Some of you guys might say “but John Blackbeard had a weapon that had claws and that could be the reason why Blackbeard gave Shanks a scar” but the thing is that weapon had 4 claws and Shanks has only 3 scars. Hear me out here and feel free to correct me on some bits because I’m mainly just riffing here. More like cleaning up after a big party irl. Anime, Comics, Manga. Okay, we can’t say this is the ultimate mystery in One Piece series, but this is the ultimate mystery surrounding the devil fruits. So basically in One Piece Oda has a theme where the number 3 seems to show up a lot when looking into Blackbeard. Like when he uses the Yami-Yami no Mi then it's actually Xebexs personality/soul showing and when the Gura-Gura no mi is being used then it's blackbeard showing. Why should BB kill Thatch for the fruit instead of merging together with him or whatever?And he commited treason against WB anyway.. Luffy and Zorro already referred to Blackbeard as "They", inferring that there is someone else inside of Blackbeard. I think Xebec’s lover was one of those slaves and Blackbeard, his son was possibly there. God Berha 04/15/16 . Nov 18, 2020 #1. Both of these news really made everyone couldn't believe what was happening. This theory will be split into 3 sections: How Blackbeard was able to come up with this methodology. 24 minutes ago #1. The “Good” Shanks Who Visited the Gorosei. Thread starter Blother; Start date 24 minutes ago; Blother I am Whitebeard! Laffite had to introduce him and BB had to prove himself by capturing a high bounty. The designs usually reflect the interest of the captain. During the … If Blackbeard has a chimera/cerberus type zoan it is possible Blackbeard carried fruit like cherry pie with him when Whitebeard died and ate it taking the power. It suggests that Blackbeard will eat a mythical zoan, but it won't be Marco's or Kaido's, instead, it will be Orochi's devil fruit. Aokiji's interaction with Smoker at Punk Hazard is one of the main talking points of the theory. HOME; NEWS; FACTS AND CURIOSITIES; THEORIES AND OPINIONS; Blackbeard Multiple Devil’s Fruit Theory *Theory by Levin David. Gurarara ‍☠️ . 96 Chapter 972 (p. 14), Kaido speaks to and acknowledges Oden in the latter's final moments. Theory How Kaido will be defeated and Blackbeard's rise in power. Theory Law - Drake - Hawkins. Posted by Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos on October 02, 2019. Anime, Comics, Manga. Theory Dragon is Xebec's son. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! I just read One Piece Novel A and found out some facts about Bb. Marshall D. Teach was originally named Everything D. Teach. Knowing who the Rocks are they probably wanted some protection from the world’s strongest crew, who better than Garp. I don’t think much of an introduction is needed regarding the blackbeard pirates. BLACKBEARD IS NOT ONE PERSON ANYMORE. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! This topic will never die even after the truth about Blackbeard’s ability to use two devil fruits is revealed. It's been a year since my last update. ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. But the one thing I, and many others like myself were sure of was that Shanks’ true purpose in One Piece just became a whole lot different. Well its hard to top what the WG is doing in One Piece.. Theory#8. Press J to jump to the feed. Abel Kanalla. Mizu Mizu Newspaper: February 2013 Sorry guys! #KokoroPH #Blackbeard #theory #onepieceTheory tungkol kay blackbeard na kung paano niya nakain ang dalawang devil fruit ng hindi namamatay. Three original characters, a jester-like man named King Joke… We first saw him at Mock Town and i must admit it, i became a fun of him after his speech about pirates and people’s dreams. Did you discover every One Piece related mysteries? Thanks for cleaning up the majority of that, the timings are definitely off in my head on his fight with Shanks and I forgot about the 0 bounty honestly. Cerberus Theory; Vegapunk Effect; Theories and Myths; Blackbeard's Appearances 1 ; Disclaimer; Vegapunk Effect The Vegapunk Effect is a theory that relates Blackbeard's accomplishment with Doctor Vegapunk's scientific achievements. One Piece Theory : Blackbeard is Rock's Son. So, Ace asks Tatch and Bb if they know who gave Shanks his scar. Theory Bonny and Rogers and Blackbeard is Rox Xebec? Feel free to prove me wrong these are mainly just thoughts. Show only: Loading… S. Theory Luffys Ultimate Dream: The Man Who Brings Joy To the World (Chapter 1000) swrml; Dec 27, 2020; 2. Ok, so I saw a lot of people posted here theories about Blackbeard and his weird ability that allows him to have the power of 2 devil fruits and to absorb them. Now is there a way for him to come out maybe law ? I don't know if someone else already said it, but i will say it anyway: in my opinion, Blackbeard already has the power of a Zoan devil fruit. I don't think Blackbeard originally planned on killing Thatch. Let’s start with his Jolly Roger (which looks like a Cerberus). The theory that Shanks is in cahoots with the World Government would suggest that him going after Blackbeard pre-story was also an act of aggression against a party deemed a threat to the WG. Abel Kanalla. I have a theory that Rocks D. Xebec is the other person Living in Blackbeards body. 1 of 10 Go to page. In this theory of One Piece Wano arc ending. A possible name for the could be: Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Cerberus. As expected, this theory was proven correct in chapter 954 of One Piece, where Kin'emon explained the basic geography of the country. If you say Akainu is currently stronger than Blackbeard, then you are still stuck in the past. Further evidence is that blackbeards ship is called Saber of Xebec. 61 Chapter 595 (p. 10) and Episode 513. The arc had a lot of events that influenced the future of the One Piece storyline, but one event is still a mystery and will likely play an important part in the future, I’m talking about Blackbeard obtaining another Devil Fruit. When Sengoku resigned from the position of Fleet Admiral, he promoted Ao Kiji for the title. Theory spoiler. Shiki? Many things happened in One Piece Chapter 956. Blackbeard devil fruit (Darkness fruit) is one of the strongest in One Piece but it’s not enough so he takes the second one, but how does Blackbeard have 2 devil fruits? The theory is certainly riveting and a lot more people should take a look at it. This theory is based on two pure facts that was seen in the anime. Jesus Burgess was originally named Lapaix Jesus. :)First video I mentioned this concept: of Time - The Legend of … One Piece's Blackbeard: Theories, Ideas, Appearances. For all of the major Blackbeard and late game theories to be correct doesn’t that mean that Blackbeard has never actually been the great evil of the world? And no, I'm not talking about cerberus. Luffy - its not he its them Large Christmas Carolers, Camp Zama Tower Housing, Reishunger Digital Mini Rice Cooker Instructions, Robert Anton Wilson Youtube, Breaking Point Movie, Don Chinjao Son, Light And Sound Key Words, Bryant University Campus Map, Mansion Of Madness App, High Temp Self Etching Primer,