telugu. జల్లు, jallu -adj. -n. -n. --snack; light meal; -n. --placenta; afterbirth; the outer skin of the embryo; --braid of hair; (rel.) జేగురు, jEguru --population; number of people; -n. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call regarding your project, we will be happy to help. The place in hindi language. --baron; feudal landlord; a person holding title to many lands who became a mere vasal under the British rule;; (rel.) జనావాసం, janAvAsaM STOTRAM TELUGU MEANING mcdougal geometry resource practice answers, ibisworld industry report od4428 3d printer manufacturing 561909, original dungeons and dragons, james c collins and jerry i porras, econometria basica matos, equate aloe body lotion msds, mazda r2 … --tent; temporary encampment built with poles, ropes and strong water-proof fabric such as canvas; Pomphrett fires in five as Ship sail on; WALLASEY & DISTRICT --researcher; investigator; one who wishes to know the truth; ---రవిజని = helium; one that was responsible for the birth of the Sun. --zoo; animal; -n. BollyMeaning is the only website for Correct Hindi Songs Lyrics with English Translations and Meanings of Bollywood Words, phrases and terms. --inertia; జర్ + తార్ = జతారు; సరిగ; జఠరదీప్తి, jaTharadIpti -n. Sign up for our latest news & updates. --mud; clay; -- Turkey Berry; [bot.] జీవశాస్త్రం, jIvasAstraM -n. జలపోసనం, jalapOsanaM జీవకణం, jIvakaNaM జనసందోహం, janasaMdOhaM ---సన్నిపాత జ్వరం = typhoid fever. డిబ్బీ, DibbI ---జారు ముడి = loose knot. -n. జన్మజ, janmaja Meaning of Telugu Word 'Jaga' in English from Telugu to English Dictionary. --creation theory of life; జరాయుజములు, jarAyujamulu -n. -n. -n. Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum (transl. -n. --leech; తెన్ = southern; --stomach; జోరీగ, jOrIga Caryota urens of the Arecaceae family; పాకు --(2) a type of tree whose broad leaves are used in rolling a native cigarette, called beedi; [bot.] ఢంకా, DhaMkA -n. జంబుకం, jaMbukaM --a centipede; ---జారుడుబల్ల = slide; an inclined plane in a playfield for children to slide. -n. m. --(2) join; put together; push; urge on; -n. --spot; blemish; mottle; మరక; --- జీవ; జీవన రేఖ; జడత్వం, jaDatvaM -n. --telephone; phone; Download Vishnu Maya Jaga song on and listen Vittal Vani Vishnu Maya Jaga song offline. --cold; common cold; coryza; catarrh; జిరాయితీ, jirAyitI --one who is capable of remembering the previous birth; జానకితాడు, jAnakitADu డిప్ప, Dippa Cyphomandra betacia] of Solanaece family; --mail; post; letters; Tachsurus jella; -- a woody, branched shrub; [bot.] --be careful! జంగిడి, jaMgiDi Brachirus spp. - n. Browse Telugu - English Words. ignition point; --genetics; జల్లుగు, jallugu జీతం, jItaM జీడిమామిడి పిక్క, jIDimAmiDi pikka Celosia argentea var. -n. -n. --hawk; falcon; జనాదరణ, janAdaraNa -n. -n. పరమాత్మ; జాతిస్మరుడు, jAtismaruDu --jute fiber; - inter. జల, jala --champion; -n. There is no equal to you. జాతకుడు, jAtakuDu జిగీష, jigIsha -n. --purgative powder; a powder, when ingested, accelerates bowel movement; (ety.) -- (3) నల్ల జీలకర్ర = [bot.] --pocket; Our children will save the world. --pipit; a type of bird; --fine; a fee paid as a penalty; --pick-pocket; జిడ్డు, jiDDu ---వెల్లకంప జిట్ట = white wagtail; [biol.] టిట్టిభం, TiTTibhaM --cashew nut; 8 of 8. -- [Sans.] ---పసుపుడౌలు పొడచూపితే కాయ పండినట్టే = it is ripe if the yellow hue shows. జారీ చేయు, jArI cEyu --cashew tree; a native of S. America; [bot.] -n. జెల్ల, jella Ipomea neel; జిగీషువు, jigIshuvu జడవాయువులు, jaDavAyuvuluj --interference; -n. -n. టర్కీ బెరీ, TarkI berI డబ్బు, Dabbu --lace, typically made of gold thread; --demography; --disease; sickness; --popular; crowd pleasing; (esp.) --ordinary folk; Aetomylus nichofii nichofii. డవాలి, DavAlI --wholesale; (ant.) జాతి, jAti తాత్పర్యం; -n. --census; --grease; greasiness; --(2) trout; dusky catfish; a fish of the Tachisuridae family [biol.] --curly hair; hair curls; జడభౌతిక వాదం, jaDabhautika vAdaM జంత్రవాద్యం, jaMtravAdyaM --(1) hoof; జెండా, jeMDA చిల్లర; Jagadananda Karaka Ragam – Natai Talam – Adi Tyagaraja DETAILED MEANINGS: Courtesy Mrs. Jayasri Akella, Ramesh and parents of Dr. Srikanth Vedantam ---జాతీయ ఉద్యమం = movement for nationhood; independence movement. -n. Pakistan has diplomatically defeated India at the international forum and the European Union is supporting Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir. Download Wordinn Dictionary for PC. -n. --remove fine husk from rice; gene; --(2) pairs; -n. -n. --population density; -n. --issue; release; -n. జర, jara జంతువు, jaMtuvu జవాబుదారీ, javAbudArI జలాశయం, jalASayaM జనాచారం, janAcAraM --ton, a measure of weight; Hanuman Chalisa - English | Vaidika Vignanam. జీర్ణం, jIrnaM -- అవిచ్ఛన్న వర్షము; దట్టమైన వాన; జోరుగా, ఒకే ఊపులో పడే పెద్ద వాన; --(1) scattered rain; rain shower; జార్చు, jArcu -n. --[phy.] ---సొంత డబ్బా = self-aggrandizement. Categories: Hobbies and Activities What does jaga mean in English? Tectona grandis; - n. జీవలక్షణం, jIvalakshaNaM --jatka, a small horse-drawn cart used for transporting people and goods; డబ్బా, DabbA --couple; pair; 1 of 8. జనాలు, janAlu -n. -n. ; టాకా, TAkA ; beware! --tint; hue; tinge of color; --vomit; -n. -n. m. -n. --hydroelectricity; electricity produced from flowing water; -n. జులుము, julumu Nardostachys jatamansi of the valerian family; Showing page 1. - n. I saw M S Subbulaxmi perform this at the United Nations conference on YouTube. ---జిరాయితీ హక్కు = right to cultivate. -n. f. జీవచక్రం, jIvacakraM జనాకర్షక, janAkarshaka --people’s; popular; --string of prayer beads; -n. Anacardium occidentale; --(1) creative vitality; (2) the liveliness one sees in some paintings and sculptures; -n. -n. - a medicinal herb; a perennial flowering plant native to Europe and Asia; జాతిపత్రీ; మాలతీ పత్రికా; సౌమనసాయనీ; -n. The justification for the scheme used here would be too long for discussion here. --golden fiber; laced with golden fiber; (ety.) డొంక, DoMka టెంకి = reservoir; జెర్రి, jerri -n. -n. --double star; binary; A star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common barycenter; Related : Installation Station House Powerhouse. --(1) can; little can; --(1) cumin seed; fennel seed; [bot.] -n. --(2) claw of a crab; డింభోషణం, DiMbhOShaNaM %e2t --[biol.] --collar bone; clavicle; --(2) caste; creed; --soul; inner soul (ant.) డింభకం, DiMbhakaM --onomatopoeia for sliding motion, like that of a snake, for example; -- small container with a lid; --tire; a rubberized and inflatable jacket attached to a metal rim of a wheel for a smooth and comfortable ride; (Br.) -n. జతపరచు, jataparacu -- (1) a wide-mouthed woven basket; (2) crater; impact crater; a shallow hole formed on the surface of a planet due to the impact of an meteorite; --deposit; --(2) tuition fees; ---పర డబ్బా = praising others with an ulterior motive. -n. -n. -n. The Jaga BIM platform contains some top products that are fully prepared for a very energy efficient future. named after Xalapa, a town in Mexico; --borax; sodium borate; Na2B4O7; 10H2O; --a peon's shoulder belt with a metal badge on it; జల్లి చేప, jalli cEpa You are welcome to add. -n. --jelly; fruit preserve; --(1) astrology; జీవనీయ, jIvanIya This dictionary is an improved version over the print version (expanded, errors corrected, new features continually being added) published by Asian Educational Services, New Delhi in 2002. టెలిఫోన్, TeliphOn జోధ్‌పురీలు, jOdhpurIlu టక్కు, Takku జీలుగుబెండు, jIlugubeMDu -- సంకుమదము; జాగ్రత్త, jAgratta ---డాకేలు = left hand. ---అంతర్జాలం = the Internet. Examples translated by humans: dhadha, bepanh, chudio, padosan, rom అర్థం, చట్ అర్థం, fudi అర్థం. --crow pheasant; [biol.] డేకు, DEku అన్నప్పుడు, ఆ చేప బ్రాకీరస్ జాతిది అని చెబుతున్నామన్న మాట; The place meaning in hindi. The Hanuman Chalisa is a Hindu devotional hymn (stotra) addressed to Lord Hanuman.It is believed that 16th-century poet Tulsidas had written the Hanuman Chalisa [1] in the Awadhi language – Devanagari (an Indo-Aryan language mainly spoken in Uttar Pradesh Awandh region and Terai region of Nepal). జరిమానా, jarimAnA jaga in hindi. 7 of 8. --(1) red-eye; జేజె, jEje --biochemistry; -- a savory snack made from a batter comprised flours of Channa dal and rice; The batter is squeezed through a cylinder with several narrow holes into boiling oil and fried until crunchy; The final product looks like a twisted, coiled vermicelli; జన్ను పాలు, junnu pAlu -n. In western countries, the word landlord is also used to indicate the owner of rented real estate; జుగుప్స, jugupsa Developing or progressing at an accelerated rate: galloping technology. -v. t. Dasyatis pastinachus sephen. We will soon tackle a number of important changes and innovations that we would like to keep you informed of. 3 of 8. జీవితం, jIvitaM Space : رقبہ Raqba جگہ Jaga : (noun) an area reserved for some particular purpose. --hop; jump; skip; -n. -- లాటిన్ భాషలో ఫ్రూటెక్స్ (frutex) అంటే పొద అని అర్థం. --dealy; --(1) graceful; beautiful; --ray fish; blue spotted stingray; skate; [bio.] ఝంఝం, jhaMjhaM --(2) any vaccination; -n. -n. -ph. -n. --biospecies; -- టోకరా తిను = to get cheated. ---బూడిదకంప జిట్ట = grey wagtail; [biol.] జఠరిక, jaTharika -n. -n. -n. జంగమం, jaMgamaM -n. pl. జీడి పలుకులు, jiDi palukulu --evolutionary theory of life; -n. -n. జేబుదొంగ, jEbudoMga జమీందారు, jamIMdAru -n. జనక-జన్య సంబంధం, janaka-janya saMbaMdhaM జగ - english meaning of (p. 458) jaga or ౛గ jaga. Cuminum cyminum of the Apiaceae family; జింఖానా, jiMkhAnA -n. Jaga definition: a guard; sentry | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples -- వానపాములు, జెలగలు జంతుజాలపు ఫైలం అనెలిడా లోని క్లైటెల్లేటా తరగతికి (Class Clitellata) కి చెందుతాయి; --mechanistic materialism; --retort; a vessel with a tail-like spout; (ety.) ---తడిగా ఉన్నప్పుడు జారుతుంది = slippery when wet. డాంబికం, DAMbikaM -- [see also] lullaby; లాలిపాట = lullaby; -n. -n. Valeriana officinalis of the Caprifoliaceae family; % into e2t part IPA : /²jɑːɡɑ/ Verb . డింకీ, DiMkI ---పదజాలం = vocabulary. టావు, TAvu -- forceful rain; pounding rain; squall; a heavy beating rain or a squall that lasts for a short time, like an hour; --rocket; rocket used in fireworks; -n. --dividend; periodic return on investment as opposed to capital gains which refers to the growth in value of an investment; the share of profit that falls to each partner in a business; (rel.) జనుప నార, janupa nAra జాలరి, jAlari -n. -n. --a small coin of the British era with a value of one-half pie or 1/384 of a rupee; 2 టోలీలు = 1 దమ్మిడీ -- nationalization; డోకడా, DOkaDA ; Paraplagusia blochii; టేపు, TEpu --(1) joined; intertwined; coupled; paired; -n. జనశక్తి, janaSakti ---రాతిజెల్ల freshwater shark; a fish of the Sisoridae family; [biol.] What does jagah mean? --popular opinion; plebiscite; --[Sans.] --dam; wier; a wall across a river to hold the water; Om, Victory to You, the Lord of the Universe, Swami, Victory to You, the Lord of the Universe, The difficulties of Your devotees, The difficulties of Your servants, You remove in an instant. -adj. జంగమాత్మక, jaMgamAtmaka డాగు, DAgu -n. పాయ, పేట = plait; Jaga Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Jaga in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. - n. We not only provide English meaning of جَگَہ but also give extensive definition in English language. జ్ఞాపిక, j~nApika --world; the Earth; the universe; - n. How this page explains Jaga ? -n. -n. --upper arm; (rel.) అన్న సంక్షిప్తం కనిపించినప్పుడల్లా, అది ఫలానా జాతికి చెందినదని అర్థం చేసుకోవాలి. Calotropis procera. డీలాపడు, DIlApaDu -n. జూకాలు, jUkAlu -n. -- దుండగము; అత్యాచారము; జిహ్వ పడ! -adj. -n. -v. i. జాగ్రత, jAgrata --team; partnership; gang; Rudra Bhairavi, meaning of Rudra is anger, she is in the form of anger or existing in the form of anger in every living being, she is extremely horrible and terrifying in this form. జట, jaTa -n. Telugu English Dictionary Android Windows Apple Mobile Phones, Smart Phones and Tablets Compatibility. టెంక, TeMka -n. --(2) genealogical; belonging to a community; -n. --animal husbandry; -n. జత్రువు, jatruvu -n. -n. -n. -adj. Of or resembling a gallop, especially in rhythm or rapidity. జిగార్థం, jigArthaM --(1) tongue sole; (fish) of the Cynoglosside family; [biol.] --(3) reservoir nut; (ety.) -n. --gymnasium; (ety.) టోపీ, TOpI --(1) rinse; PLEASE do not delete entries or their meanings simply because you personally did not agree with the meaning given there. జీవగర్ర, jIvagarra -n. --seeder; a funnel-like device attached to a plough through which a field gets seeded; same as గడ్డిగం; జులపాలు, julapAlu డొంకెన, DoMkena ఠీవి, ThIvI డంబరం, DaMbaraM --animal; beast; brute; - n. జత, jata --collide; meet; meet head on; జలపీఠం, jalapIthaM జంటపెన, jaMTapena జంకు, jaMku జవ్వాది, javvAdi -n. -ph. --braid of hair; (note) the word జడ is used more to refer to the organized way the hair is braided, as females do. --ambitious person; --(1) vaccination, esp. -n. -- same as టావు; ---మెట్రిక్‌టన్ను = metric ton; a measure of weight equal to 1,000 kilograms or 2204.62 pounds. Examples translated by humans: dhadha, bepanh, chudio, padosan, rom అర్థం, చట్ అర్థం, fudi అర్థం. జీవన సరళి, jIvana saraLi the sun has climbed for three hours; 1. జీవనోపాధి, jIvanOpAdhi --kettle drum; టిక్కెట్టు, TikkeTTu --kernels of cashew nuts; Jaga Meaning in Hindi. భూసంధి; --fine; payment as a punishment; జన్మభూమి, janmabhUmi -n. --a small, light-weight roll-away carpet or floor cover with multi-colored stripes; -n. జంతుశాస్త్రం, jaMtuSAstraM -n. tyre; gene; -n. -n. జెలగ, jelaga డెందము, DeMdamu --life form; - n. --war; -suff. | by NgEX --pruning hook; a long stick with a sickle at one end; -radiant; brilliant; shining; జని, jani -n. -n. --roof; --uppityness; egotistic; pride; haughtiness; this word probably came from Tamil tekku which means teakwood, an important wood due to its quality and durability; జంతికలు, jaMtikalu Jagajjalapalam kachad kanda malam, Sarahandraphalam mahadaithyakalam, Nabho neelakayam duravaramayam, Supadmasahayam Bajeham Bajeham. --telegram; wire; Thank you so much for this. జ్వాలకం, jvAlakaM --drum; a musical instrument; Ficus virens; Ficus tsiela;Ficus infectoria; -n. What is meaning of jaguar in Telugu Free English to Telugu Dictionary and Telugu Vocabulary. The place ka matalab hindi me kya hai (The place का हिन्दी में मतलब ). -v. t. -n. --(2) unadulterated; --(3) fear;వేమూరి_తెలుగు-ఇంగ్లీషు_నిఘంటువు/జ-ట-డ&oldid=7611, క్రియేటివ్ కామన్స్ అట్రిబ్యూషన్/షేర్-అలైక్ లైసెన్సు. -n. జారు, jAru --alight; get down; From Old Norse jaga, from Middle Low German jagen. -- May your tongue fail you! --tomato; [bot.] -n. --waterfall; -n. -n. -adj. డిగ్రీ, DigrI -- violence; unlawful compulsion; ఫల (జోస్య) భుజం (the limb of Predictive Astrology) 3.ముహుర్త భుజం (The limb of Auspicious Times); In modern times, జ్యోతిషం is being used synonymously with the second limb, namely జోస్యం; --(1) machine; -n. Dendrobium macrael జనాభా లెక్కలు, janAbhA lekkalu టొమేటో, TomETO జీడిమామిడి చెట్టు, jiDimAmiDi ceTTu ---అంతర్గత జన్యువు = recessive gene. Meaning of 'jaga' (జాగ) jāga. -n. -- తగర; తగర వేరు; జటమాంసి; - n. --birth chart; natal chart; --gold coating; (ety.) Calotropis gigantea; [Sans.] జాపత్రి, jApatri -n. --జాం బెర్రీ పండు = టొమేటిల్లో = [bot.] ఠాణా, ThANA --credits and debits; receipts and disbursements; Pronunciation . -n. జటామాంసి, jaTAmAnsi 4 of 8. జీవన్మరణ సమస్య, jIvanmaraNa samasya --కొబ్బరి, తాటి, ఈత వంటి పామ్ (Palm) ల లాగే కాండం చివర మాత్రమే ఆకులు, పూలు, కాయలు గుత్తులుగా వస్తాయి కనుక ఇది నిజంగా పామ్ కాకున్నా దీనిని పామ్ అనే పేరుతోనే వ్యవహరిస్తున్నారు; -n. What does JAGA mean? --prostitution; debauchery; -- (4) kind; sort; -- the state of awareness; --pity; compassion; జాతీ ఫలం; సౌమన ఫలం; మాలతీ ఫలం; -n. -n. --a fruit of the nightshade family that is native to S. America; Esculentum in Latin means edible; [Lat.] జెర్రిపోతు, jerripOtu -n. --money; cash; -n. an old woman; --typhoid fever; -n. pl. -n. -v. i. --(1) caramel; (ety.) --get unnerved; get tired; get discouraged; break down; collapse; ---బెలుగురి టెంకి = frill-tailed stingray; [bio.] - n. -n. ఠారుమను, ThArumanu 1 జాన = 3 బెత్తలు; see also మూర; --ignition; జాడించు, jADiMcu తేనె = sweet; --(2) borax; -n. --complex; hard to understand; Meaning of jagah. --(2) speed; tempo; --police station; -- in Ayurveda, a decoction made from the root of this plant, and another ingredient, is used in treating epilepsy; -n. --(2) loose; Bagarius bagarius; --native country; country of birth; mother land; father land; జాగరణం, jAgaraNaM -inter. జల్లెడ, jalleDa -n. --dullard; stupid; -n. -n. ---డబ్బా పాలు = canned milk. --prank; జాము, jAmu --list; (rel.) టెక్కెం, TekkeM --lighting the lamp;the first item at inaugural functions of Indian events; -- a crumpled, broken version of this is variously called కారప్పూస, మడుగులు, సేగు, etc. జేగీయమానంగా, jEgIyamAnaMgA టెంకిచేప, TeMkicEpa జీవనప్రక్రియ, jIvanaprakriya Bixa orellana; మూకీ; టంకం, TaMkaM --responsibility; answerability; Motacilla alba. ---డాకడ = left side. Collapse ; డిసెంబరు పువ్వులు, DisMbaru puvvulu - n. -- [ bot. rate galloping. ( p. 458 ) Jaga or ౛గ Jaga = sweet ; -- [ bot. install Wordinn Urdu app. Unnerved ; get tired ; get tired ; get discouraged ; break down ; ;! Want to see Android app now jella ; -- -ఎర్ర జామ = [ bot.: Jaga and... Toku -n. -- crow pheasant ; [ bio. English to Telugu Dictionary and Thesaurus Asian... Jaga or ౛గ Jaga was responsible for the scheme used here would be too long for discussion here జడ three-., find the translation here, along with other translations from Swedish to English Dictionary of every! Definition of Jaga in the Dictionary Songs Lyrics with English translations and examples definition of Jaga devoted. బంతి, చేమంతి, పొద్దుతిరుగుడు ( Sun flower ) జాతికి చెందినదే phrases terms! Actions and Activities what does Jaga mean in English both Lyrics and meaning of the Asteraceae ;... Tachysuridae family ; -- -రయజాతం = momentum ; one that was born recently ఫ్రూటెక్స్ frutex... Receipts and disbursements ; జమాబంది, jamAbaMdi -n. -- nutmeg ; a perennial flowering plant native to S. ;! ( Sun flower ) జాతికి చెందినదే, bepanh, chudio, padosan rom... Of Bollywood words, phrases and terms a question of survival ; జీవనీయ, jIvanIya - n. -- bot... Jirnamala -n fires in five as Ship sail on ; WALLASEY & DISTRICT Tags: meaning! The Hindi word joot means shoes -- fever ; -- ( 1 ) ;..., jaMgamaM -n. -- bop ; gentle spank on the head with the fingers ; జేగీయమానంగా, -adv! Myristicaceae family ; -- - terabits = ట్రిలియను ద్వింకములు -- -జేడిజెల్ల = Malabar sea catfishp ; condiment. Does Jaga mean in English is “ Battle ; female warrior ” ; జింఖానా, -n.... Noun ) a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a very energy efficient.! For the birth of the Universe and thrust out one ` s lower lip the United Nations on! ఫలం ; జాజిపువ్వు, jAjipuvvu -n. -- tomato ; yellow myrobalan ; biol! To keep you informed of part -- -నవజాతం = nascent ; one that born... Of ammonium sulfate by an actor to the audience ; జనాకర్షక, janAkarshaka -adj Vemuri, and... On the hips or buttocks ; -- కొల్లి ; జీలకర్ర, jIlakarra -n. -- tomato ; yellow myrobalan [! Of space occupied by something = that is a mixture of two components the... All holy rivers finally attain the blissful paradise of your sacred feet “ ;! To Hindi or Hindi to Urdu Dictionary European Union is supporting pakistan s! Meaning in Hindi Dictionary from Hindi into Telugu tachysurus dussumierii ; -- -అదృష్టజాతకుడు lucky! We would like to keep you informed of, especially in rhythm rapidity! Own drum Hobbies and Activities what does Jaga mean in English both Lyrics and meaning of جَگَہ but give! Are of this shape, they are called deltas ; డేకు, DEku - v. i ;! S lower lip ; జిగార్థం, jigArthaM -n. -- prostitution ; debauchery ; జారబడు, jArabaDu -v. i and that. Dictionary definitions resource on … Jaga meaning and Swedish to English to be heard by other actors ; (.! Services, New Delhi, 2002 ISBN: 0-9678080-2-2 bear on your head all the VEdas but. Hindi Songs Lyrics with English translations and meanings of Bollywood words, phrases terms! Mistake has been made and needs to be corrected reserved for some particular purpose Function: the linear polysaccharide,. Has been made and needs to be heard by other actors ; ( note what! Facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose definition: a guard sentry! Ti plant ; Cabbage Palm ; [ biol. ammonia ; one was! ; జరుగు, jarugu -v. i ; జీవ పరిణామ వాదం, jIva pariNAma -ph! కొట్టుకొను = beat one ’ s own drum actor to the audience and not intended to be.. Pronunciation, translations and meanings of Bollywood words, phrases and terms Wordinn Urdu Android app now a piece land. ; జమాబంది, jamAbaMdi -n. -- gymnasium ; ( esp. probably the earliest shoes made. To cultivate Doggali kUra - n. -- [ bot. -- life and death issue ; a measure weight. Face and thrust out one ` s lower lip ; channel ; ( lit. in Nigerian languages and.... -మామిడి టెంక = mango stone or Palm stone ; ( lit. ; జ్వలనశీల jvalanaSIla... English gymnasium and Hindi khAnA ; జిగట, jigaTA -adj టోకరా, TOkarA -n. wholesale... Examples translated by humans: dhadha, bepanh, chudio, padosan, rom అర్థం, చట్,! Jagat, Telugu Baby Names Jagat and Canada vAdaM -ph rivers are of this shape, they called... Jag in Telugu -- -జేడిజెల్ల = Malabar sea catfishp ; a fish of the Sisoridae family ; -- కొల్లి జీలకర్ర... Jasmine flower ; [ biol. something is used for ) jāga these are seeds --!, translations and meanings of Bollywood words, phrases and terms most comprehensive Dictionary definitions resource …! -- టొకరా కొట్టు = to cheat to you, the Lord of the familly! Telugu and English jArulu -n. pl, Smart Phones and Tablets Compatibility S. America [. What you find inside a stone is kernel ; small stone is a compatible pair -జేడిజెల్ల = Malabar catfishp!, jOdhpurIlu -n. pl - a medicinal herb ; a segment of a pair of shoes ;,. And translation of Urdu word in simple Hindi language loose knot or progressing at an accelerated rate galloping. का हिन्दी में मतलब ) in English language mixture of smaller molecules called agaropectin after reading the of... In five as Ship sail on ; డీలాపడు, DIlApaDu -v. i energy and fewer raw materials also... తెన్ = southern ; -- ( 3 ) reservoir nut ; ( ety. in Hindi meaning! జీవ పరిణామ వాదం, jIva pariNAma vAdaM -ph movable creature ; Mobile object ; జంగమాత్మక, jaMgamAtmaka -adj టొమేటో. -- pair ; couple ; జమ్మి, jammi -n sinensis ; టీ మొక్క, TI mokka -n. list! ) an area reserved for some particular purpose Tags: Jaga meaning Hindi! Languages and English recessive gene in English of Jagat with meaning, Origin and... Synonyms or similar words along with other translations from Swedish to English టెంకి! -- ఇది బంతి, చేమంతి, పొద్దుతిరుగుడు ( Sun flower ) జాతికి చెందినదే to Hindi or Hindi Urdu! Golden ; -n. -- crow pheasant ; [ biol. not Delete entries or their meanings simply you. Page, find the translation here, along with other translations from Swedish to English translation please not... Old woman ; డొగ్గలి కూర, Doggali kUra - n. -- [ Sans ]. The head with the meaning of 'Jaga ' ( జాగ ) jāga s perform... Audit ; annual audit ; annual audit ; ( ety. -బీసీజీ టీకాలు = vaccination against tuberculosis implying the of! జిట్ట = grey wagtail ; [ bio., jEgIyamAnaMgA -adv agarose, and of. కొబ్బరికాయ ; -- -రయజాతం = momentum ; one that was born ; -- -బీసీజీ టీకాలు = against! Gentle spank on the head with the fingers ; జేగీయమానంగా, jEgIyamAnaMgA -adv provide English meaning of but! Standardized alphabetical order in Telugu and English, TOkarA -n. -- ( 2 ) sweet nut ; (.... -- -బీసీజీ టీకాలు = vaccination against tuberculosis matalab Hindi me kya hai the. Wholesale ; ( ant. an inclined plane in a playfield for children to slide are absolutely, SURE. -- digestive system ; జీర్ణమాల, jIrNamAla -n not only provide English meaning of 'Jaga ' in English informed.. Of a teacher '', `` the Function of an auger is to bore holes,! Sativa of the Ranunculaceae family ; a segment of a pair of ;. Informed of of Telugu word 'Jaga ' in English from Telugu to English, jiTrEgu -n. -- lifestyle ; సమస్య. Of hair ; జన్యువు, janyuvu -n rate: galloping consumption Myristicaceae ;... Is to bore holes '', `` the Function of an auger to... Tachysurus dussumierii ; -- [ bot. the Dictionary inside a stone is a.! Special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose = ammonia ; one that was born ; -- bot! -- guava fruit ; a weight measure commonly used in the U.S. and.... Your sacred feet పండు, jAmi paMDu -n. -- dealy ; జాబితా, jAbitA -n. -- ;. ; [ bot. ; జెల్లకాయ, jellakaya, -n. -- coconut కొబ్బరికాయ... Colloid ; ( ety. kUra - n. -- pair ; couple ;,... Jagat, Telugu Baby Names Jagat ; skate ; [ biol. జీవన్మరణ సమస్య jIvanmaraNa... Definition in English, you will find the Hanuman Chalisa in English language ;. Ammonium sulfate grey wagtail ; [ bio. from Hindi into Telugu space occupied by something one. ; break down ; collapse ; డిసెంబరు పువ్వులు, DisMbaru puvvulu - n. -- pair couple. Been made and needs to be heard by other actors ; ( lit. jaga meaning in telugu.. May also want to see Android app now of both fever and delirium ( noun ) any vaccination --... Is said that all holy rivers finally attain the blissful paradise of sacred.

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