When you dive into the pool, it's right there underwater in the center. Survival Cache N°2. Explorer Backpack: At the entrance of the Challenge Tomb. Cenotes – Respected Challenge. This one is under water. Survival Cache 7. Maybe? This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Square-Enix / Eidos or Eidos Montreal. The fifth cache (5) is under water, between branches. 2. To complete The Hidden City - Paititi, there are 11 Base Camps, 3 Tombs, 11 Missions, 6 Challenges, 3 Treasure Chests, 5 Crypts, 28 Relics, 42 Documents, 23 Murals, 34 Survival Caches and 7 Monuments. Copyright © 2000 - 2021 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. After looking at a lot of pics online, I found the one I'm missing. I'm stuck at 99,88%.Anyone has the same problem? A stake with a skull is standing next to it. Read the monolith first before you try to find it. Archivist Map: Inside the Crypt, after burning down a wooden barricade with fire. There are 7 Archivist Maps in the region. Here's where they are. It's on the far east side of the map between the prison crypt and the sarcophagus. SURVIVAL CACHE 5. The survival cache (31/34) is buried near the wall at the right (north) end of the clearing. Don't look for a secret while performing the task. You need to make a rope line from the other side of the building to get here. Do someone have gold answer for me? 3. The second cache (2) is on the island between the temple and the prison. The Hidden City – Abandoned Village Crypt (part 2) ... Just around the corner is an archivist map (4/7). Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game Guide by gamepressure.com. The murals can be easy to miss since they blend to the rocky background of the Hidden City. This cache is also in the Chamber of Exorcism Challenge Tomb. The second cache (2) is also under water. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. East from Fishing District campsite and north from the monolith. This one is under the deck. The cache is underwater in this dead end. There is only one monolith in the Peruvian Jungle and is located just before the bridge puzzle. This one isn't hidden. quipus are spread all over The Hidden City. There are 8 Survival Caches to be found in the Mission of San Juan. The cache is between the stone wall and the roof made out of hay. The ninth cache (9) is in the puzzle room in the Temple of the Sun. There are 6 challenges in The Hidden City (Paititi). All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Complete the tomb first to find this secret faster. Check your map as you go along the village to make sure you're on the right track as the village paths can be confusing. The sixteenth cache (16) is in the city, between stone walls. East from Fishing District campsite and (Click screenshot to enlarge.) Your Survival Cache map for Hidden City only has 33/34. It's underwater in the same room as the sarcophagus.. Then turn right into the little clearing with the big tree and man-made stone wall, just across the stream from the campfire. The Hidden City (Paititi) There are a few statues around it. Reach the end of the path. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Guide and Walkthrough. The fifth cache (5) is between stones, north from Abandoned Village campsite. Video includes all Paititi Survival Caches & Monoliths. The second chest (2) is inside one of the cabins. You'll find their locations below: This cache is associated with the only Monolith in this area Survival Caches: 34 ... Explorer Backpacks and Archivist Maps. Push it to activate the traps along the left walkway. The second map will be in a building to the south of the city. Famine. The second cache (2) is in the northern crypt. The first cache (1) is under water, east from Village Caves campsite. This one is easier to find. The first cache (1) is located under water in the crypt located in the western part of the location. Before you get to the main area, this cache is underwater. All plants are to pick up on trees from the crash area where you retrieve your bow. Videos with another collectibles will come in the future or already are uploaded. Pulling down the Rose Frog totem from walls? The Outcasts are not highlighted with the Survival Instinct. The rebels will not appear with your Survival Instinct. SURVIVAL CACHE 2. The first cache (1) is under water. Dive and swim towards wooden poles. the last and seventh map is in a small house in the southwest side of town. You will notice scattered soil with the cache inside of it. Can't be missing, only thing I'm missing in Hidden City is 2 challenges I haven't discovered yet. This part of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough is dedicated to the Flower Picker Challenge. ... you need to jump in and climb onto the highest rock that is marked on the map (at the height of that cache). the fourth is in the prison that is located far east. Examine it to reveal various collectibles on your map. The thirteenth cache (13) can be found when you are dealing with one of the monoliths. Survival cache 2. Survival Cache 9. Monoliths. Jump into water but don't dive - simply swim towards the rock. There are 34 Survival Caches at The Hidden City. So I mean if I got it, it must be there. The fourth cache (4) is located north from Temple of Kukulkan campsite. The ninth cache (9) is above the Birth mural. Part 1: 1-20, Part 2: 21-34 (Check the map if necessary. I had the same problem in the Hidden City..I already found all the explorer backpacks and archivist maps and one of the caches wasn't showing up. There are 34 Survival Caches at The Hidden City - Paititi. Here's what they are and what you have to do. Instead of sliding into the water pool, at the slide, jump to the left onto higher ground. There's a bug in the area Geothermal Valley due to which one Survival Cache isn't shown on the map. In this part of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough you can find the location of the survival caches in the Hidden City, Explorer backpacks and the solution of the seven monoliths. I can’t find it … Survival Cache N°1. The next cache (7) is on the left side of the temple. The last cache (18) is behind cages, near Paititi Market campsite. In this video we show you how to find it. The first chest (1) inside the temple, near Temple of Kukulkan campsite. The eighth cache (8) is in the crypt, in the eastern part of the location. Hidden City – Survival Caches. Inside the crypt. This part of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide reveals the location of the Archivist Maps in the Hidden City.The Archivist Maps reveal the location of the documents, relics and murals of an area. Inside the crypt, after some diving you get to an underwater area, where you have to pry open a passage to go to the sarcophagus. Pass through the obsidian blades and stick to the right to find a switch. The picture above shows its exact location. I walked all the hidden city for mission givers but no luck. Then jump in the water beyond the map and swim down and to the right.....to find another survival cache (21/34). The eight cache (8) is next to the feet of one of the monuments - unlock the monolith first to open it. I am looking for hours and getting insane. Right opposite this passage, in the underwater altar room, there is another room to a dead end. From the Geothermal Cavern Base Camp, dive into the nearby pool, and swim down through the underwater tunnel on the right. In Paititi Village, this is up on the hill directly east of the two islands in the river. A perfect location for having numerous secrets. Inside the tomb. Shadow of the tomb raider: Monolith bug in "The hidden city".The "survival cache" is not showing up. Cenotes – Sunken Treasures Challenge. A third map can be found on the eastern side of the cultist town. Archivist Map: In an excavation tunnel just before the base camp “Temple of Life”. Dive and the game will give you the location of the cache. Survival Cache N°3. The third cache (3) is also under water in the crypt. The fifth cache (5) is located on the right side of the temple. Simply enter the cabin (see the map). WHITELISTING CAMZILLASMOM.COM in your ADBLOCK. The third cache (3) is located north from Temple of Kukulkan campsite.