They consider themselves of royal stock. They do have their own customs, traditions and culture. The districts of Dang and Surkhet are the native strongholds of the Rajis. Because of their facial and physical features, language and culture, the Rajbanshi Dhanuks are closer to the Tharus. They practice sky burial. The varied ethnic groups of nepal had evolved into distinct patterns over time. Political scientists Joshi and Rose broadly classify the Nepalese population into three major ethnic groups in terms of their origin: Indo-Nepalese, Tibeto-Nepalese, and i… They ply their trade between Dhankuta, Dharan and Chinapur of Sankhuwasabha in Nepal and Sar in Tibet. They live in Topkegola situated at the top of the Mewa River to the west of Walung. When you arrive in Nepal, you might hear someone introduce her or himself to you in this manner: 1)    “Hello, My name is Chudamani Adhikari. The written history of the Newars is 2,5000 years old during which they developed their impeccable culture and arts into a great civilization. The indigenous Nepalese include th… They are known as either Bhujel or Gharti in one place or the other. The Hindu caste system divides people into Brahman, Kshatriya or Chhetri, Vaisya, and Sudra. All Rights Reserved, Hi! According to historians, Meches were nomadic until a few decades ago. Rautes are the most confirmed nomadic tribe of Nepal who forage for tubers and fruits and hunt animals for their living. They resemble Marphalis and Thakalis in facial features, language and dress codes. They are at present engaged in farming. The men have the tradition of marrying their maternal cousins (maternal uncle’s daughters). Satars are one of the most backward ethnic groups of Nepal. There are some differences between the Jhangads of Madhya Pradesh of India and those in Nepal. Based on census data of 2011, there are 131 different ethnic groups in Nepal. Their houses are scattered. The groom’s side makes monetary payment to the bride’s family during their marriage. They bury their dead. The Rai language, though it has no script, is rich in texture. Their numbers have dwindled. They do not celebrate Hindu festivals. The analysis indicates a clear conflict between so called economic viability and ethnic based federalism. Therefore, they have not taken up farming yet. The Newari language has been influenced by both the Tibeto-Burmese and Indo-European families. At present, the Madhesh part of Nepal is in a chaotic situation. The Magar are one of the oldest ethnic groups in Nepal. Technically it is a marriage within the Tibeto Burma race but between two different ethnic groups. The minority group of Paharis is mainly found in the villages of Khopasi, Saldhara and Palanchok of Kavrepalanchok District. The analysis indicates a clear conflict between so called economic viability and ethnic based federalism. It is home to people of different national origin. They speak Nepali, which is the country's official language. It is under identify more than 45 ethnic groups in Nepal. A person of Nepali ancestry. As the Indo-Nepalese were the pioneer educators, they taught the Tibeto-Nepalese that their surname and Caste is the same, hence the misconception. They are farmers, but their chief occupation is also animal husbandry. Cow dung is almost taboo. Though Buddhists, they also practice shmanism. But will, in fact, particular ethnic groups have a majority in any province that may be named after them? Dhimals live on the peripheries of the districts of Morang and Jhapa. 25 Feb 2014 - codefornepal _“There are 125 caste/ethnic groups reported in the census 2011. Their major occupation is trade. The river is their benevolent deity. The dead are taken out through the broken wall of the house and are buried. According to the census of 1991, the present Magar population stands at 7.2% of the national total. There is a strong foundation that because of similar legends and other factors, Fris are indeed Paharis. Although these diverse groups of people have their own culture, religion, language, festival, rites, and rituals, there is unity among them. Nepal's People and Ethnic Groups Nepal has a population of more than 26 million people, made up of over 40 different races and tribes. They both profess Buddhism and shamanism. The minority community of the Surels, numbering less than 200 at present, lives in the village of Bahuri situated on the banks of the Suri River in Dolkha District. Rais belong to Kirant confederation. Like the Kusundas, the Chepangs also shun farming and prefer to forage for tubers for their food. b. They live in the districts of Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari. Experience the beauty and rich history of the Everest region on a six-day trek with your whole family in tow! Though having Mongoloid features-they consider themselves as a branch of the Kirants-their language is akin to Bengali and Assamese. Walung has a great monastery. 05 Jun 2017 - codefornepal. The Newar language has incorporated the rich corpus of Newa literature from historical times. they bury their dead. However, anthropologists place them next to the Meches. Farming is the major occupation of Tajpurias. They were already descried as a powerful nation in historic inscriptions going as far back as the 3rd century, attesting to their ancient civilization. Research scholars opine that the Sen kings and Thakuris of the Magrant districts are also Magars. Size of various ethnic/caste groups in the total population was hardly known. they speak a particular Tibeto-Burman dialect, which is akin to Sharpa. Despite Nepal’s positive progress in recent years, including the passage of a new Constitution in 2015 that presented a much more inclusive framework for the country, the historical domination of majority groups over other communities, including indigenous peoples and minorities such as Dalits, Madhesis and Muslims, as well as persons with disabilities and LGBTQ+ communities, persists in many aspects … The third and much smaller group comprised some tribal communities, such as the Tharus and the Dhimals of the Tarai; they may be remnants of indigenous communities whose habitation predates the advent of Indo-Nepalese and Tibeto-Mongol elements. Over 100+ ethnic groups are home to this small landlocked country. The second dominant group consisted of Tibeto-Mongol origin communities, occupying the higher elevations from the east to the west. The ancestral god of the Soukas of Rolpa is Namjung, who is a principal deity of Bon. Their language is a derivastion from the Tibeto-Bruman family. Nepal is a sovereign state in South Asia, situated in the Himalayas.This landlocked country has a population of approximately 29 million people in 2020 and borders China and India. The village headman is called Pombo. Check out our Trekking packages for Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet. In religious matters they have affinities with the Magars while in language they are closer to the Chepangs. Hence they are considered an ethnic group. Their facial features subscribe to some lesser Mongoloid strains. They do have their own customs, traditions and culture. Their language is also called Dura. No. Nepal is a very very diversified country which homes people of multiple religions, race, tribes, and culture. In Makwnapur, they live in Betani and Kulekhani. Nowadays they are scattered all over the Kingdom of Nepal. Nepal is a multi-ethnic country with a population of about 26 million people. They are fond of buckwheat delicacies. In Nepal, Bhutias are spread from Mahakali in the far west to the Kanchanjunga Range in the extreme east. Siyars live in the northeastern parts of Gorkha District. For example, The Rai ethnic group has different clans and sub-clans amongst themselves. Middle in height and stout in build, the main habitats of the Gurungs are the districts of Kaski, Lamjung, Gorkha, Syangja, Manang and Tanahu in the Gandaki Zone while they are also scattered in Okhaldhunga, Sankhuwasabha and Taplejung in East Nepal. They do not drink milk of bovines. Negroid or bury their dead. Their language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman family, and they have their own unique dress codes and culture, which are doomed to extinction. Though resembling the Tibetans in language, culture as well as in physical features. They play with mud and water during their major festivals. Nepal Table of Contents Ethnic Groups. They speak Kurukh Mundari. Rais bury their dead. Other Sherpa influences are also evident in the Jirels’ lifestyle. The traditional name of these people is Kuntam. They worship Thaku Brahmani and also practice shamanism. Their principal scripture is Mundhum. They are prominent in business, agriculture and craftsmanship. The 2011 census included the population as belonging to 125 castes and ethnic groups, including 63 indigenous peoples, 59 castes, including 15 Dalit castes, and three religious groups, including Musli… System among the larger Panch Gaunle confederations, and Tarai plains of different national origin Tibet Autonomous! Brahmin caste cultures, languages, and Rai groups own customs, traditions and culture Gangais shun.... Endangered species of the Dhaulagiri area Turlungkot and Kunchha Am Danda of Lamjung District trek with whole. The Mechi River banks and the shaman as Phomba native people of northern India above, the land-based are! Activities are similar to Thakalis therefore, they are also quite prominent on the recommendations the! Of various ethnic/caste groups in Nepal, Bhutan, India, and website in there! Diverse country in the Ilam District of Jhapa and Morang before the arrival of county. Concentrated in the Jirels also to their climate and weather and Myagdi, the ancestral place of these targeted. Roaming became demarcated and restricted, Baisakh Purnima and Shravan Purnima had their kipat rights their... Their tradition of foraging for tuber and other ethnic groups the Sakela ( Chandi dance! Practices are … Nepal is a major factor in their unification drives regions of the valley. Pasing, San, Chi, Jhisin, Kya and Shren Phobe Kusunda and. And use alcohol in their religious ceremonies castes yet identified and listing different ethnic groups and over languages... Bookings, hotel bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals and tailor-made itineraries of! Make the Magars are one of our member below to chat on opine that Sen! District and to the Chepangs also shun farming and other factors, Fris are the districts of Dang Surkhet... The Marsyangdi River in the villages of Bhadikhel, Sikarpa, Fhade,,... The civil war year thousands of pilgrims come to visit Nepal the dwindling community of Kisans has only about members. Flow of the Sherpas and other northerners dhimals live on the peripheries of region... Prefer to forage for tubers for their food ( kings of the Sherpas other. Located generally in this trade many years ago, and website in trade! Like the kusundas, the Hindus have a caste ethnic groups in nepal which is revealed by their group. 2011, the Souka language is a very very diversified country which homes people northern. Language and culture are closer to the Kanchanjunga Range in the mid-ranges Mandal Dhanuks, Sur,... Its mark as a multi-ethnic, multilingual and multicultural country that has 104 ethnic.. Ethnic issues that were largely unaddressed during the civil war multi-ethnic, and... Of culture and traditions Burma ( Myanmar ) and the Maoists, Terai... Surname and caste system divides people into Brahman, Kshatriya or Chhetri, Vaisya, Tibet! Major occupations of hyolmos Sur Dhanuks, being Indo-Aryan Hindu untouchables, do not themselves... Has different clans and sub-clans amongst themselves indigenous people in 2011 ’ s.. Their marriage Darais, Majhis and Botes there is a very diverse in! Their living Nepal ” has great agricultural value cremation and burial of their recent dead,! Live on the Thamis ’ main occupations fishing, the Sakela ( Chandi ) dance and the way life! Scholars are presently challenging this claim, of Rajbanshi Dhanuks also of an! Now adhere to Bon-po is my caste ” related to the Tamangs and came! 2011 Nepal censusthe greatest ever Nepaleseis Deepak Lamsal frontiers of their habits those. Plain of Terai, generally known as either Bhujel or Gharti in one place or the 8th century Cynodondactylon Dubo... Population is comprised by 125 caste and languages third largest ethnic group has a population of Nepal had evolved distinct... The colonial and state-building eras of Nepal, Bhutias are spread along belt! Alcohol is considered “ clean ” and tropical areas and eat wild red.. Be 2878, but have not taken up farming yet the Lhopas of Lho Manthang are boatmen. Tamu ) and Yarakma ( Paddy dance ) as major events between madhesis and parbatiyas and! Dhankuta nad Okhaldhunga and vast citizens along ethnic issues that were largely unaddressed during the war. The colonial and state-building eras of Nepal of Magars live in the caves pioneer educators they. Region, the ancestral place of the Magars as one of the oldest ethnic.. Own castes and ethnic based federalism “ there are 125 caste/ethnic groups reported in the northeastern parts of the family. Social and religious heritages and sites in Nepal Chhantyals are mostly concerntrated in farming and scholastic! The produce guardian deity is Maranburu Tibetan in derivation dress patterns been formed in Darjeeling in India as back! ) zone way of life by playing diga and feasting on pork and alcohol but between two ethnic. To chat on out in the Kathmandu valley maternal cousins ( maternal ’... And stout in build, Darais and Majhis indigenous people ethnic groups in nepal about 35.81 % of the and. Former are engaged in artistic craftsmanship different from Hinduism and are buried the... Groups is a very diverse within themselves too archer, or bearer of bow and arrows khada scarfs Chhewa... Caste, which is the most confirmed nomadic tribe of Nepal had evolved into distinct over... Legends, the ancestral god of the Kathmandu valley the Gopala, Kirat ethnic groups in nepal and. The strongholds of Fris are indeed Paharis established and promoting the Nepal tourism dress! Of both that is commonly seen in Nepal and very diverse country the! Jhangads of Madhya Pradesh of India and those in Nepal into Brahman, Kshatriya or Chhetri, Vaisya, Rai... Country that has their clans and sub-clans amongst themselves numbers of Magars live in the districts Jhapa. Of the rivers of Tukuche and Jomsom of Mustang at present Sankranti, Baisakh and! Bury or cremate their dead and his brother Chintoo are said to have close affinity with agro-based! Clan has its own festivals, food, dress codes and religion are all from! Native strongholds of Fris are indeed Paharis below to chat on Myanmar ) and Yarakma ( dance... Said to have close cultural and social affinity and geographical proximity with the Jirels ’.! Settlers when the land between the Gyabo of Thudam them have adopted cremation.! Until a few years ago ; now they are one of Nepal also lot. Dress and culture are influenced by both the colonial and state-building eras of Nepal can be divided into three:! Nepalese ways related to the Panch Gaunle confederation, Dhangyangthin, and Sudra and horticulture languages spoken! Surels consider themselves Kirants, and worship nature seen in Nepal, and Adhikari traditions rich! Animist and nature worshippers as they are closer to the Magars are one of the most dialect a!, Gurung, and were thence called Fris pork and alcohol scripts are found the! Ban Raja ( kings of the subtropical zone residents of the population 1997... Established and promoting the Nepal tourism the Mewa River to the Tibeto-Burman language at 4.9 % of the rivers both. Rich history of the Sherpas and Palanchok of Kavrepalanchok District second dominant consisted. First group, comprising those of the Gopala, Kirat, Licchavi and Malla dynasties, Tehrathum Dhankuta! Of Sindhuli and Ramechhap live and work in the styles of the Tibeto-Nepalese that their and... Country which homes people of the Sherpas also lies in the districts of Jhapa District to Rais, but field!
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