As stated previously, what he lacks in defense, he makes up in stamina. In terms of allies, although Kuzan is allied with Blackbeard, that alliance would not be enough to takedown Big Mom's crew, so Kuzan is definitely taking the L on this one. Then we have her other side which is quite terrifying - this side occurs when Big Mom gets fixated on a particular type of food or sweet and will completely rampage until she gets the food she craves for, going as far to destroy and kill entire countries, her own castle her own subordinates and even her own children. Doflamingo, along with Caesar Clown, supplied Kaido with the SMILES he uses for his crew of beasts. He is the leader of revolutionary army. So although Luffy has many allies and some very important ones, Kuzan has allies that Luffy likely never will. In regards to Luffy's normal physical strength he is definitely stronger than most thanks to Monkey D. Garp’s training when Luffy was a kid. If the user is not near water this attack also doubles as an excellent defense because it will destroy or disrupt any attacks that are coming towards the user. Monkey D Dragon and his powers Join Discord: Finally the Torikago, better known as the Bird Cage. Peckham's being a mink and tamago being a member of the long leg tribe. His speed is equal if not faster than someone like Luffy who is incredibly fast with some of their techniques. Whenever one or more of his limbs are inflated, they are so big that they resemble the size of a giant limb. Being able to go up against the former Pirate King’s right-hand man is a great accomplishment as well, and with this strength I believe that Kizaru is by far one of the strongest. In terms of his strength, it is unimaginable. His observation haki is also very impressive, but not as impressive as many were hoping. Unfortunately we really don't know anything else about his physical capability so we will be moving on to his intelligence, and although sometimes it may not seem like it, Blackbeard is a very smart man and a very patient one at that. This is however due to his devil fruit ability which we will get to later. It could also be used as a way to repel or stun his enemies. For a few different examples, Doflamingo was never even injured until the Dressrosa Arc and with that you need to keep in mind he also participated in the Marineford War where so many big names were injured in one way or another, yet Doflamingo made it out without even a scratch. Considering that Luffy is the main character of the series, it is no surprise to hear that he has an enormous amount of physical strength to the point where he can easily lift and shatter large boulders, push buildings apart, and shatter steel easily with his just hit bare hands. Shanks used to be rivals with Mihawk but since he lost his arm it seems as though the two are just mere acquaintances, but on good terms. Cracker is definitely more intelligent than Luffy and his armament haki is far superior to his; however, Luffy does have access to the other two types of haki giving him a variety and a little bit of an edge. Because this devil fruit turns Jack into even more of a powerhouse, I give it a thumbs up. Although each member of this elite family are notable in their own way, let's talk about the very important ones. Termite, which are bullet strings that he fires from his fingers. In conclusion, Sakazuki has one of the most powerful connections in the world but so do other characters like Doflamingo and Cracker. We all know that even marines say Monkey D Garp is the strongest armanent haki user in the world who can even fight with pirate king head to toe. It may also be a downfall to some that he doesn't have a, So compared to Luffy, Mihawk is the obvious winner in terms of strength and intelligence. You see these flames allow Marco to regenerate any wounds he receives and because of this Marco is able to take enormous amounts of damage and still come out as if he was never hurt in the first place. To make it easier on myself I've created a list of conditions that a character needs to meet to be eligible to be on this list in the first place and these conditions are as follows. Physically speaking, Cracker is a very weird case because he is extremely powerful offensively; however, although he seems definitely way above average when it comes to his defensive skills, his defense is nowhere equal to his strength and offense. Pretty much every fighter in One Piece is a bullet timer, and most have huge amounts of physical strength, having feats like Arlong being able to rip out and toss houses ever since the first saga, and catching cannon balls in his jaws and crushing them. Template:C5l6t4 The Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Ice Dragon (竜竜の実, モデル: アイスドラゴン Ryu Ryu no Mi, Moderu: Aisudoragon) is a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a hybrid or full Ice Dragon at will. This fruit was also able to turn half of an island into a constant blazing inferno, after being used consecutively for ten whole days. Try and comprehend how many people that actually is! I believe Kaido is the weakest in terms of intelligence. I would like to say that if Cracker was almost able to cut off Luffy's arm while he was in gear fourth that the greatest swordsman in the world would be able to do it without a second thought because although Cracker isn't bad with a sword by any means he's not even close to Mihawk’s level. Although Sakazuki can also directly communicate with the Gorosei so he's got that going for him. So with that, we can also assume that his ability to use haki is definitely much stronger than it appears. So for this one I also want to call it a stalemate and finally for connections Mihawk takes the L once again. However Blackbeard also has Kuzan as some sort of ally and considering Kuzan was previously an admiral not only is he strong enough to make it on this list himself but he also has knowledge from his time in the Marines that Blackbeard could definitely use to his advantage should he need to. Monkey D Dragon is the son of Monkey D. Garp and father of Monkey D. Luffy. However, it is important to remember that Big Mom has some very powerful people in her crew, a lot of which we probably don't even know about. Intelligence wise, Marco also falls short because since Mihawk is so observant and analytical, while Marco is not, Mihawk would be able to counteract anything Marco threw at him. he could be even stronger than any of the current Emperors of the sea. Luffy also carries a strong relationship with Shanks who is a Yonko and captain of the red-haired pirates. Since gear second lacks strength and gear third lacks speed, when Luffy mixes the two to create gear fourth he is almost unstoppable because he becomes incredibly fast and strong. Along with the speed his devil fruit gives him, it makes it so pretty much everyone on this list is hopeless intaking him down. Zeno (Dragon Ball Super) For instance, he was able to judge that Zoro was nowhere near his own power and therefore used his butter knife against him or when Mihawk was unsure how strong White Beard was compared to his own strength so he sent a flying slash attack at him as a test. But that is pretty much all we know about Kaido currently in regards to his power. Along with this, because his, Cracker can also apply haki to his biscuits which means not only do they become stronger and more durable, but they also now have the ability to hurt, Finally, in regards to his connections, at the moment it feels as if he doesn't have nearly as many as others on this list but it is important to consider that there are probably plenty of allies the audience doesn't know about. Two examples of these allies are the German 66, and although they are not allies by marriage quite yet, they are still currently on good terms, the second example would be the fish man pirates, both of which are very powerful groups of individuals. These strings are very thin, razor sharp, and virtually indestructible and can be attached to pretty much anything from people, objects and even non-solid objects like clouds. When it comes to Luffy's haki abilities, he is definitely one of the more proficient haki users from what we've seen. He can also control people like a puppet by attaching his strings to their spine and in addition to that, he can control multiple people at the same time and he can even fly or transport himself through the air by attaching his strings to nearby clouds, so the possibilities for this one are seemingly endless. So if you were to say cover a sword in haki, these strings would not be able to cut through it. We've also seen that Mihawk has no problem cutting through the ice Kuzan creates as we saw him cut through it easily multiple times during the Battle of Marineford , so Kuzan is definitely at the disadvantage except even Kuzan has stronger allies so I guess Kuzan got that going for him. For instance, he deceived Squard into thinking that White Beard had betrayed him, in turn leading Squard to attempt to kill White Beard. Also, something that I want to bring up is that so far Mihawk is the only character on this list that has yet to receive even one little scratch, meaning that he is one of the best of the best if nobody can even land a hit on him. Gehrke Shin which is basically a close-range version of the previous attack that sends these vibrations into one point-blank attack that transfers the destructive vibrations to whoever or whatever the user strikes leading to massive damage. We know literally nothing about them but I would guess that they would be right around the same number as Jack on this list so now back to Jack! He is also considered the greatest swordsman in the world, a title that is by far something that's not easy to obtain. His Devil Fruit powers allow him to turn himself into a dragon at will. These techniques become enhanced, making them faster and stronger, so much so that they are given a new name when used. This guy is so influential in the series his nickname is literally “Dragon the Revolutionary” and leads his very own revolutionary army. Blackbeard also deliberately became a Shichibukai so he could bypass the gates of justice and get in to Impel Down just so he could recruit some of the most dangerous criminals from level six which he succeeded in doing so through this plan. This devil fruit was previously owned by Whitebeard who was regarded as the strongest man in the world and it has even been said that this particular devil fruit has the power to destroy the world. Just imagine how many people must try and challenge him for that title and what Mihawk had to accomplish to get that title in the first place. Another reason why I believe Kuzan wouldn't be able to defeat Doflamingo is because in regards to Luffy, I don't think Luffy would have ever been able to beat Doflamingo if it wasn't for Law’s Gamma Knife and of course Luffy's famous plot armor. The main reason Big Mom is such an important ally to have is because Big Mom herself has over  80 children! BecauseSakazuki has such a high role within the World Government, he himself holds a great deal of power. Being the rank of Admiral means that he is one of the Marine’s strongest fighters and he definitely shows that he is. I feel like since his lasers are so powerful he can easily overpower almost every character on this list. In addition to this, by the end of the story Luffy is going to end up being the strongest character, or at least one of the top five, no matter how you look at it. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this article today, and if you did make sure to drop a like on this article because if this article gets enough likes I will make the next One Piece top 10 which I am currently not sure what the topic will be about. When it comes to his offensive use of haki, Cracker can not only apply this to his normal attacks, but he can also apply it to his gigantic sword. In Dressrosa arc, sabo used ‘dragon’s breath’ attack to destroy the arena of corrida colosseum. Next up is his ability to use haki and something I forgot to mention earlier when we were talking about his strength and defensive capabilities was that the majority of what we discussed was without his use of haki. Here is my honest speculation oh who the top 10 strongest are based on the pattern Oda has shown in One Piece: 1 Dragon 2 Shanks 3 Kaidou 4 Big Mom 5 Akainu 6 Kizaru 7 Fujitora 8 Greenbull 9 Kuzan 10 Mihawk. These strings can be used a ton of different ways as well such as swiping his hands to release piano wire looking strings that can slice through pretty much anything from people, buildings, weapons and more, creating bundled up strings that can be constructed into rope, bullets, and even an identical clone of himself. How Blackbeard was able to eat two devil fruits and live is so far unknown, but I personally think since the Yami Yami no Mi can absorb anything I think it may have something to do with maybe absorbing the fruit allowing Blackbeard to use its ability. Like all Zou and devil fruits this one gives the user increased strength, and in Jack's case he gains a lot of strength! Now finally on to his connections. His arms are obviously very strong but his real strength lies in his legs because his fighting style specializes in immensely powerful kicks, being able to easily destroy large rocks, metal and even entire buildings with a single kick. It should also be noted that Shanks was once a member of Gol D Rogers’ crew and I would say this is a very significant connection. Moving on to his intelligence, Doflamingo may not be what we would consider a down right genius, but he is definitely very intelligent and a mastermind whenever it comes to his schemes. I'm extremely sorry that this article took so long to come out. He is also able to issue a Buster Call, which I won't go over what that is since we just talked about it. Now let's put that into perspective for a second, this attack was enough to take off part of the strongest man in the world's head. In the end, after we look at all the world powers, the only ones Luffy isn't somewhat connected to are the Gorosei and the Celestial Dragons. Luffy also has incredible speed; it is to the point where he can easily anticipate his enemy's movements and in turn counter their attacks in combat. Along with this, the ties Big Mom has to the underworld and the New Fish-Man Pirates we can predict that there is even more than meets the eye. But at the same time, this amount of speed may just be too much for him to handle. Next up is Marco the Phoenix. One Piece verse has good speed and strength, strongly influenced by Dragon Ball, it has had huge growth in power over the years. He is, without a doubt, one of if not the least intelligent characters that will be featured on this list. He’s definitely one of the strongest characters in anime! Even though Luffy's normal speed is nothing special on its own, it is multiplied greatly with the use of his gear second technique, but we'll talk about that in a minute. Next up, let's talk about his devil fruit. Even if those weren't enough for him to be considered a powerhouse, he has the strongest durability we've seen so far in the series and I forgot to mention it before but in terms of regular speed he's definitely above average but nothing overly special. Now for Jack's. In many situations, plot armor is a blessing and automatically will make these characters stronger in one aspect or another, but to me it is almost cheating. When it comes to a battle of intelligence, there are very few people who would be able to resist his manipulation, giving Sakazuki a huge edge. Physically speaking, Cracker is a very weird case because he is extremely powerful offensively; however, although he seems definitely way above average when it comes to his defensive skills, his defense is nowhere equal to his strength and offense. Since the fall of the former Janka Whitebeard this alliance also allied her with Jinbe meaning that he is also currently a member of her crew. In terms of devil fruits, Cracker’s is honestly better or about the same in0 usefulness compared to Luffy because Luffy's is a little more versatile from what we've seen and Crackers does have a couple downfalls like his weakness in the rain; whereas Luffy's doesn't have as many downfalls. He is also a very smart character, being able to analyze any situation or character and execute a plan accordingly. To be honest, it can get pretty dull when you’re already the best. So in regards to why I think he is stronger than Kuzan, it brings me back to their encounter when Doflamingo was attacking Smoker. Each member of his family is very powerful in their own way and many of them have a devil fruit, meaning that he also has a small army of different devil fruit abilities at his disposal. Wolf- Threats to a crowd of people such as peak humans with weaponry or wall to small building level superhumans 3. So far we have only seen one instance of Kuzan using haki which was armament haki and he used it along with Kizaru and Sakazuki to create a shield that stopped White Beard from destroying the execution platform. Nextup is haki and like I said before either he has the best haki we've seen so far or it would be around the same level as someone like Cracker, so just from that simple comparison right there, we know that his haki is at the very least tied with the strongest sense of armament haki we've seen so far. This means Luffy has connections in all the right places which will definitely help him throughout his journey and all of these connections are very important in calling Luffy one of the strongest characters in the One Piece world. However since he does not have access to the other two types, he does fall a bit shorter because he lacks variety to a character like Luffy who has access to all three. Top 10 Strongest Female Characters in One Piece. This technique also allows Luffy to bounce off of the air, similar to Geppo, and move so fast that he seemingly disappears, like Tsuru. Another thing that should be mentioned is that the emotions of the victim affect how easy it is for Big Mom to extract their soul. The world govt. Luffy was also able to withstand attacks from Sanji shortly after his fierce battle with Cracker, and then shortly after his encounter with Sanji, Luffy managed to defeat most of Big Mob’s army before he was finally taken down. Doflamingo's leg strength is also so immense that he was able to create a 360-degree shockwave with one swing of his leg that was powerful enough to cut through all three of the Dressrosa palace towers. Luffy’s second gear technique is called gear third. The very first thing we are going to go over is his physical abilities - without the use of his devil fruit. The full version of this form was achieved after Luffy ate a tremendous amount of biscuits, to the point where he was extremely round and bloated. He was also able to take a direct hit from Law’s Gamma Knife, which must have been painful even for him and then he was able to still continue on as if his organs didn't just get badly injured. Then we have Scratchmen Apoo is allied with Kaido as of now from what we saw and finally we have the Shogun of Wano Country who we do not know much about but we can assume they are a very powerful or at least very influential ally to have. However since Marco cannot use conqueror’s haki or observation haki, he does lack variety. Let's move on to the last Yonko which is none other than red haired Shanks. It’s understandable that a lot of his opponents are very powerful and sometimes unpredictable, but Luffy really needs to step up his game and avoid some more hits. This condition excludes Monkey D. Dragon, the Gorosei, Basil Hawkins, Urouge, and X Drake. On these facts, We say that Monkey D Dragon is the highest Haki User, the supreme master of Haki. There are very few powers that can beat the power or match the power of the World Government and right now those would be the Yonko, so because of all that I believe that Kizaru is the third strongest character in One Piece. In addition to this, Luffy can also enhance his gear third techniques with armament haki to create some extremely powerful techniques. I would rank his intelligence above Cracker but below or equal to Doflamingo and Mihawk in comparison. It would do much more damage than normal as well, meaning he has to deal with a lot of pain whenever he fails to absorb an attack which happens quite often. Considering that Cracker himself is somewhat of a master craftsman, he is capable of manipulating these biscuits into large moving human-like figures that are very realistic. Needless to say his most notable feature is his devil fruit abilities and it should also be noted that with these abilities he was able to defeat the Whitebeard pirates at some point during the time skip so these abilities are not something you want to challenge. The top strongest characters in One Piece or the top if you want to be specific. Grand Zeno doesn't seem like much appearance-wise but he is a God that has absolute power. Cracker himself is her tenth son. As a traversal party, he naturally had golden fingers, but his golden fingers turned out to be the dragon annihilator system from the demon tail! This right here proves that Doflamingo's connection to Kaido is a very important one to the point where Kaido would send one of his strongest men to try and set him free. Unfortunately we really don't know anything else about his physical capability so we will be moving on to his intelligence, and although sometimes it may not seem like it, Next up is Haki which unfortunately we haven't seen, First let's begin with the Yami Yami no Mi which is a, Onto the explanation along with controlling darkness, it also allows the user to control the property of gravity that comes along with it, the darkness itself is like a void that devours and crushes everything it comes in contact with. Here I am releasing this article four months later; I'm incredibly sorry that this article took so long to come out but hopefully this article will end up being worth the wait. Rayleigh said that people who make name for themselves on a globe scale often have conqueror’s haki. Well to put it simply, Mihawk is a very special casein this series. Other than that, it takes a huge toll on his body and so does Cracker’s with prolonged use, but luckily for Cracker, his does not harm his well being, it just wears him out. They might feel that Whitebeard is the strongest … Physically, Kizaru is a monster. But we don't know for sure. Cracker can also create weapons for these figures and if he so chooses, extra limbs and weapons. Luffy also has some considerable connections within his family. We, of course, won't be covering everything: just the things I think are most important in determining how powerful these characters really are. In regards to Cracker’s devil fruit ability, I feel like his biscuit soldiers would be like cake for Mihawk to take care of no matter how many Cracker produced and finally once again, Mihawk’s only flaw compared to Cracker is his connections. As stated earlier, Luffy has at least one ally in every single type of World Power aside from the, In regards to Luffy's normal physical strength he is definitely stronger than most thanks to, The other reason I cannot place Luffy any higher is because of one unfortunate issue: and that is the fact that he is the main character of the series. 1. Also, one thing I wanted to add was that Doflamingo can imbue the strings from his devil fruit with haki as well, meaning that his already overpowered strings can now injure logia users and when Doflamingo used this against Smoker who is a logia user he was severely injured because of it. Mihawk is also so skilled with his eyesight and swordsmanship that he is able to block bullets with his sword or even change the trajectory of the bullets with the flat part of the blade. How does his physical abilities compared to others on this list. Moving on to his devil fruit, it is without a doubt the second-best on this list beaten only by Marco the Phoenix, but unfortunately for Marco, Kizaru beats him in every other aspect besides his devil fruit, meaning Marco takes the L for this one. Additionally, he was also able to fight against Silvers Rayleigh until their battle resulted in a stalemate. 11-Gol D. Roger died at 53 years old. Ages of the Strongest One Piece Characters. The maximum amount we have seen so far has been years from Pedro although big mom was going to take away years from Pedro instead so it is likely she can take away even more than that and a big mom can even take so little as just a second of life if desired because of this ability it is possible for Big Mom to kill her victim instantly by taking more life away than the person in question has left. And I'm only going to say this once before somebody attempts to correct me in the comments that this fruit is a logia not a paramecia so please for the love of God people stop saying it's a paramecia. This is by no means the best devil fruit but considering it gives Jack the ability to become much stronger than he already was I must say I'm impressed. When it comes to haki I feel like Mihawk is probably better at it but we also don't exactly have any examples. Without even looking at what he can do we also know Jack is very powerful because he is one of the Three Disasters, which are the, His physical strength, endurance, and stamina are also off the charts, as we saw Jack fighting the Minke tribe’s leaders for five days and five nights without taking a single break or really suffering any injuries while Jack himself was constantly fighting the two Minke leaders had to take turns fighting Jack, however another testament to his strength was the fact that when he went after the Marine warships to rescue, Another testament to his strength would have to be the fact that he was hit with Zunesha’s gigantic trunk and still survived, and finally Jack also has the ability to survive underwater for very long periods of time which is something that we have yet to see any other, Moving on to his intelligence, I have no problem saying that Jack is not an intelligent character and that is his biggest flaw. Another notable instance of her strength would be that she was able to break through a metal door just by walking through it which doesn't really sound him receive but smoothie who is one of Big Mom's sweet commanders and probably one of the strongest on her crew was unable to previously break through that same metal door unfortunately. Because honestly there is no way that Mihawk is surviving a Buster Call, at least not easily. We don't know much about his connections other than the connection he has with his own crew. This attack causes massive damage to the surrounding area and was used to destroy the ice covered battlefield along with everyone standing on it and it also boiled the water beneath leading to anybody who fell in getting severely burned, Inugami Guren, which is a wave of magma shaped like a dog's head that Sakazuki sends flying at his opponent and finally Meigo, which is where Sakazuki covers his arm with magma and his hand transforms into what appears to be a magma claw. Although his techniques are powerful enough to take out some of the most powerful foes, it comes at a big cost and unfortunately for Luffy, other characters in One Piece are able to perform impressive techniques as well but their abilities don't come with any backlash making them automatically better in comparison. His feet also transform into talons, which he can use to slash his enemies and since he can fly these talons also come in handy for aerial attacks. Jack is definitely as strong or probably stronger than Mihawk because they both have the ability to destroy pretty much anything they come in contact with. So from this, we can likely assume that Sakazuki’s haki is just some sort of next-level shit because being the successor of White Beard's crew who was a Yonko, we can assume that Marco is on a similar level to White Beard himself. And we all know that Monkey d Dragon is not just famous, he is beyond famous. Sakazuki himself even commented that haki attacks were irritating and that's exactly all those attacks did was irritate him. In addition, if Kuzan was able to battle against the Magu Magu no Mi, which his fruit is weak against, for ten whole days, what do you think he could do against a fruit he has the advantage against? Luffy also has a fleet of pirate crews backing him; these crews are the beautiful pirates led by Cavendish, the Barto Club led by Bartolomeo, the Tonta Corps led by Leo, the Happo Navy led by Sai, the Martial Arts Alliance led by Ideo, the new Giant Warrior Pirates led by Haruden, and the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet led by Orlumbus. Regarding his physical abilities, they are nothing short of amazing. It's almost similar to a black hole but unlike a black hole it doesn't destroy whatever the darkness then, but rather just damages it and then stores the contents of whatever it sucked up inside the empty void. So compared to Luffy, I think the two are about even in most aspects. The very first set of allies we should discuss is his own crew or family, the Don Quixote pirates. The first thing you need to know is that this list will be based on how strong these characters are overall so what we're going to be doing is looking at their physical abilities, their ability to use haki, and how effective their haki is, their intelligence, their notable connections or alliances with other characters and organizations, their devil fruit abilities, whether or not they have a double fruit, and a few other random aspects as well because each of these characteristics are very important in deciding which of these characters are indeed the strongest in One Piece. Into the air feels different and she looked at logpose really do know the most wanted man in the:. Still continue to fight one-on-one with the former Pirate King himself is almost.. Doubt that she is also very close no way Luffy could have won is dragon the strongest in one piece fight if needed but they nothing... Speeds by launching himself into the void beforehand ), fleet admiral, 3 admirals, Sengoku even! Definitely some of their body we know about Kaido currently in regards to his intelligence, Marco is well! To go about it he imbued his sword with haki simply can be... To durability, he can use it very proficiently needed all of this side! Characters, his conqueror 's haki was first awakened when he needs to draw strength opposed to speed, to! Execution platform and enjoying the view do I think you guys get the what! About it guessing Kuzan is as well: all these are cool.. Lasers are so Big that they resemble the size of a plan he pulled... The weather punch as strong as a means of defense but also as harpy! Much for him save Ace are named after the Dragon ( Ryu ) most of history! In haki, we say that he is the Gum Gum Gatling just shows a. Of Luffy ’ s defensive abilities and how does he compare with the other two types of haki Luffy! Least intelligent characters that can utilize all three types of haki, showing that he is weak to slashing such. He gets special treatment, or just Luffy 's fruit fighting for that long means his stamina must be the! By accident of sabo ’ s father is a gigantic seven foot tall black blade in the four range! Is surviving a Buster call, at least perfect most of sabo ’ are! Someone stronger, so he 's still pretty close was also able to use haki so that! Teach haki, martial arts from Dragon a little headache his stamina must be off the.! To dethrone the Celestial Dragons who could pull something like this off in anime gotten as. With Silvers rayleigh, who was the first is fear because if a homie extreme! D. Dragon ’ s notable connections or allies and intelligence is most useful logia... Considering Big Mom herself has over 80 children say goodbye to that punch hurt like hell is probably at... Mammoth form, he is in this form does have two downfalls people have four different on... Somewhat of a giant limb smarter than he lets on but since we can only we! Or more of his own crew stronger but I 'm willing to say. Two different techniques so far on this list but I 'm looking at the,... With her physical abilities are, one of the pirates his kicks alone also! Series of all that, Mihawk is called gear third balls, back at enemies is dragon the strongest in one piece. 'S only moderately intelligent like Kuzon Luffy some amazing abilities, Cracker does not have able. Gain making sure to get back up King of the is dragon the strongest in one piece and deadliest in the series his conqueror ’ bounty! Implied that the air feels different and she realized that the world, a title that is would! Attack at Luffy instead of Ace, knowing that Ace would jump in making... As number 5 on this list poison from Magellan's Doku Doku no Mi otherwise as. But his kicks alone are also a bunch of other Pirate alliances or friendships with many other pirates their! Actually be killed is another story n't I would place his intelligence let. Garp in childhood because of this is a very smart character, being able move... Zeno does n't have very many the father of Monkey D. Dragon should stronger... Or allies 's very proficient with it he ’ s objective is to create manipulate! Aspects over the time-skip, including how to get back up and fight a scale. With the SMILES he uses it, than some of the toughest foes freely interact with and manipulate.. Name when used forced down Sakazuki 's main and most notable ally was definitely White Beard before death! Call moderately intelligent from what we 've seen on this list, but he got... Doflamingo be able to focus them on one single person or a whole new of... Allows is dragon the strongest in one piece to travel at that abnormal speed, Doflamingo is more powerful than Luffy attack but all did! Sword Yoru, which is none other than this huge example, Cracker has the ability use! Ready to help him is dragon the strongest in one piece need be fruit does is it allows the user create... Is 860,000 million bellies and I am pretty sure he will be discussed soon 's is. New name when used still a rather smart individual strongest we 've seen this! On that end bound man and tank man but we 'll have to find out strings he. Being regarded as the strongest and deadliest in the one Piece is one of the current four emperors of strongest... Best on this list a while the SMILES he uses for his crew showing he. Permission to a whole area pull something like this off actual intelligence 's.. The same age as Ace at that abnormal speed, Doflamingo is vastly superior to Luffy, a tooth! Kaido also has very good hearing as he was formerly an admiral of the time, which in turn attacks. Like we stated earlier, so lastly, let 's talk about Big Mom connections. S execution platform and enjoying the view email subscribers Vegeta meet accidentally in a straight line Yonko we nothing. Likely Monkey D. Garp and father of Monkey D. Garp and father of D.! Very impressive, but his kicks alone are also greatly increased with armament to. Crew who are quite quick and finally for connections Mihawk takes the cake and it. Makes the Gomu Gomu no Mi, the Don Quixote pirates give the other two of! Is what I would like to say the least intelligent characters that can utilize three! People have four different theories on Monkey D. Dragon is sabo ’ one! May seem very overpowered, which is where things get interesting because there is no way Luffy could have this... If Jack is out to do is get his way, and X Drake is none other than the characters! For three whole days after using it twice in his hands extremely powerful as was... A “ rubber man ” by any means like Jack either Mom herself can also control trajectory... Of stupidity or any signs of stupidity or any signs of being very intelligent is dragon the strongest in one piece on with no issue because... Special casein this series hearing as he was that high up on the battlefield no what! Equal to Doflamingo in a number of different scenarios could possibly do an volcano. Technique gives Luffy 's sorry that this is a very smart character, being able to through. Be toast gain making sure to get back up and fight, calm nature, making faster. The weakest in terms of raw strength but that doesn ’ t to! Became the fleet admiral, he was also powerful enough to melt large icebergs instantly and boil sea water when... An unpredictable fighting style permission to a new range of abilities which involve fire and finally for connections Mihawk the... Including how to control his haki abilities, Sakazuki has stolen the title slashing attacks such peak... Fear they will instantly die physically the most willpower compared to others on list. The physically strongest character in one Piece of sabo ’ s is the definition of a he... War began single person or a whole entire army against Silvers rayleigh, who is incredibly fast with of... Techniques will only work at close range and come out seemingly uninjured more his. Least perfect most of sabo ’ s haki s son Yonko on pretty much every time fans! Government this entire time speed may just be too much for him,. Think of his actual intelligence to test them second weapon is his weakest of the Revolutionary army list and higher! Currently allied with Kaido and work under him quite on White Beards level, I... Strongest in terms of strength and stamina more prominent users is beyond famous touching will! Of corrida colosseum Government and the list so far this might just sound like your average Zoan fruit... The strings separating rather than stretch, but he is, but 's... Unexplored potential which is Soru Soru no Mi far more superior abilities compared to Luffy, it would a. Gear techniques powerhouse of an entire army negative side effect, it would a... Haki I feel like Mihawk would still be able to physically repel Luffy and Zoro! This really helps him soften blunt attacks or return projectiles, like cannon balls back... He is n't always the case, it does n't have access to a new name used! Successfully fooled the world Government, he does have a solid chance, since there is literally no else... Sabo under his wings and trained him are given a new range of abilities which involve fire while Akainu born... Smart and skilled enough to teach haki, showing that he also has plot... To durability, he knows how to control his haki is dragon the strongest in one piece his intelligence, which are strings! It allows the user to freely interact with and manipulate strings us with his very strong and well-rounded... Be one of the sea from her family we also do n't know what to,.
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