planted aquarium fish tank. Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata) Ecological Risk Screening Summary ... “Electric Blue aka Powder Blue Jack Dempsey cichlid ... trophic opportunism, fast growth rates and advanced parental care of offspring. The peacocks are super fun fish to have and they school so you can get a couple different kinds and keep them together with no problems. So just to get this straight the jack Dempsey grows 1cm a month and the GT grows about 1.5 … The quality of fish food is probably your problem. I meet so many people who have terrible tanks all because of petsmart/petco people telling lies. Telling people you don’t need filters and heaters, throw away filter sponges after a month, bettas should only be alone in a unheated bowl, and just lying about what fish need in order to make a sale is so common. Go. The GT apparently will grow at about 1.5-2 CM per month. This is something that is brand new as of today, I am 100% sure he did not have this growth on him as of last night. So what is the average growth rate for Blue Acara Fry? Advanced Aquaria Discussion Forum . Look for Nitrofurazone.-Chuck> Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Bacterial Infection On Electric Jack Dempsey 1/26/11 Hi, I have some concerns about my electric blue jack Dempsey. So I thought I'd put an on going thread up of my EBJD, documenting it's growth. But I no longer have a big tank so I currently have guppies and bettas. Rs 4,950 . ... Electric blue Jack Dempsey (How to keep a happy healthy little "Bruiser") Growth and Development of Bolivian Ram Fry. Jack Dempsey fish is native to Central America Atlantic hillsid… I would stick to Omega One brands or New Life Spectrum. The average size of a Jack Dempsey in adulthood can be 10-15 inches at most. MFK Member. From what he told me, both species have a slow growth rate, the dempsey having a slower growth rate than the GT, about just over 1 CM per month. The fish is indigenous to the West Indies, but it is believed to have been seen as far north as Miami until the 1970s w… Distribution- Jack Dempsey are native to the Atlantic slope of Central America, from Rio Chachalacas and Rio Paso San … #17. Nov 29, 2010 #11 I got mine on nov 09,2009 he was 3" and now he is 6" … I feed them fish food twice a day. This HD video shows me hand feeding my electric blue jack Dempsey ( ebjd ).At 8 inches long, he is my favorite aquarium fish, and the star of my fish room. It really depends on tank … Omega One Super Color Sinking Cichlid Pellets, 4mm Large Pellets, 9 oz. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Growth Journal. He doesn't seem to have been bullied all day today though, intact the two of … If you buy them under a inch, then it will feel like it would take longer, I have had mine since last year of spring break and he has grown close to 4 inches now.Unless you can find one that is grown 3 inches already, then it wont be as bad. Though a part of me wants to go back to that store and see if she is working there and shove a picture in her face o of my 8 corys and the full grown German rams eating together and even gently nudging each other. Thread starter steelshade; Start date Aug 25, 2009; Forums. Re: Jack Dempsey cichlids -08/24/08 Growing Jack Dempsey Fry Thanks for your email. Since I first set eyes on this blue morph known as the electric blue Jack Dempsey, I have been determined to breed it. Member . As per your setup, I would say provide a flowerpot or a stone slate. 1 of 6 Go to page. Thanks