Translation for 'hello' in the free English-Indonesian dictionary and many other Indonesian translations. As in Indonesia, you say hello in Malaysia based on the time of day. We will teach you: How to say Hello! Translation for 'how are you' in the free English-Indonesian dictionary and many other Indonesian translations. The bowing for Indonesians is not a sign of submissiveness, but with extreme politeness, so don’t be surprised if you see this gesture! Keep practicing your Indonesian with. For Indonesians, mostly the greeting phrase depends on the time of day. You can say hello with a handshake especially in a business environment. hello translate: halo!. ‘Permisi’ also works when you get in someone’s way in a crowded tourist destination. Harnessing the unlimited power of children’s imagination, Indonesian cartoons entertain as they teach. A simple greeting but it can mean a lot. Indonesian Landmarks; When you are coming to Indonesia, certain things are okay to do and another one – not so much. Did You Know You Were Speaking Indonesian. 1) Hello, It’s nice to meet you. Greetings correspond with morning, afternoon, and evening, although there aren't really hard guidelines for what time to switch over. To say please and thank you in Indonesian! Note that the ‘e’ in ‘Selamat’ is not really pronounced, so to pronounce the word you can simply say ‘slamat’. For those learning Indonesian in the country, you’ll have plenty of chances to do this. Hope this post is helpful to you. A simple “hello” is the likely the first thing you will say to someone whether at home or while travelling abroad. Easy Indonesia: Bahasa Indonesia is the lingua franca of the archipelago. Term of Use, How to say Hello in Indonesian – Greetings – Vocabulary, 150 Indonesian Words for I Love You – Romantic Phrases, 200 Useful Indonesian Words and Phrases to Learn, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Indonesia, Indonesian greeting etiquette and manners, Clock in Bahasa Indonesia – Vocabulary in Bahasa, You in Bahasa Indonesia – Learn Pronoun and Examples, Selamat Pagi Response in Bahasa Indonesia – Conversation in Bahasa, How to Use Word ‘Selamat’ in Indonesian – Structure and Vocabulary, What Does Kuta Mean in Indonesian? Cookies TOS | Indonesian (Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia) is the official language and lingua franca of Indonesia, and also widely spoken in East Timor.With over 230 million speakers, there are a lot of people to talk to in Indonesian. Indonesian people use first name basis in daily life, with whomever they meet. (hello, thank you) Hai, gi pa ni? I can’t really recall any kind of situation where we said those two sentence in a casual way. How to say hello how are you in Indonesian. Disclaimer | All greetings in Bahasa Indonesia begin with selamat (sounds like: "suh-lah-mat"). ‘Mas’ and ‘Mba’ are for young men and women respectively while ‘Pak’ and ‘Bu’ are for older men and women respectively. And any introduction will probably will start with these words. A collection of useful phrases in Indonesian, the lingua franca of Indonesia and a close relation of Malay. If you are about to travel to Indonesia, this is exactly what you are looking for! There are many ways you can learn Bahasa Indonesia fast and easy. Jump to phrases. People in Indonesia … Matching Game. Halo, senang bertemu dengan Anda. Step by step Indonesian lessons. This formal form of how are you is usually used if you meet your customer or your boss or anyone that you don’t know closely. In this lesson, you'll learn the question "How are you?" The Balinese language has a different alphabet to Western languages, so this transcribing of the phrase for hello is written as it is pronounced in Balinese. That’s how to say Hello in Indonesian. “How are you?” is the most simple sentence but can bring plenty good things if you have a habit to say it to anyone you meet. It is also fine to omit the ‘selamat’ completely and just say ‘pagi’. Saying Hello Based on the Time of Day Start your greeting with "selamat." This is simple. Children learn Indonesian as they play and learn as they speak. Indonesian words for beautiful include indah, cantik, bagus, elok, ayu, jeli, ciami, juita, hasan and kirana. Move the Mouse. Sebelum masuk ke dalam pembahasan, perlu diketahui bahwa “how are you today?” adalah pertanyaan yang biasanya diajukan untuk memulai percakapan. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Indonesian Dictionary. Hugging someone you just met here is not okay, they will probably feel awkward and offended. 11. (hello, what are you doing) Hello, bro (hello, brother) Another common gesture for Indonesians when saying hello to each other is the right hand rule. To start a friendly, polite conversation, you need to know how to greet Indonesians properly. Useful Indonesian phrases. Halo - HAH-lo - This casual greeting means “hi” or “hello” and should be reserved for friends and family. Barong Mask : The Representation of the Good, “Gimana kabarmu, John?” (Hi, what’s up, John). Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Indonesian. Tic-Tac-Toe. This is similar to English language where Good Morning is abbreviated into just ‘Morning’. To address the person we are saying hello to, Indonesians usually use the honorifics ‘Mas’ or ‘Pak’ or ‘Bu’ or ‘Mba’ before a person’s name. Find more Indonesian words at! Indonesians always, always use their right hand when handshaking whoever they’re meeting. Well, as an Indonesian myself. How to say Hello in Indonesian – Dialogue Example. You'll learn how these key phrases work by breaking them down into each component. That said, you should offer your greeting in Indonesian to any elders present first, preferably without maintaining strong eye contact. There are many ways to say hello! Give Money to Beggars. Home » Conversation » How to say Hello in Indonesian – Greetings – Vocabulary. Tomohon Traditional Market Is Not For Faint-Hearted People, Indonesia Commuter Train Service – Quite Reliable For Traveling in Jabodetabek, Three Creative Sidewalk Functions Invented By Indonesian, Indonesian Do not Eat Rice (If It Is Uncooked), Bajaj, The Jakarta Three Wheeler No Longer Ubiquitous, Delman : Indonesia Traditional Horse Cart, The Old Indonesian Three Wheeler, Becak Is Not The Same As Ricksaw, How To Praise Woman or Girl’s Beauty in Indonesian, What Does SAYA Mean? With over 350 native languages currently in use throughout the country, a good lingua franca is clearly necessary. Saying Hello . Find It Game. Important! Now you can say hello to 23,200,480 people! in Indonesian How To: Say 'hello' to someone in French How To: Say hello, please & thank you in German How To: Say hello in French, German, Italian & more How To: Say "hello" in Polish How To: Say "hello" in Mandarin Chinese and start conversations It comes in different forms, different actions, different sounds, and different languages, but they all have the same intention and significance — to gain the attention and acknowledge the presence of another. If you are confused on how to say the phrases just remember that Bahasa Indonesia is usually read and pronounced phonetically. Bingo. dictionary. Indonesian Balloon Games. In Indonesia, you can tip the people in restaurants, salons or taxi drivers. How to say yes and no in Indonesian! How to Say Hello and Goodbye in Indonesian, if we say hello, we can use as the following ways: Hai, trims ya. Indonesian Translation. You should not give money to most beggars in Indonesia. Pretty easy right? Thank You! Selamat actually means safe, but it is used to say good morning/afternoon/evening/night in Indonesian, at the same time to wish the person we’re talking to a good or safe day. I was trying hard to trace back on my life event where, we, Indonesians do that sort of saying in a casual situation. Words in English from the Indonesian/Malay language: gecko ketchup tempeh (from "tempe") bamboo sarong cockatoo amok mango ... Indonesian. Want to learn to speak even more Indonesian the fast, fun and easy way? My name is Maggie would be: Namanya saya Maggie. This stye is less formal but not too casual. and Goodbye in Indonesian! When you’re just starting out learning a language, one of the most important things to do is get comfortable making introductions and greeting people. Alphabetize. Jessi: Top 25 Indonesian Questions You Need to Know - Lesson 2: Where are you from in Indonesian? Hello, it’s nice to meet you. : How are you? Privacy Policy | This is due to the fact that more than 90% people in Indonesia is religious, and this leads to certain rules when it comes to interacting. See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder. Puzzles. arrow_drop_down - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation Learning Indonesian becomes a fun adventure for kids with the reward system. Rarely will anyone laugh if you accidentally slip. This also can open the door to make acquintance to someone we never meet before and start a conversation. Now, here’s a dialogue example of a conversation involving greeting words in Indonesian. The use of address term is very important subject to discuss, due to the fact that many students’ errors are still found in the use of address terms in schools ranging from elementary to college. Say this Indonesian phrase before initiating interaction with someone and you’ll get their attention. To begin your greeting, … Flash Cards. Learn Indonesian in the fastest, – Indonesian Pronouns #1, How To Call “Father” and “Mother” In Indonesian. You can even know the best way to learn Indonesian online for free. Indonesians are pretty serious about their etiquette so be sure to know the Indonesian greeting etiquette and manners to start your conversation properly! in Indonesian and how to answer itVisit IndonesianPod101 and learn Indonesian fast with real lessons by real teachers. ‘Mas’ and ‘Mba’ are for young men and women respectively while ‘Pak’ and ‘Bu’ are for older men and women respectively. Terima Kasih! Pattern. Another tip when saying hello is to smile when you speak. Terima kasih (te-ree-ma ka-seeh) / thank you There’s no favour too small to deserve a ‘terima kasih’. halo apa kabarmu Find more words! Say Hello to the World was created by Lorri Mon. Say it the way you see it. It still can be used and acceptable to anyone you know, like your boss (not in formal situation). © If you can provide recordings, corrections or … How to Address People in Indonesian To address the person we are saying hello to, Indonesians usually use the honorifics ‘Mas’ or ‘Pak’ or ‘Bu’ or ‘Mba’ before a person’s name. Those form of “How are you?” are used among friends or people you know closely. Children's games. How to say hello in Indonesian. Some regions in Indonesia even have a law to ban this. You can practice it with a friend or by yourself so you get more familiar with the different ways to say hello in Indonesian. * *Source: Ethnologue: Indonesian. Is it polite to kiss someone in public in Indonesia ? In Indonesian A simple greeting but it can mean a lot. Memory. Hello and Nice to meet you in Indonesian are a must-know phrases. Jika belum tahu, artikel ini telah merangkumkan berbagai jawaban untuk pertanyaan “how are you today?” untuk Anda. “How are you?” is the most simple sentence but can bring plenty good things if you have a habit to say it to anyone you meet. But Indonesian (or Bahasa Indonesia) is the official tongue, used in music, media, and literature – not to mention conversation – across the archipelago. Indonesians are sociable, open and friendly people. The exceptions are married women, nobles and royalty which you will rarely meet, so stick with first names when saying hello to Indonesians!. Smiles will greatly affect your social interactions with them. It can show to people, either you know them or not, that you care about them. To say "hello" in Balinese you should say "om suastiastu." Kids hatch dinosaur eggs and earn surprise rewards by completing Indonesian lessons, games and quizzes. Worksheets. It is best to quickly master this new language if you speak with native Indonesians in regular conversations so you’ll get used to the new words and pronunciations. It enables you to type almost any language that uses the Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabets, and is free. Main concepts. You can use “Hello”, “Halo”, or “Hai (Hi)” or without. Vocabulary and Tradition, Assalamualalaikum: To say hey to people, to Muslim people, Senang bertemu denganmu: Nice to meet you, Apa kabar? Pedestrians Must Cross Streets On Pedestrian Crossing But What Should They Do If They Find This Condition? If you are friends and you have roughly the same age, don’t be offended if an Indonesian addresses you by your first name. Tipping etiquette in Indonesia will immensely help them to earn extra income. Let’s check out the phrases below. There are several ways depending on the situation and whether you know the person you greet. A slight nod/bow is also a common practice. Hallo, Pooh, you're just in time for a little smackerel of something. All Rights Reserved, Don’t Speak : Passengers Not Allowed To Talk On The Indonesia’s Commuter Train, Gendang or Kendang : Indonesia Traditional Music Instrument, Ondel-Ondel : The Sad Fate of Indonesia’s Capital, Jakarta’s Icon, Another Shopping Trolley Function Invented by Indonesian. How to say Hello in Indonesian? Do You Know About YANG In Indonesian? If you are confused on the meaning, you can always see the section below it to help you translate the words. Just continue on speaking in your usual accent and you’ll eventually get it right. The way to say hello in Indonesian is basically the same for all people regardless of age, gender, and social status. 2) My name is _____. If you need to type in many different languages, the Q International Keyboard can help. It can show to people, either you know them or not, that you care about them. In Indonesia, there is also similar greeting used by people to greet each other, between friends, colleagues, or even with someone who we meet in public transportation. Learn to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Indonesia too!

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