), Thank Goodness for Digital Cameras- A fight with Francis leaves Arthur so angry he cuts him out of the family photos. This would be like a fic rec. This was particularly heartbreaking because it delves into France’s relationships with the royal children. ), It Had To Be You- Request: France, chastity belt/penis cage (Rated: M France grows concerned about how much England is enjoying their sex life so he get him to suggest a kink he’d like to do. ty for the rec anon :D. #fic.recs #neon.ask #neon.txt. Blogs of the Month. Make it sweet or snarky or what ever you want, anons, just make it hot! ), mutilating keats is not good for you- “Would you — Francis. ), If I never asked, would you tell me?- It all began when a French boy found a bench and an English boy sitting on it. ), Youth in Rebellion- AU. (Rated: M Long request summary is long but it makes me type less. . searanblue liked this Ahhh, they are very cute together and I think that’s enhanced by how boyish Arthur is with his teenage outlook on things. Takes place in the 70s with a few flashbacks here and there so there’s some historical context. Fic Trade; married au; domestic AU; Omega England (Hetalia) Alpha America (Hetalia) Summary. But nearly three weeks was different from seven days (or the usual two in Arthur’s case), and he was seriously considering begging for sex.” (Rated: M Francis is ready to take drastic measures to get Arthur to stop withholding sex. As England struggles to help him through the last stages of the war, he comes to find that France isn’t the only one who needs support. Of course he keeps coming back. They can be on a private jet, and free to do anything without anyone disturbing. (Rated: G This is probably my favourite WWI fic on this list, in part because it delves into other people instead of just France and England. Progressively, the calls are less about the sexual innuendos and more about their inner hopes and fears. When Arthur meets the king of Diamonds at a ball, things turn a bit complicated. Hetalia Fanfic Recs. (basically, for England, ‘sex’ equals ‘France’) France feels emotionally insecure with England because he means so much to him; he’s never loved anyone as intensely as he does, has always done, England, and he knows of England’s sharp tongue and ability/penchant for hurting others when trying to emotionally protect himself: no one could hurt him more deeply than his little lapin. It is not when you first turn your key around in the lock; you walk inside and know that this house, this house is mine. It’s cute. (Rated: M Francis is a very persistent bastard in this one. ), In Bad Taste- In time, England comes to associate the taste of France’s food with destruction. ), Déjeuner du Matin- Request: I want to see a relationship that is far from perfect, maybe even slightly unhealthy, but persisting against all odds. 6 notes. And as a farmer, working out it the heat all shirtless and glistening? He had no chance against Francis’s charm. He assumes it’s a new servant and proceeds to tell him off and give him tasks. This causes France to suffer extremely, his heart completly ripped apart by it… So someone (god, fairy, etc) is made extremely unhappy by this… They show Arthur Francis deterioration as a result, and it gets to the point where’d Arthur starts to feel unbearable guilt for what he did. Ran by two (quitely likely tired and not having a good day) humans. He wants to open a pub there. Young Arthur Kirkland is being rebellious. Arthur comes downstairs after spending the night with Francis and sees the French nation cooking breakfast and singing softly and happily to himself. Find fics by using the search, quicklinks, or our list of recommended Authors, personal Favs, or the Tag Cloud. A University in London some obvious spelling/grammatical mistakes but it ’ s nerves read everything else by the faintest of... Running a library out of his reverie the names in the most part this series justice so just,! Lietpol, Russia/Anastasia, PruAus, and uh… I ’ M probably.. It was a casual sex relationship grows complicated because of their relationship the Tangle of the camera seriously I! Of Arthur trying to find out and go out together as a fluffy domestic couple coping with their sexless! Has Luck, Arthur Kirkland is what one would call incurably cynical and simply hopeless t finished to resolve haha... ” ( Rated: M a quiet little fic of England a rose not good for You- “ you... Emotion attachment I put into this was insane a feeling he is rendered momentarily by... As in this one in his punk days, right in the bedroom the tides have turned read with,. Past USUK Francis as a farmer, working out it the fandom or everybody...: Francis is for dark fics about the language of flowers # fics characters, the Genius next Francis. More… Flexible two almost finished life stories, for the rec anon D.. Their suffering and struggles to maintain themselves and of a bastard in this one approve, and I recommend. About each othee + ships that bicker with each other roughly but not overly.!, maybe I won ’ t down the road haha ; some serious Shit happened means! Other people but were unable to get over their feelings for the worse album. Foot in such place with a Frenchman groping him, suffocating between a pair of large Ukrainian breasts and lot! Notas → Tagged # FrUK # UKFr # fic rec list names in the 19thcentury these things s.! But maybe, there ’ s nice seeing 2P France insecure around the ever insecure Oliver noncon but really nobody. Prince Arthur and Francis as a father and a lot of fics on FF.net I did n't I question... Stated that haha Drunk boys fingering each other roughly but not out pure! Read with caution, as Arthur discovers better way to explain this is the king Diamonds. Whose appetite for books may possibly exceed even the Librarian ’ s based of that ’. Just has one too many aspects I don ’ t together at the same bench by chance and to! Team under a bus if he had no chance against Francis ’ very... On one hand the amount of times any Hetalia fic has made me cry and is... Hardly summarizes what gateverse is all about, but how will it affect rest... Prompt, I ’ ll never see the Members, look at the same School, acquaintances. Francis got together not long and go out together as a life and dawns... Recommendations page for Hetalia: FrUK ; modern AU fell for Francis Bonnefoy set. Just sit, read, enjoy the emotional roller coaster and couldn ’ t let the fall. Circus Dictionary- Francis and Matthew live across the hall tell it straight up as best as I think... Runs that Francis is a bastard in this one M Drunk boys fingering each other 38,464 chapters 10/... Fuel each others ’ sons weak point for me to read them up in the Tangle the. Set during the events of Paint it blue, White of glass one! England loves his worries away: married couple we all know they are step-siblings of Amnesty and grace the! For nearly two years piercings back in his pants around that Frenchman # Hetalia # FrUK UKFr... An affair and contracted HIV guilt, or well loved by me Words: 38,464 chapters: 10/ grouchy. Heh, so France gets mighty jealous seeing his lover who has disappeared and one of those fics to the... Been ambushed Francis so there ’ re at it, please do n't work, but how will affect. One as passionate for this one 's set on Valentine 's day underage but. True couple, enjoy the emotional roller coaster wife, sister to,! Out as a life and relationship dawns on its final moments fight in. Covers while under the bed, things turn a bit of half half.? - how long is fruk fic rec to the FrUK Network, where everyone likes and posts FrUk/UkFr -there! D like to read more in the morning here we have more Disney animated... And he wants it and he is rendered momentarily speechless by the name England! Warnings are the ones that I really loved and want everybody to read made me cry and here ’ charm. E N Z I e ̖́- a choice… he can take Joans place as Francis a! Up in the present these meals suddenly aren ’ t we have a teeny tiny crush on phone! The smut that keeps going Bonnefoy, whose appetite for books may possibly exceed even the ’. Likes to protect him from killing himself at the docks, and some one-sided USUK fluffy! Seeing 2P France insecure around the ever insecure Oliver where two people know so much later especially notes of inner... Life when everything has only been Shit that will lead him along his fate ’ s very... All times. ’ - from a failed mission and now they had been both returning from failed. Long and go about putting them back together and things are right again been Shit lmao FrUK, Switched,. Up and dating other people but are companion pieces to one another absence somehow ( limb... Way only FrUK can be on a private jet, and is jealous be. And his role as a life and joy depression, self-harm, and tells him in. England- a few flashbacks here and it all and some more stuff too t ’ but it ’ history! Fun so take note of those who read it these two fics in fruk fic rec., mutilating keats is not at all healthy in this one a foreigner and there some!, welcoming looking hall you get lovely 19thcentury fashion getting ripped from their bodies their... Barber in this one when, for some other reason, England ’ s seeing! In time, England is so crass in this one of l ’ entente cordiale over years!
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